ACADEMIA FORŢELOR TERESTRE “NICOLAE BĂLCESCU” - Comisia de admitere – Sesiunea iulie 2010 –


Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d. Are you interested in seeing the beautiful fall foliage of New England but tired of traffic jams and overbooked hotels? Then this year forget the crowds in New England and see the beautiful colors of autumn in the Catskills. The rugged mountains in New York State, just 90 miles northwest of New York City, are famous for the legendary tales of Rip Van Winkle, and more recently for the summer hotels that sprang up in the region during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Families trying to escape the heat of New York City found the Catskills to be the perfect place to stay for a month or so each summer. By the late 1950s, there were over 500 resorts and hotels offering nighttime entertainment as well as all kinds of outdoor activities. Since the introduction of air-conditioning and cheaper air travel, however, families have stopped coming to the Catskills in such large numbers, choosing instead more distant locations at different times of the year. Many of the Catskill hotels closed in the 1970s, but some remain and have expanded and changed their facilities to meet the needs of today’s visitors. Currently, there are many activities available to the traveler besides witnessing the changing colors of the leaves. There is an all organic sheep farm where visitors can see how a traditional sheep farm operates. There are also hundreds of scenic drives in the area. Route 42, for instance, is an excellent site for spotting bald eagles. 1. What is the author’s main purpose in this passage? a) to promote the Catskills as a vacation destination. b) to introduce visitors to famous Catskills entertainers. c) to describe the history of the Catskills region. d) to compare the Catskills to New England. 2. According to the passage, which of the following caused the decline in the number of resorts in the 1970s? a) television b) shorter vacations c) affordable air travel d) more traffic 3. In what season would a tourist most likely have visited the Catskills in the 1950s? a) fall b) winter c) spring d) summer 4. Which of the following most reflects the author’s tone in this passage? a) informative and scientific b) humorous and skeptical c) regretful and reminiscent d) light and encouraging


A few seconds later you hear a loud rumbling sound. or gets bigger. between two clouds or between two parts of the same cloud. one after another. b) in waves. The US government now requires that each package of cigarettes bears a special warning about the danger of smoking. b) There is a special warning on each package of cigarettes. It may be moving between a cloud and the ground. d) People remember the days when bad weather scares them. Tar. d) it is summer time and too hot outside. According to the passage. Nicotine. c) The US Public Health Service said that smoking causes lung cancer. People have smoked cigarettes for a long time now. Christopher Columbus. For this reason. One kind of bad weather that scares many people is called a thunderstorm. Soon the dried leaves were transported to Europe where smoking began to catch on. Lightning is colourful. First you see a sudden flash of bright light. 11. there is heavy rain and lightning. 10. c) At the beginning of a thunderstorm. This is what happens when there is a thunderstorm. In the late 1800s.5. 8. The main idea of paragraph two is: a) In a thunderstorm. Cigarette smoke contains at least two harmful substances. c) rapidly. but it can cause serious problems. 7. Lightning is electricity that is moving very rapidly. The lightning heats the air around it. This is because: a) the hot air moves between two clouds. d) Cigarette smoke damages not only our lungs but also the heart. which forms as the tobacco burns. When you hear thunder. d) slowly. b) the air waves pass one after another. causes the heart to beat faster and increases the breathing rate. c) the thunder comes after the lightning. what might a visitor be lucky enough to do? a) see fall leaves in color b) see a kind of bird c) work on a sheep farm d) drive on scenic roads 6. The main idea of paragraph 3 is: a) Smoking is very bad for your health. b) A thunderstorm consists of lightning and thunder. damages the lungs and therefore affects breathing. This quick flash is called lightning. Before Columbus discovered America: a) Europeans did not smoke cigarettes b) nicotine was not in tobacco c) both a) and b) d) Turks used to smoke cigarettes 2 . and it causes the air to move in waves. Perhaps you can remember a day when bad weather made you afraid. The author implies that in the Catskills there are few: a) leaves b) eagles c) people d) sheep The weather is not beautiful all of the time. too. tar and nicotine. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous. lightning is dangerous. and thunder is. 9. This hot air expands. who discovered America. The air waves pass you in series. you may hear a series of loud sounds and not one big sound. you may hear many rumbles and not just one sound. The US Public Health Service stated that cigarette smoking is the cause of lung cancer and several other deadly diseases. The tobacco which is used to make cigarettes was first grown in what is now part of the United States. saw the Indians smoking. and the loud sound is called thunder. which is found in the leaves. Lightning always moves: a) between two clouds. the Turks made cigarettes popular.

Partea a II-a: GRAMATICĂ ŞI VOCABULAR 16. California. which has more than 130 nation members. the skunk will release or spray a yellowish liquid. b) The United Nations has 130 members. d) The United Nations is a large international organization. In the nineteenth century. encourage countries to respect each other. In addition. b) Some skunks are black with a white stripe. d) Skunks try to attack or hurt other animals that have the same colors. I …… for a new car for months before I bought one. What is the main idea of the paragraph? a) The United Nations began in 1945. a) will buy b) can buy c) could buy d) buys 19. What is the main idea of the paragraph? a) Skunks are small animals with strong feet. Breathing is affected by: a) tar b) nicotine c) both a) and b) d) neither a) nor b) The skunk is a small animal that comes in a variety of color patterns. 1945. 24. but the most well-known variety is black with a white line or stripe down its back. tries to keep world peace. smoking became popular because of the people in: a) India b) Turkey c) the US d) England 13. What about you? a) to go b) going c) we go d) to going 3 . The United Nations was officially set up on October. a) have been looking b) looked c) had looked d) had been looking 18. improve living conditions. was proposed by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. a) didn’t eat b) haven’t eaten c) don’t eat d) hadn’t eaten 17. help countries to be friends. This liquid can burn skin and hurt other animals’ eyes. and set up a good system of international law. If she were rich she …… a big house. The skunk is probably most famous for its method of protecting itself. If another animal tries to attack or hurt it. at a special meeting. 15. I feel like …… out tonight.12. as the United Nations is often called. The UN. The idea of the UN. this liquid smells horrible! 14. in San Francisco. I’m hungry I …… anything since breakfast. but there are other patterns. c) Skunks have a unique way of protecting themselves from danger. c) The United Nations was begun by Churchill and Roosevelt.

