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Schema: Fill out the boxes to show understanding of the reading strategy schema

What do you know about schema? We know about words and meanings puts info in your memory It is your background knowledge Something/knowledge we already know Schematic system/semantic system We can add to it, change it Different kinds of schema: semantic, memories, knowledge of topic, author, me as a reader

What do readers use to help them create new schema? Make a connection to something you know Visualize it Use context clues to build new schema: Research Ask a friend Experience/observation Watch video predict To add new info to your schema: think about it write about it Talk about it If you have no schema before reading: use context clues read the summary make predictions look at pictures

How does using your schema help you as a reader? Helps you make sense of new info Empathy Allows us to infer Helps us to confirm our beliefs and values or change them Understand character, setting, plot