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Bailey and Love) Shock is a life.pptx

Bailey and Love) Shock is a life.pptx

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surgery content shock
surgery content shock

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Published by: Raghav Agrawal on Jun 22, 2013
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Presented by:Dr. Arjun Singh (P.G.First year) Guided by:Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Professor and Head) Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

CONTENTS • • • • Introduction Definition Classification Stages of shock .

Definition • Shock is a life threatening situation. Bailey and Love . manifested in turn by serious pathophysiological abnormalities. In most cases it is due to poor tissue perfusion with impaired cellular metabolism.

FONSECA .an acute generalized. if continued. will produce serious pathophysiological consequences”. inadequate perfusion of critical organs that.Shock may be defined as “….

Irrespective of cause. HARRISON— .Shock is the clinical syndrome that results from inadequate tissue perfusion. the hypoperfusion-induced imbalance between the delivery of and requirements for oxygen and substrate leads to cellular dysfunction.

―Shock is a condition in which circulation fails to meet the nutritional needs of the cells and fails to remove the metabolic waste products’’. DAS – . S.


Classification of shock (Somen Das) Haematogenic or Hypovolaemic shock Traumatic shock Neurogenic shock Cardiogenic shock Septic shock Miscellaneous types a) Anaphylactic shock .I.

Hyperdynamic .Intrinsic .Compressive 4) Septic . Classification of shock (Harrison) 1) Hypovolaemic Shock 2) Traumatic shock 3) Cardiogenic shock .Hypodynamic 5) Neurogenic shock 6) Hypoadrenal Shock .• • II.

1)Primary or Initial shock Is a transient and usually benign vasovagal attack resulting from sudden reduction of venous return to the heart caused by neurogenic vasodilatation and consequent peripheral pooling of the blood. -It can occur immediately following Trauma Severe pain Emotional overreaction due to a) Fear b) Sorrow and surprise c) Sight of blood .

Clinically  Patient develops.Lasting few seconds to minutes.Low Blood Pressure ……Primary shock can be labelled as a severe form of syncope….Unconsciousness . .Weakness .signs and symptoms similar to that of syncope .Pale and Clammy limbs .Weak and rapid pulse and .Sinking Sensation .

this type of shock is the ‘true shock’.2) Secondary (or) True shock • ……occurs due to haemodynomic derangements with hypoperfusion of the cells. .

the different manifestations of shock occurs in 3 stages.STAGES OF SHOCK According to Winters. namely: -Initial stage or Compensated shock (Non progressive) -Decompensated shock (Progressive) -Irreversible shock .

does not produce severe symptoms or manifestations Progression mechanisms compensated by compensatory Blood pressure and cardiac output maintained by various negative feedback control mechanisms like . .Initial stage or Compensatory stage or Non progressing stage • Slight reduction in the circulation blood volume…….

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