with murder.. I …… apologize when I broke my mom’s favourite glass. Father would not …. a) cleaned b) was cleaning c) used to clean d) clean 23. us to go there for our summer holiday. Lizzie has been having dance classes …… she was four years old.. When you rang I …… my bike. a) for b) from c) since d) when 24.. a) ought to b) must c) could d) had to 21.. The play was said …… because the lead actor was ill. Our mutual friend was ….20. a) than b) from c) to d) rather 22. a) accused b) arrested c) charged d) sentenced 28. a) let b) permit c) agree d) leave 27.. a) were announced b) announced c) was announced d) is announced 25.. her own business. a) to be cancelled b) to have cancelled c) cancelled d) to have been cancelled 26. a) charge b) run c) make d) order 4 . She prefers to …. Sergeant Sheila prefers ice-skating …… driving.. Can this camera …. good photos? a) make b) take c) achieve d) do 29.. The news …… on the radio yesterday.

Which is the correct salutation of a formal letter when you do not know the name of the person you are writing to? a) Dear Sir. ... Spanish is the …. I’m so excited! It’s my first day …. b) I’m looking forward to see you here. 38./Mrs. a) remember b) recollect c) remind d) reiterate 33.. a) thieves b) robbers c) burglars d) bandits 34. We are just ….. Please ….. . a) mother b) birth c) native d) natural Partea a III-a: SCRIS 36. a) rehearsing b) revisiting c) repeating d) rejecting 35. were caught by the police on the same day.. tongue of many South Americans. Which is the correct sentence? a) Why bought your sister a new skirt for her birthday? b) Why don’t you buy your sister a new skirt for her birthday? c) Why don’t you buy your sister a skirt new for her birthday? d) Why not you buy your sister a new skirt for her birthday? 37... d) I’m seeing forward to look you here. c) Dear Sir/Madam. b) Dear Madam. a) up b) over c) off d) out 32. the last act of the play.. me to call John on his birthday. c) I’m seeing forward to looking you here.. Choose the correct conclusion to a letter: a) I’m looking forward to seeing you here.30. They had a terrible fight and now their wedding is …. 5 ... d) Dear Mr.. a) at job b) in work c) in job d) at work 31. The bank ….

Maria PUCLIŞAN-UŢIU P. d) I’m writing to let you know how enthusiastic I am about working in this hotel. a) both ….c. b) Yours. b) I was really excited when the parcel did arrived for me.39.c. Isabela DRAGOMIR MULTIPLICARE: P.c. Choose the best connectors: I …… agreed with them. c) Yours sincerely. a) where located your hotel is. Mariana CIOVICĂ Prof. c) where your hotel located is. 43.c. b) where is your hotel located. 42. d) Yours sincerely. nor d) not only …. my last holiday. …… thoroughly disagreed.. Ilie GLIGOREA Prof. Select the phrase that best completes the sentence: I am writing ……. d) Best.2 puncte. c) It’s great working in this hotel.c. NOTĂ: Timpul de lucru 90 de minute. 40. d) Was I really excited when did the parcel arrive for me. b) I am writing to express my satisfaction at working in this hotel. c) I was really excited when the parcel arrived for me. Pentru fiecare item corect rezolvat se acordă 0. a) complaining about b) to complain at c) to complain to d) to complain about 41. Toţi itemii sunt obligatorii. Elisabeta-Emilia HALMAGHI 6 . but olso 44. Maria Elena SUCIU Prof. Se alocă 1 punct din oficiu. 45. CADRE DIDACTICE DE SPECIALITATE: Prof. nor c) neither ….. Which is the best sentence to begin an e-mail to a friend: a) I am writing to tell about my experience working in this hotel. Which is the correct ending to a formal letter which begins with Dear Sir/Madam? a) Yours faithfully.c. b) Best wishes. d) where your hotel is located. Adriana DUMITRESCU Prof. Which would you choose to end an informal letter? a) Yours faithfully. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentence: I want to know ….. Monica Elena BUCULEI OPERARE PC: P. Which is the correct order: a) I really was excited when the parcel arrived for me. c) Yours friendly. and b) either ….

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d NOTĂ: Fiecare item se evaluează cu 0. Prof.dr. 14. 22. 31. 15. 19. 30. 20. 8. prof.col. 38. 21. 34. 45. Isabela DRAGOMIR 7 . 9. 32. 29.ACADEMIA FORŢELOR TERESTRE “NICOLAE BĂLCESCU” . 4. 13. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d 3. 26.Comisia de admitere – Sesiunea iulie 2010 – APROB PREŞEDINTELE COMISIEI Lt. 16. Monica Elena BUCULEI Prof. 35. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d 2. 7. 44. 27. 41. 10. Ghiţă BÂRSAN GRILĂ DE EVALUARE PROBA I: LIMBA ENGLEZĂ 1. Maria Elena SUCIU Prof. 5. Din oficiu se acordă 1 punct. 33. 40. 6. 39. Mariana CIOVICĂ Prof. 25. 37. 28. 36. 12. 43. 24. 23. Adriana DUMITRESCU Prof.2 puncte. 17.univ. 18. 11.