6 U.S. Special Operations Command
14 U.S. Army Special Operations
16 Naval Special Warfare Command
18 Air Force Special Operations
20 Marine Corps Forces Special
Operations Command
22 Subordinate Special Operations
26 Aircraft
30 Maritime
32 Ground
34 Weapons
36 Command, Control,
Communications, and Computers
37 Special Reconnaissance,
Surveillance, and Exploitation
46 Balikatan, Cold Response,
Flintlock, and Foal Eagle
47 Fuerzas Comando, Jackal Stone,
and Panamax
48 SOF Truths
50 SOF Acronyms
51 The typical SOF warrior

USSOCOM Factbook 3


USSOCOM Factbook 5

David P. Command Sgt. Gen. . Fridovich Bradley A. Major Bill H. Gen.socom. Lt. McRaven Chris Faris USSOCOM USSOCOM Commander Command Sgt. Heithold USSOCOM USSOCOM Deputy Commander Vice Commander 6 www. Major Lt.

Jackson Michael Monsoor Army Specialist 5th Class John J. 8. Loren D. Charles E. Hagen July 12. Bernard F.Korea Afghanistan Army Master Sgt. 1st Class Leroy A. Sisler Navy Lt. Joe M. Shughart USSOCOM Factbook 7 . 1st Class William M. Jr. Littrell Army Sgt. Air Force Airman 1st Class John L. Gary I. Miller Army Sgt. Roy P. Jr. Charles Q. John R. 2008 Army Staff Sgt. 2010 Army Staff Sgt. 6. Gordon D. Bryant posthumousy Oct. William A. (Seal) Navy Seaman David G. Robert J. Ouellet Michael P. Williams Army 1st Lt. Humbert Roque Versace Army Capt. 1st Class Leroy Petry Army Staff Sgt. Zabitosky Navy Master-at-Arms 2nd Army Master Sgt. C. Norris Navy Engineman 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael T. Kerrey Medal of Honor awarded Army Sgt. Beikirch Army Sgt. Petry Army Capt. j. Franklin D. (Seal) Michael P. Yntema posthumousy Oct. Law Army Staff Sgt. Williams Navy Master-at-Arms 2nd Class (SEAL) Michael Monsoor Air Force Maj. Donlon Iraq Army 1st Lt. Army Sgt. Brian L. (SEAL) Thomas R. Ola L. Ronald E. Murphy Army Master Sgt. James P. Cavaiani Medal of Honor awarded Army 1st Lt. Robert Miller Vietnam Army Sgt. 1st Class Gary L. 1st Class Eugene Ashley. 1st Class Randall D. Kedenburg Medal of Honor awarded Air Force Col. 22. Mize Navy Lt. Benavidez Class (SEAL) Air Force Lt.g. Roger H. Hosking. Drew D. 1st Class Fred W. Fleming Army Specialist 4th Class Robert D. Murphy Army Staff Sgt. 2011 Navy Lt. Medal of Honor awarded Army Sgt. Jones III posthumousy Apr. Gordon Army Sgt. Col. George K. Pruden Army Staff Sgt. Buker Army Sgt. Ray Navy Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class James E. Levitow Robert Miller Navy Lt. (SEAL) Joseph R. Fisher Army Capt. Gary B. 2007 Army Staff Sgt. Laszlo Rabel Air Force Capt. Thornton Somalia Army Master Sgt. Dix Army Sgt.

USSOCOM Mission  Provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests. SOF Core Activities Preparation Special Security Force Military Information of the Environment Reconnaissance Assistance Support Operations SOF Core Operations Counterinsurgency Unconventional Warfare National Strategies. trine and tactics training and professional military education  Prepare and submit budget proposals for  Ensure Special Operations Forces’ combat SOF readiness  Exercise authority. materiel. direction and control  Monitor Special Operations Forces’ over special operations expenditures preparedness to carry out assigned missions  Train assigned forces  Develop and acquire special operations-  Conduct specialized courses of instruction peculiar equipment. assignments. officers’ promotions. doc. retention.socom. Stability Global Campaign Foreign Internal Civil Direct Plans and Theater Defence Affairs Action Plans Operations Countering Support to Major Weapons of Mass Counterterrorism Combat Operations Destruction & Campaigns SOF Combat SOF Service Hostage Rescue Interdiction & Offensive Support Combat Support and Recovery CWMD Operations Title 10 Authorities and Responsibilities  Develop special operations strategy. supplies and  Validate requirements services  Establish requirement priorities  Command and control of U. based  Ensure interoperability of Special Operations Forces equipment and forces  Provide Special Operations Forces to the  Formulate and submit . geographic combatant commanders ligence support requirements  Activities specified by the President or  Monitor Special Operations Secretary of Defense 8 www.S.  Synchronize planning of global operations against terrorist networks.

