Altered Repolarization of the Myocardium

Release of Lysosomal Enzymes Anaerobic Glycolysis Myocardial Irritability Decreased Contractility ↓ Ventricular Function DYSRHYTHM IA Lactic Acid Production


↑ Preload

↓ CO

↓ Blood Flow to Brain



Enlargement of Thrombus Occlusive Thrombus www.com WEAKNESS/FATIGUE (JULY 1719) Ischemia of Tissue in Region Supplied by Artery PALPITATION S ↓ O2 Coronary Blood Supply Less Than Demand ↑ CO2 levels ↓ Bld pH MYOCARDIAL CELL DEATH (NECROSIS) DEEP & LABORED BREATHIN G Stimulation of Sympathetic NS ↑ HR ↑ O2 need ↑ Afterload Vasoconstrictio n ↑ Epinephrine & Norepinephrin e Production ↑ BMR HTN ARRHYTHMI A ↓ Blood Supply to GI Tract DIAPHORESI S N/V 2 .NursesLabs.

ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION MODIFIABLE FACTORS: Hypertension Smoking ↑ levels of triglyceride.com . & Buildup of Platelet Mass ATHEROSCLEROSI S N/V THROMBOSIS Rest Pain Claudication Release of Thromboplastin Platelet release Thromboxane A2. Platelet Factors 3 & 4 Coagulation and Vasospasm Fainting Sweating Cool extremities Enlargement of Thrombus 1 .NursesLabs. carbohydrates or salt Sedentary lifestyle/physical inactivity Stress/Type A personality Drug Abuse NONMODIFIABLE FACTORS: (+) Family Hx of AMI Aging Men and Postmenopausal Women Change in the Condition of Plaque in the Coronary Artery Activation of Platelets Platelet Aggregation. Serotonin.PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF ACUTE MI (BOOKBASED) www. Adhesion. total cholesterol & LDL DM Obesity Excessive intake of saturated fats.