Project Number Progress Sheet No.

Project Title Internal Advisor Roll Number 2010-CE-040 Student File Name 03402201A03D035

59 2nd

Employee Management System

Ms. Samreena Bano






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Previous Task Assgined by Internal Ad
Roll Number Progress Sheet No.

2010-CE-040 2010-CE-040

1st 2nd

In Progress .Servying the market for cost and availibility of hardware. Samreena Bano New Task Focus on programming portion (C#). Absent Lookup the hardware portion of the project.Still in searching through internet and reading books. Absent Previous Task Assgined by Internal Advisor Previous Task Status Group coordination and searching about C# through internet or related books.reading books.NET). Status In Progress Working on database implementation.reading books. In Progress Focus on programming portion (ASP.Still in searching through internet.Still in searching through internet.59 2nd Employee Management System using RFID Ms.

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