Civil Affairs Foreign Internal Defense Military Information Support Operations Unconventional Warfare Direct Action USSOCOM Factbook 9 . .500 Headquarters Staff Chief of Staff and Command Support Directorate Special Operations Research. Requirements. Doctrine. Resources and Strategic Assessments 10 www. Plans and Policy J6 Directorate of Communications J7/J9 Directorate of Training.socom. Bradley A. Major Chris Faris Role Provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests People Approximately 2. Development and Acquisition Center Directorate of Interagency Task Force Special Operations Financial Management J1 Directorate of Personnel J2 Directorate of Intelligence J3 Directorate of Operations J4 Directorate of Logistics J5 Directorate of Strategy. Fridovich Vice Commander Lt. Heithold Command Sgt. McRaven Deputy Commander Lt. Established April 16. David P. Artwork by Timothy Lawn Headquarters USSOCOM Location MacDill Air Force Base. Bill H. Major Command Sgt. Fla. Gen. and Capability Development J8 Directorate of Force Structure. 1987 Commander Adm.

USSOCOM Factbook 11 .

12 .

USSOCOM Factbook 13 .

S. Command Sgt. 3rd. Kurt Fuller Mission To enhance the readiness of Army Special Operations Forces People Approximately 28.160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) 75th Ranger Regiment . and 9th Military Information Support Battalions 95th Civil Affairs Brigade 91st. Parry L.6th. 10th. Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) . 2nd. Army John Location Fort Bragg. Gen. 97th. John F. 1. Major Command Sgt.C.S. and 8th Military Information Support Battalions 8th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) .soc. Gen.Special Warfare Medical Group (Airborne) U. Army Special Operations Aviation Command . Maj. Mulholland Jr. 92nd.1st. 3rd Battalions and the Regimental Special Troops Battalion 4th Military Information Support Group (Airborne) .1st. and 98th Civil Affairs Battalions 528th Sustainment Brigade (Airborne) 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion (Airborne) 14 www.1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) .socom.1st. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School . 5th. 5th. 7th. Baer Web Address www. Established Dec. 19th and 20th Special Forces Groups (Airborne) U. N. 1989 Deputy Commander Maj.S. 7th. Commander Lt.500 Subordinate commands U. .

USSOCOM Factbook 15 .

in support of Combatant Commanders and U.Special Boat Teams 12.Support Activity 1 and 2.SEAL Teams 1. Logistics Support Unit . train. equip.S. Sean A. 18 Naval Special Warfare Center .public. 8. Calif.900 Subordinate commands Naval Special Warfare Group ONE . Logistics Support Unit 1. SEAL Delivery Vehicle Detachment 1 Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR . deploy and sustain NSW Forces for operations and activities abroad. Advanced Training Command Naval Special Warfare Development Group 16 www. Commander Rear Adm. Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School Naval Special Warfare Group TEN . and 7. NSW Units 1 and 3 Naval Special Warfare Group TWO .SEAL Delivery Team 1. Link WebAddress Location Coronado. Logistics Support Unit 3. 20 and 22. Unit 2 Detachment South. 5.SEAL Teams 17. 3. 1987 Deputy Commander Rear Adm.Basic Training Command. NSW Unit 10 Naval Special Warfare Group THREE . 4. 16.SEAL Teams 2. Pybus Force Master Chief Force Master Chief Stephen D. Garry Bonelli Mission Man. National Interests People Approximately 8. Established Apr. and 10. Mission Support Center Naval Special Warfare Group ELEVEN .

