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To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I am writing to recommend Nicholas Cardenas to your university.

Nicholas is an ambitious, accomplished and well rounded student who would make an exceptional addition to any university campus. I first became acquainted with Nicholas Cardenas during his freshman year as his Honors English teacher. I was immediately struck with how mature he was for such a young man, and equally impressed with the degree to which he dedicated himself to his academic success. He has always worked diligently to meet all academic expectations and often goes beyond the minimum requirements in order to fully benefit from his courses. Nicholas was also enrolled in my 11th grade Honors US History course. The Honors US History course requires students to write for analysis and synthesis, making connections between our country’s past events with current and future issues, placing an emphasis on the role and obligations of our political leaders. Nicholas demonstrated an insightful approach to these assignments deliberating over many critical issues in a thoughtful and articulate manner. Currently, Nicholas is enrolled in my 12th grade Honors Economics/AP Government course. This course was recently added to the Verbum Dei curriculum in response to an emerging number of students at our campus who have demonstrated the academic discipline required to be successful. Nicholas Cardenas certainly fits within this group of above average students. The Economics portion of the course requires students to think analytically, recognize the variety of economic principles in our society and write reflections evaluating the decision-making of leaders, corporations, and consumers. Nicholas consistently demonstrates an ability to meet, and exceed, these expectations. In addition, Nicholas Cardenas is seen as a leader among his peers and the faculty. He is involved in a variety of school related organizations where he continues to demonstrate a willingness to serve and work hard in the service of his school community and the community at large. As an ambassador, Nicholas travels to area junior high schools to give presentations for the purpose of recruiting new students. Although Nicholas is a shy and quiet young man, he does demonstrate confidence in his manner and is very articulate which enables him to communicate effectively with both peers and adults. Nicholas is also a member of the Verbum Dei chapter of the National Honor Society of which I am the faculty advisor. In this capacity, Nicholas shows leadership and responsibility by attending all meetings, contributing to the society’s activities and working collaboratively with the other members in accomplishing the society’s objectives. I am confident that Nicholas Cardenas will be a great addition to the 2011 freshman class of your university. I highly recommend him for admission. Sincerely,

Ms. Maria McDonald
Social Science Department Chair Verbum Dei High School 11100 South Central Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90059 323-564-6651