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REQUEST FOR AN EXTENSION OF MORE THAN 3 WORKING DAYS This form must be used for registering serious mitigating circumstances and seeking extensions longer than 3 days. For more minor ailments use form AE1. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE STATED PROCEDURE, OR FAIL TO COMPLETE ALL DOCUMENTATION AS REQUESTED, YOUR FORM (S) WILL NOT BE ACTIONED AND YOUR REQUEST WILL BE REFUSED Personal Details Please enclose a self-addressed envelope for replies Student Name: chantelle Penhorwood-richards Email address: Student Number: 320714

Telephone Number:01452715091

If you do not enclose a self-addressed envelope your request will not be processed. Units/module(s) affected use separate forms if seeking extensions for assignments in different modules/units. Only include the assignments for which you are seeking an extension, the date the assessment is due and the nature of the assessment (e.g. coursework, presentation). Course Title access to higher education Module/ Unit Title Study skills Study skills Nature of Assessment or Assignment Assignment 1 what do students need to consider... Assign.2 personal uni choices Date Due Oct 2010 Oct 2010

Outline of Circumstances Describe why you are seeking an extension and its proposed length. This is for information only. The Curriculum Manager will decide the length of the extension. Due to ill health and not having either a P.C or laptop i have been unable to complete the above assignments on time or to the required standard needed. I am waiting for a letter from my doctors. I know i said that i should be able to have them done for 4/11/2010 but i was unable to find a computer that i could borrow from anyone i know.

You MUST attach evidence supporting your request e.g. medical note, letter from a 3rd party etc Student Signature Response from Curriculum Manager: c Penhorwood-richards Date 4/11/2010

Authorising Signature:


Curriculum Manager, please distribute as follows: Original for Course records Copies to student and Personal Tutor