USSOCOM Factbook 17 .

Mannon Mission Conduct global special operations missions ranging from precision application of Eric E. . Fla.G. William Turner WebAddress www2. 1990 Deputy Commander Location Hurlburt Field. Fiel Command Chief Chief Master Sgt.afsoc. aviation foreign internal defense. to infiltration. O.000 Subordinate commands 23rd Air Force 1st Special Operations Wing 623d Air Operations Center 27th Special Operations Wing 919th Special Operations Wing (AFR) 193rd Special Operations Wing (ANG) USAF Special Operations Training Center 720th Special Tactics Group 352rd Special Operations Group 353rd Special Operations Group 724th Special Tactics Group 18 www. exfiltration. Gen.socom. Commander Lt. Established May 22. resupply and refueling of SOF operational elements People Approximately 16.

USSOCOM Factbook 19 . Location Camp LeJeune.3d Marine Special Operations Battalion Marine Special Operations Support Group Marine Special Operations Intelligence Battalion Marine Special Operations School 20 www. Peter Warker Mission Direct action. special reconnaissance and foreign internal defense. People Approximately 2. Maj. counterterrorism.1st Marine Special Operations Battalion .2d Marine Special Operations Battalion . Gen. Commander Maj.marines. Ashton WebAddress www. 2006 Deputy Commander .600 Subordinate commands Marine Special Operations Regiment . and unconventional warfare. information operations. 24. Lefebvre MARSOC Sgt. Paul E. Major Sgt. N. Established Feb. Richard W.

USSOCOM Factbook 21 .

22 www.. provides the geographic combatant located at Camp Kim in Yongsan. Germany.S. Special Operations Command South is SOCEUR headquartered at Homestead Air Reserve Base. has the mission of acting as the sity resides at MacDill Air Force Base. USSOCOM SUBORDINATE SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMANDS Established in 1980. M. supports AFRICOM and is headquartered in located at Camp H. JSOC provides a national and international security decision- joint headquarters to study Special Operations makers. develops joint and art of Joint Special Operations. The TSOC Special Operations Command Korea. and conducts joint Special Operations exercises The Special Operations Command - and training. Oahu. Smith. and supports U. and serves as the SOF component command SOCCENT for the U. Fla. Theater SOC for United States Forces Korea .S. ensures interoperability and teaching. commander just like it has a ground. research and outreach in the science equipment standardization.Africa Special Operations Command Pacific. THEATER SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMANDS Each geographic combatant command headquarters is located at Stuttgart. Department of Defense's primary joint special JSOU’s mission is to educate Special operations forces trainer and integrator. both military and civilian. Special Operations plans and tactics. SOCAFRICA SOCPAC Special Operations Command . have a Special Operations component support European Command. Special Operations Command Europe Fla. through requirements. Stuttgart. Central Command. Germany.socom. Pacific Command. senior and Operations Command is a sub-unified intermediate leaders and selected other command of USSOCOM. Special Operations Command Central is SOCSOUTH headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base. and supports Southern Command... . The Joint Special Operations Univer. air and SOCKOR naval component commander. the Joint Special Operations Forces executive. is the commanders with a separate element to plan and control joint SOF in their theaters. Hawaii. Korea. Joint Capabilities headquartered at Norfolk. Va.

USSOCOM Factbook 23 .

mil .socom.24 www.

USSOCOM Factbook 25 .

. Armament: AC-130H. Dimensions: Wingspan 84 ft. AC-130U. Dimensions: Wingspan 132 re-supply. exfiltration and Speed: 300 mph.socom.700 miles un- refueled. length MC-130E 100 ft.. 4 in. 7 in... Crew: MC-130E. 13. Crew: 10. 9 in. Dimensions: Wingspan 132 ft. Speed: 335 mph. exfiltration and operations. length 97 ft. 40 mm Bofors cannon and 105 mm cannon. MC-130H. ft. 6 in. Range: 2.300 miles unrefueled. air interdiction and force protection. 40 mm Bofors can. height 38 ft. EC-130J Commando Solo MC-130E/H Combat Talon Primary function: Military information support Primary function: Infiltration. Range: 2.. seven. long range infiltration.Crew: AC-130H. and AC-130U. resupply of Special Operations Forces.. ing. height 38 ft. 1 . Range: 1. Speed: 277 mph (cruising speed). 14. MC-130H 99 ft. 7 in. rotary diameter. height 38 ft. 25 mm Four.. 6 in. 38 ft. 300 mph. Dimensions: Wingspan 132 ft. 8 in..496 miles unlimited with air refuel.100 miles with one re-fueling Crew: non and 105 mm Howitzer. 9 in.. Range: 2. AC-130H/U CV-22B Osprey Primary function: Armed over-watch. 10 in. length 57 ft. height 22 ft. nine. Speed: length 97 ft. 6 in. Gatling gun. close-air Primary function: Special Operations Forces support. 26 www. 7 in.

