Step 1 : plan the requirements for the project. Step 2 : check the hardware and software requirements. Step 3 : configure the required hardware. Step 4 : install the software required. Step 5 : install Microsoft visual studio 2008 for design and code. Step 6 : install SQL server 2005 to store the data. Step 7 : open visual studio 20008->select file->new->website-> for designing application Step 8:Design application and run in web browser

Step 9 : restore database with the Enterprise manager.

Step 10:click on start->SQL server ->Enterprise manager. Step 18 : design and code the key generation form Step 19: design and code the key allocation form Step 20:design and code the encode form Step 21: design and code the decode form Step 22:bulid the solution for syntax errors. Step 11:type the name of the “database” that user wants and select “from device” then click . . Step 12: the click select devices button it requires path to the object to restore Step 15: the object is ready to access . Step 17 : design and code the login form for both administrator and user. Step 16 : design and code the authentication form. Step 23:run the project after build succeed.

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