Mohamed H.

Zakaria, Jeddah, published in Arab News on 22 October 1993 Ruined by Leaders Political leaders and journalists of Pakistan had praised Gen. Addul waheed, the army chief of staff, for his role in persuading Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Nawaz Sharif to quit their posts and hold fresh elections. According to newspaper reports, a military plane was sent to Lahore to bring Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, willing or not, to Islamabad to settle their disputes with Ishaq Khan. The efforts of the army chief to keep our country democratic should be appreciated. But was it necessary for our politicians to involve the army chief in the settlement of their disputes? Will he remain and obedient soldier to a government which owes its existence to him? The recent political crisis has not only exposed the fragility of our democracy but also the weakness of our politicians. Politics and democracy have become a joke in Pakistan now. All know that almost all politicians are dishonest and their promises are not to be believed. They can’t be expected to do the minimum required leave along anything inspiring or creative. Most of our troubles are created by them for their personal benefits. The short-term tenure of Moeen Qureshi has confirmed at least one thing: Pakistan needs authoritarian rule at list until it is put on the right track. It needs sincere and honest leadership to guide it toward prosperity – someone like Adenauer of Germany who took over an occupied and devastated country and turned it into a model democracy and economic miracle that became the envy of the occupying forces themselves. Muhammed H. Zakaria Jeddah

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