MC-130W Combat Spear U-28A Primary function: Infiltration. exfiltration and Operations Forces helicopters. 9 in. Crew: Seven. 9 in. Crew: Two. Dimensions: unrefueled. Speed: 359 mph. Dimensions: Wingspan 57 ft.. length 98 refueling of special operations vertical lift ft. length 97 ft. length 98 ft. Range: 350.. Wingspan 132 ft. 4 in. Speed: 300 mph. Dimensions: Wingspan ft. USSOCOM Factbook 27 .. Range: 3..000 miles aircraft... length 46 craft. miles. Range: 4. 9 in. 1..200 miles unrefueled. Crew: Seven.208 miles unrefueled. 9 in. MC-130P Combat Shadow MC-130J Combat Shadow II Primary function: Air refueling Special Primary function: Infiltration. height 38 ft. in-flight Dimensions: Wingspan 132 ft. Speed: 289 mph. height 14 ft. in-flight Operations Forces. height 38 ft. exfiltration and Primary function: Provide support to Special resupply of Special Operations Forces. Speed: 385 mph. resupply of Special Operations Forces. 11 in. Range: 1.. height 38 ft. refueling of special operations vertical lift air. 8 in.700 132 ft. 6 in. 6 in. 7 in. Crew: Eight. 7 in. 7 in.

5 ft.7 mm GAU-19 or 2x 7. Dimensions: Length: 64 ft. Dimensions: Length: 32. MH-47 Chinook Primary function: Conduct overt and covert infiltration. Armament: 2x 12. Cruise 138 mph. Height: 8 ft. 28 www. Dimensions: Length: 32. Crew: Four.05 ft. 11 in.62 mini- . Speed: Max 222 mph. Crew: Four. MH-60L/M Black Hawk Defensive Armed Penetrator (DAP) Primary Function: Armed escort and fire support for Special Operations Forces.socom. 2x AGM-114 Hellfire air to ground missiles. and sling load operations.. MH-60K/L/M Black Hawk Primary Function: Conduct overt or covert infiltration. Height: 8 ft. Payload: up to 6 personnel. Speed: 143 mph. Range: 230NM. Crew: Two. AH-6M Little Bird Primary function: Close air support. MH-6M Little Bird Primary function: Externally transport several combat troops.. Range: 450NM. Speed: 143 mph. Payload: 10 personnel w/internal tanks. M230 30MM Chaingun.. 70mm Hydra rockets. exfiltration and resupply of Special Operations Forces. Combat Crew: Six. Cruise 132 mph. Armament: 2 x 7. Armament: M-134 and M-240 7. Crew: Two. exfiltration. resupply. Armament: 2x7. Range: 230 NM. Rotor diameter: 60 ft. Dimensions: Length: 64 ft.62 mm M134 minigun. heavy assault.5 ft. Height: 18 ft 8 in. Rotor diameter: 27. AGM-114 Hellfire air to ground missiles. Dimensions: Length 99 ft. Speed: Max 195 mph. 10 in. 10 in.62mm machine guns. Anti-tank guided missile. 2x M260 rocket pods or 2x MJ-12 rocket pod.. Cruise 138 mph. Range: 450NM. 11 in.62 mm M134 minigun. Rotor diameter: 27. Speed: Max 222 mph. Unrefueled Range: 525 NM.05 ft.

