PRIORITY: To further develop the range and quality of practical mathematics across all


BASELINE: Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the range and quality of
practical mathematics in 2009-10, identified this as an area for further development

(Aspects to be addressed)

(How we will know we’ve succeeded)

(Action to be taken)

(When/how long will it take?)


(Human/material/ include support required) Maths equipment IWB

New topics will be introduced and reinforced through practical maths to embed mathematical concepts. Staff expertise in the delivery of practical maths will be enhanced through regular Inset. Regular monitoring and assessment of maths will take place to measure pupil attainment. This will be conducted by the co-ordinator and the principal. All KS2 pupils will participate in a Maths Challenge Competition. FS/KS1 pupils will participate in a Maths Challenge. P3 pupils will participate in a Paired Maths programme with P7 peer support buddies. Targeted year groups/pupils will participate in a trial of Accelerated Maths (P6 and P4 classes).

Pupils will have enhanced experience of practical maths. This will be evidenced via coordinator monitoring. All staff will feel confident and competent in the delivery of practical maths. This will be evidenced via pre and post action plan audit. KS2 Pupil performance in the 95105 banding will be increased by 5% in the numeracy standardised tests against the May 2010 performance in equivalent test. Pupils will develop a more positive attitude to maths. Success will be celebrated at house assembly. Pupils will develop more positive attitudes to maths. This will be evidenced by pre and post action plan audit of pupils (KS2).

Teachers will plan for, and deliver, a wide range of practical maths experiences. Evidenced in planning and practice. Co-ordinator/SLT/ cluster group to provide training. Effective practical work. Staff audit pre and post action plan. Teachers will use SIMS to identify underachievers after pupils undertake standardised tests. In addition, teachers will identify and implement appropriate support strategies. Pupil audit pre and post action plan. Co-ordinator/SLT/ cluster group/P7 pupils to devise and run practical maths challenges etc in

Ongoing, all year

All staff

1 per term

All staff

Oct and June Twice yearly (Oct & May)

Co-ordinator All staff and numeracy coordinator

Inset time Personnel Peter Patilla video

Paper and e-test standardised tests ICT suite time Inset time to analyse data

Spring term Oct and June

All staff Co-ordinator

Time to devise Maths Trail & materials to lay out course

• • Raised profile within school/wider community of maths. A “standards” display board will be maintained in the school which will showcase practical maths work. •

Dec - Jan 1 afternoon per week for 6 weeks Ongoing

P3 & P7 teachers and assistants

P3 level games pack, P7 mentors and time to train P7s Inset time to train staff ICT suite allocation of time

Targeted year group teaching and assistant support

Pupils’ practical maths work will be celebrated and showcased across the school on a Maths Display Board (to include Challenge of the Week) All teachers will monitor and digitally record ongoing practical maths (Living TV to share with the whole school community) An active learning target will be included as an option for PRSD for teaching staff Teachers will analyse standardised test results/data relating to pupil performance and plan for the next steps. This will be completed twice per year.

Each teacher will be able to showcase a range of activities carried out in class. • Staff will complete a standards PRSD target on the effective use of data. Analysis of test data and identification of key areas for improvement will be completed twice per year. All P5 pupils will know all their tables up to the 10 times tables. • •

conjunction with class teachers. P7 pupils will pair up with P3 pupils to play Maths games in afternoon maths sessions. Training in use of Accelerated maths for relevant staff. Pupils will undertake a set no of sessions of Accelerated Maths. Timetabled completion of Maths Display Board (split into 2 halves KS2 and FS/KS1) Staff will collect photographic/video evidence of practical maths and upload to our ‘Life Channel’. This will be completed once per year per class. Staff will partake in appropriate PRSD activity during the timetabled PRSD sessions Teachers to analyse test data and plan further teaching programme. Practical tables. Inset will be provided for all teachers. Mr Murray and staff to ensure that all pupils know all their tables by the end of P5. October


All staff

Ongoing once per term per class

All staff

Inset time for specified staff to complete board Display materials Inset time regularly to upload photos/videos Digital cameras and pen drives/hard drives

Sept – May All teaching staff

October and May test analysis

All teachers

Inset time to use diagnostic statistics

• • •

MONITORING STRATEGIES (Who will lead/What form will it take?) Co-ordinator will monitor practical maths provision and report on the same on a termly basis. Co-ordinator will review standards twice per year. Principal will report on the progress of the action plan to the governors once per term.

• • •

EVALUATION (How well did we do? - process/outcome) End of action plan evaluation will be conducted by the co-ordinator this will be shared with staff. SDP evaluation day with entire staff – June 2011. End of year evaluation report on action plan delivery and success to the Board of Governors by the principal in June 2011.

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