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Saturday 22nd June 2013 To whom it may concern,

I started my teaching career in the south of England after graduating from the College of St Mark & St John. After a short time teaching in London, I decided that there was so much more of the world to explore! I experienced an exciting start to international teaching with five years in an International School in the Philippines and we are now starting our sixth year with GEMS World Academy. My wife (Ms. Claire) works in KG2 and both my son (Josh) and daughter (Abi) are both in Early Childhood too.
I have what I feel is a unique insight into being a specialist teacher as I have spent twelve previous years working on the other side as a teacher. I did not start out as an ICT specialist so I know where regular teachers are coming from what their priorities are and how little time they have to waste on learning new skills unless they are relevant and just in time. I am also very approachable to a fault. I know I need to learn to say no but it is a huge challenge for me as I really am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for ICT! I want others to share my excitement for using ICT as a tool to support all areas of the curriculum. I feel strongly that in order for a school to function cohesively, there needs to be a common vision. The GEMS World Academy CIS self study highlighted the need of a whole school approach with regards to ICT for a number of reasons. Firstly, there needs to be whole school curriculum documents put in place in order to ensure that we are all moving in the right direction. Secondly, teachers require more Professional Development in relation to ICT. With an ever-growing staff and a massive range of ICT abilities, teachers need whole school, small group and one to one training. Finally, there are a number of ICT related staff members who would benefit from and appreciate some direction on how they can improve the program. Music, Film & Media Technology, the Planetarium, the ICT specialists and a number of support staff need to work as a team to move GWA forward with the same vision for ICT. With a vision, all teachers at the school will have a clear understanding of how they fit into the bigger picture and what training and support they need to be part of it. I believe I have always been interested in a whole school approach. I have coached Varsity football, taken a real interest in MYP and DP projects, and make a point of getting to know student names. I like to be involved and included and I have a genuine interest in how the school is growing and developing and I believe that this partly comes from the fact that I have been involved from the beginning. School including teachers, parents and students effectively become my home and my family. I pride myself on having a great working relationship with all staff at the school including admin, technicians, support staff and teachers. I discuss roles and responsibilities, possible cross-overs and areas of conflict and work together to ensure progression through the school. I am eager to learn new things an inevitable part of being a technology specialist of the 21st Century. Trying to keep pace with quick-learning students, interested teachers and corporate projects are all exciting prospects for me. Teaching technology is a hobby and an interest I have outside the school. This is not a job for me but an passion, which I love sharing with others.

I am a passionate advocate for the use of technology in the classroom as a tool to communicate, collaborate and present. I endeavour to share this enthusiasm with students, parents and my teaching colleagues. I enjoy working with others to improve their understanding and confidence in using the exciting tools on offer and I believe that I have an excellent working relationship with all colleagues with all levels of ICT experience. As an ICT teacher and Integration Specialist, my aim is to encourage all teachers, students and parents of all abilities to take small steps into what I believe is education in the 21st Century.

Employment Gems World Academy, Dubai

Gems World Academy is a PreK-12 authorised IB school. 2011 Present PreK12 Director of Digital Learning, ICT Teacher & Integration Specialist
Creation of centralised resource bank for students, teachers & parents Creative teaching grant: iPad implementation and app development GEMS Network Trainer Internal Professional Development CIS Technology Committee Chair Budgeting and ordering K-12

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Grade 5 Classroom Teacher

GEMS Network Trainer Maths Curriculum Committee Setting up of the Grade 5 curriculum documentation Devised & implemented Digital Portfolios Varsity Girls Football coach

International School Manila

ISM is a PK-12 CIS accredited school. The Elementary curriculum is inquiry based Essential Learnings framework.
2003 2008 Grade 5 Classroom Teacher Program/Team Leader IT Expo Leader Digital Portfolio Committee Laptop trolley implementation trials Accreditation Committee member Varsity Girls Football coach & Varsity Boys Badminton Coach Social Committee Chair

Jenny Hammond Primary School

Jenny Hammond is a small one form entry primary school situated in East London
2000 2003 Yr 3/5/6 Classroom Teacher PE & ICT Coordinator

Chaucer Primary School

Chaucer is a two form entry primary school situated in Plymouth, Devon

1999 2000 Year 5 (NQT year) Teacher PE Coordinator Teacher Representative for Board of Governors

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1995 1999

BEd Primary Honours Degree

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

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