Speed: 60 knots. short suspense operational movement of operational movement of operational movement of personnel.. Dimensions: Wingspan 20 ft. height 8. GBU-38 JDAM. Armament: AGM- 114 Hellfire missiles... infrared camera reconnaissance and surveillance. USSOCOM Factbook 29 .682 miles. Provides autonomous low altitude electro-optical.74m.5 ft. Range: 350. Length 14. Range: 3. height 6 ft. personnel. Armament: AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. length 27 ft. Dimensions: Length 310 mph... airborne surveillance and tar- get acquisition. Height 5 ft.7 ft. length 36 ft. Range: 500 nm with 11 in. AECV/Puma AE Primary function: All Environment Capable Variant. Speed: Max 220 personnel. Range: 15 km with a flight endurance of 2 hours. Speed: In excess of Dimensions: Wingspan 57ft. Range: 785 ER Crew: miles 350ER 2. Speed: Up to 135 mph. 4in. MQ-9 Reaper Primary function: Unmanned hunter/killer weapon system. Dimensions: Wingspan 66 ft. 14ft. Small Unmanned Aircraft System. Viking 400 (V400) Primary function: Provides Day/Night Reconnaissance. NSAV (Light) PC-12 NSAV (Light) M-28 NSAV (Medium) Do-328 Primary Function: Provides Primary Function: Provides Primary Function: Provides flexible rapid. Crew: Two MQ-1 Predator Primary function: Armed reconnaissance. GBU-12. 1. short suspense flexible rapid. Range: 75+ Nautical Miles. mph.. Range: 454 miles. Speed: 23-46 mph. height 5. Speed: 230 mph. 7 in.72m. 9 in. width 1. length 46ft. Dimensions: Wingspan 48 ft. short suspense flexible rapid. length 56 inches.700 miles.26 m.700 1. recoverable either land or maritime. Dimensions: Wingspan 110 inches. Three.750 lb payload Crew: Two. Crew: Pilot and sensor operator on the ground. 8in. Crew: Pilot and Sensor Operator. Speed: 359 mph... height 12.

military aircraft. Each craft is manned by a crew of three Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen and can carry eight SOF personnel.socom. C-17 Globemaster and C-130 Hercules . and can carry 16 SOF personnel. limited coastal patrol. The MK The SOC-R is a high-performance craft sized V SOC is a high-performance combatant craft to permit air transport aboard C-130 or larger sized to permit air deployment aboard C-5 air. The RHIB is a high performance combatant craft that is air transportable by C- 5 Galaxy. low to medium threat environments. Each craft is manned by a craft. 30 www. and interdiction and reconnais- sance. Each craft is manned by a crew of five crew of four Special Warfare Combatant-craft Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen Crewmen and can carry eight SOF personnel. MK V Special Operations Craft Special Operations Craft-Riverine The MK V Special Operations Craft performs The Special Operations Craft-Riverine medium-range infiltration and extraction of performs short-range insertion and extraction SOF. and it can be air dropped from C-130 or larger military aircraft. limited coastal patrol and interdiction in of SOF in riverine and littoral environments. Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat The Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat performs short- range insertion and extraction of SOF.

A minimum crew of six Navy divers operates the controls for flooding. The DDS can be used to launch and recover a SEAL Delivery Vehicle or to conduct mass swimmer lock-out/lock-in operations utilizing SEALs and Combat Rubber Raiding Craft. The divers who operate the DDS control assist in all launch and recovery operations. USSOCOM Factbook 31 . SEAL Delivery Vehicle The MK VIII MOD 1 SEAL Delivery Vehicle is a free-flooding wet submersible designed for undersea special operations including direct action. SDVs can be inserted into the water via a DDS-equipped submarine. MK V SOC or surface ships. draining and pressurizing the DDS. MK VIII MOD SEAL Delivery Vehicle and Dry Deck Shelter The Dry Deck Shelter is a floodable pressure vessel carried by a host submarine for undersea operations. The host submarine provides the DDS with electrical power and high- pressure air. hydrographic reconnaissance and insertion/extraction of SEALs.

