Bittersweet A dark piece of chocolate That initial taste Only to give way to something Smooth and beautiful Saying

goodbye to loved ones When visiting them after years In a country that once was But Is no longer yours Like a kumquat Biting into that rind Knowing how bitter it will be Only to get to the sweet Candy like center That beautiful time We spent together The memory of my grandfather Loving me in all the ways he did Like dandelion flowers Beautiful little buds of memory Stinging the tongue with the initial bite Moving from a place you love Because now You have the job of your dreams Like that dark roast coffee Pungent almost But washes away to beautiful silk Watching your babies grow and leave Find their own way in the world Biting Into the skin of a dark juicy plum The initial sting Only to get to something much better A beautiful moment Never to be relived That song that reminds me of you Remembering Your first love And Why it didn’t work out

this Is all so Bittersweet rabia minhas .That conversation we had That plays over and over in my mind Knowing Things would never be the same But once They were beautiful All of life is this And.

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