MRAP All Terrain Vehicle The M-ATV provides a mine-resistant all-terrain vehicle capability specifically for small-unit com- bat operations in highly restricted rural. and counterinsurgency operations. mountainous. Depending on the mission. 32 www. security force assistance. special recon- naissance. counterter- rorism. armor can be added or removed to either increase speed and maneuverability or increase protection. and urban environments. Ground Mobility Vehicle-Navy The GMV-N is a humvee specifically designed for SEALs that employs a multitude of weapons and is fitted with a modular armor kit. Ground Mobility Vehicle The GMV is a standardized joint SOF combat ve- hicle with the operational flexibility to support the SOF core activities of direct action.socom. unconventional warfare. The GMV-N can carry up to five opera- tors into some of the harshest terrain in the world. and provide a lethal offensive capability in the form of an integrated remote weapon . Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle The RG-31s/RG-33s/RG-33 Auxiliary Utility Vehicles provide protection for SOF operators against the expanded use of improvised explosive devices.

The vehicles are extremely flexible and internally transportable within rotary wing assets. NSCVs provide SOF with the capability to conduct missions where there is no military logistical presence and where vehicles must be maintained on the economy. USSOCOM Factbook 33 . Non-Standard Commercial Vehicle The NSCV is a commercial vehicle with varying levels of modification. but are not limited to. all-terrain capability to allow SOF to undertake operations across a wide variety of mis- sions with increased mobility and maneuverability. depending upon mission need. and they allow fully com- bat-equipped SOF operators to move around the bat- tlespace rapidly in terrain not easily navigated by larger. sedans. All Terrain Vehicle The ATV provides individual. pick- up trucks. Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle The LTATV is a side-by-side seat vehicle that pro- vides a light. heavier vehicles. sport utility vehicles. The LTATV is internally transportable by H-47 and V-22 variant aircraft. carries two personnel. and vans. Models include. can be used for a multitude of operations from logistic sup- port to casualty evacuation. Vehicles can range from unarmored and low-profile to heavily armored and overtly military. and provides a high de- gree of speed and mobility over rough terrain. all-terrain mobility to deployed SOF in austere locations and across a myr- iad of special operations missions.

mil . is chambered Sniper Support Rifle in the 5. The Combat Assault Rifle is a family of weapons from the MK 13 to the MK 20 and is a modular rifle made for the U. MK20 The CAR-L.62x51mm NATO. for light.56x45mm NATO cartridge and the CAR-H. This family of rifles consist of two main types.socom. Both are available in Long Barrel and Close Quarters Combat variants. fires 7.S. Special Operations Command. for heavy. MK 17 Long Barrel MK 17 (Close Quarters Battle) MK 13 mounted to MK 17 34 www.

USSOCOM Factbook 35 . shoulder-fired. Lightweight Assault Weapon The LAW development is a Fire- from-Enclosure capability. and anti-personnel weapon system. man-portable. re-load- able. anti-armor. line-of-sight. allowing the Warfighter to fire both variants (M72A7 Anti-Armor and M72A9 Anti- Structure Rounds) from confined spaces.MK 13 (Stand Alone) MK 13 mounted to MK 16 Multi-purpose Anti-armor Anti- personnel Weapon System The MAAWS capability provides an 84 mm recoilless.

These systems primarily provide the capability to develop. They also provide interoperability with all Services. The Tactical Communications consists of 1) Blue Force Tracking.socom. and Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN). These tactical radio systems provide the critical C2 link between SOF commanders and SOF teams deployed globally. and disseminate MISO products to overseas target audiences. Medium. produce. acquiring. and PDS. Special Operations Media System-Broadcast (SOMS-B). commercial agencies. 2) Joint Tactical C4I Transceiver System. The Enterprise Networks Division is responsible for designing. and 4) SOF Tactical Communications. Fly-Away Broadcast System (FABS). distribute. 36 www. air traffic control. The programs include the Special Operations Command Research. Military Information Support Operations and Civil Affairs Systems include the Media Production Center Heavy. fielding. various government agencies. and coalition forces. C4 and Intelligence (C4I) Automation Systems (C4IAS). and Threat Evaluation System (SOCRATES). 3) Joint Base Station/Radio Integration System. and sustaining the garrison and tactical network automation infrastructure systems. and Light. .

S. programmable unattended ground sensors emplaced by SOF operators that support information and intelligence gathering operations. Capabilities within the portfolio range from man-in-the-loop imagers and data transmission devices to fully automated. bases and installations. Biometrics and forensics system equipment provide SOF with the capability to rapidly and efficiently examine and exploit sensitive sites. Biometric tools are also used to gather and store information on captured combatants and to verify the identities of local nationals seeking employment or access to foreign and domestic U. Tracking. USSOCOM Factbook 37 . The Special Operations Tactical Video System/Reconnaissance Surveillance Target Acquisition program provides sensor systems that equip SOF with enhanced stand-off capabilities for both manned and unmanned special reconnaissance missions. Clandestine Tagging. and Locating exploits emerging technologies to locate and track targets or items of interest. CTTL is a Science and Technology development and prototyping program that is unique in its focus on SOF Warfighter-defined capability gaps and selection of highly promising technology solutions. The collection of forensic evidence and the identity verification of personnel detained on-site produce actionable intelligence that expedites SOF decision- making processes.

mil .socom.38 www.

USSOCOM Factbook 39 .

S.socom. and Information Operations. Special Reconnaissance.Rangers Lead The Way. to Free the Oppressed. Special Forces Special Forces units perform seven doctrinal missions: Unconventional Warfare. conflict and war. because they are employed throughout the three stages of the operational continuum: peacetime. 40 www. These missions make Special Forces unique in the . Foreign Internal Defense. Army Ranger Rangers are capable of conducting squad through regimental size operations using a variety of infiltration techniques including airborne. experience and readiness. The 75th Ranger Regiment remains an all-volunteer force with an intensive screening and selection process followed by combat-focused training. to direct action and special reconnaissance missions. military. Rangers are resourced to maintain exceptional proficiency. Direct Action. Special Forces Soldiers live up to the Special Forces motto: De Oppresso Liber. The "Quiet Professionals. From humanitarian assistance and training of indigenous forces. Counter- proliferation." Special Forces units are today deployed worldwide displaying their dominance in full spectrum operations through their unconventional warfare expertise. The 75th Ranger Regiment is a proud unit and a team of teams serving the Nation . air assault and ground platforms. Combatting Terrorism.

submarines and ground mobility vehicles. SWCCs provide dedicated rapid mobility in shallow water areas where larger ships cannot operate. SEALs rely heavily on the services of technicians such as mobile communications teams. tactical cryptologic support and explosive ordnance disposal specialists. Land (SEAL) The SEAL Team is the heart of the NSW force. then the Enablers would be the backbone of the organization. SEALs conduct clandestine missions infiltrating their objective areas by fixed. Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen Special Boat Teams are manned by Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen who operate and maintain state-of-the-art surface craft to conduct coastal patrol and interdiction and support special operations missions. Focusing on infiltration and exfiltration of SEALs and other SOF. combatant craft. USSOCOM Factbook 41 . Navy surface ships.and rotary-wing aircraft. Sea. Enablers If SEALs and SWCC are considered to be the action arms of NSW. Enablers contribute heavily toward the success of the special warfare operations mission. Air. They also bring to the table a unique SOF capability: Maritime Combatant Craft Aerial Delivery System — the ability to deliver combat craft via parachute drop. a multipurpose combat force organized and trained to conduct a variety of Special Operations missions in all environments.

Their motto. AFSOC Special Tactics Airmen include Combat Controllers. Special Operations Weathermen and Combat Aviation Advisors. global partners to wield . working with Special Operations Forces. Combat Aviation Advisors of the 6th Special Operations Squadron help U. Special Operations Weathermen are Air Force weather technicians with unique training to operate in hostile or denied territory. security and tactics. commonly known as PJs. 42 www. maintenance. These Air Commandos are culturally savvy. hand selected for their skill. assess. are the only Defense Department specialty specifically trained and equipped to conduct conventional and unconventional recovery operations. land or sea to establish assault zones. Combat Controllers are Special Operators and certified air traffic controllers who are an integral part of the Air Force Battlefield Airmen team. A PJ’s primary function is as a personnel recovery specialist with emergency trauma medical capabilities in humanitarian and combat environments.S. “That Others May Live.” reaffirms the Pararescueman’s commitment to saving lives and self-sacrifice.” indicates the CCT commitment to be the first deployed into restricted environments by air. base support. maturity and professionalism to advise foreign forces in rotary and fixed-wing combat aviation. and interpret weather and environmental intelligence from forward deployed locations. They gather. Pararescuemen. Pararescuemen. linguistically trained and politically astute Airmen. “First There. Their motto.socom.

They are experts in utilizing the right force at the right time with the right effect. environments while maintaining a high level of mental flexibility and physical endurance. and direct action capabilities to commanders. USSOCOM Factbook 43 . MARSOC Marines often train host-nation military groups. Critical Skills Operator Critical Skills Operators are the front line Marines and Sailors who are complex problem solvers able to operate across the full spectrum of Special Operations in small teams under ambiguous. In other words. CSOs exemplify the Marine Corps’ concepts of Distributed Operations and the Strategic Corporal. and engage the enemy with lethal force when necessary. gather information about the enemy. These warrior-diplomats are able to operate across the spectrum of force. special reconnaissance. MARSOC forces provide Foreign Internal Defense. sometimes austere.

mil .socom.44 www.

USSOCOM Factbook 45 .

than 9. with more Armed Forces of the Philippines. 46 www. increased collaboration and coordination.Pacific Special Operations Command .Korea Flintlock Foal Eagle Trans-Sahara Africa Republic of Korea U. onward multinational forces to improve information movement of critical assets to the forward area. Special Operations Command .socom. maritime action group operations.Europe Balikatan Cold Response Republic of the Philippines Norway Annual bilateral combined exercise. combat air operations. structured to further develop the multinational invitational exercise. scheduled. held in the Norwegian sponsored. ground .Africa Special Operations Command . and conducted Philippines.S.000 military personnel from 14 countries. across the Saharan region while fostering amphibious operations. Special Operations Command . Africa Command’s premier Special Annual large-scale exercise focused on rear area Operations Forces exercise and trains joint security and stability operations. sharing at the operational and tactical levels special operations.

Europe Fuerzas Comando Jackal Stone Central and South America Europe Military skills competition between top Coordinated by Special Operations military and police Special Operations teams in Command Europe.South Special Operations Command . the 19 countries take part promoting military. Security forces from build Special Operations Forces capacity.South Panamax Panama Special operations forces from Peru. and to promote interoperability interoperability and improved regional security. USSOCOM Factbook 47 . Special Operations Command . capabilities of current and future partner to-military relationships. between the participating forces. Panama and the United States train together in an exercise simulating a multi- national effort to defend the Panama Canal. the exercise is designed to the Western Hemisphere. Special Operations Command . increased nations. Brazil. Colombia.

mil .socom.48 www.

USSOCOM Factbook 49 .

Army Special Operations Command USSOCOM U. Surveillance and Exploitation SWCC Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman TSOC Theater Special Operations Command UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle USAJFKSWCS . Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School USASOC U.S. Acronym Glossary AFB Air Force Base AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command ATV All Terrain Vehicle C4 Command. Control. Special Operations Command 50 www. Communications and Computers CCT Combat Controller CSO Critical Skills Operator DOD Department of Defense FID Foreign Internal Defense GMV Ground Mobility Vehicle JSOC Joint Special Operations Command JSOU Joint Special Operations University LTATV Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle MARSOC Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command MISO Military Information Support Operations MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle NSCV Non-Standard Commercial Vehicle NSWC Naval Special Warfare Command NSWG Naval Special Warfare Group PJ Pararescueman RHIB Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat SDVT SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team SEAL Sea-Air-Land forces SF Special Forces SFG(A) Special Forces Group (Airborne) SOCAFRICA Special Operations Command Africa SOCCENT Special Operations Command Central SOCEUR Special Operations Command Europe SOC-JC Special Operations Command-Joint Capabilities SOCKOR Special Operations Command Korea SOCPAC Special Operations Command Pacific SOC-R Special Operations Craft-Riverine SOCSOUTH Special Operations Command South SOF Special Operations Forces SRSE Special Reconnaissance.socom.S. Army John F.S.

USSOCOM Factbook 51 .