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"One week and 1,000gp per spell level for research," but don't quote me on that

Pg 198 of the 3.5 DMG under "Researching New Spells" (it also listed in the index). Basically 1000 gp/week and 1 week per level of the spell and a Spellcraft check with a DC of 10 + spell level.

To make things interesting, have the DM roll the Spellcraft check, after all sometimes research may go wrong, you forgot to carry the Y and when you try it for the first time it may not work as well as it should...adds a bit of realism that way, as long as the DM isn't cruel. ------------------------make the spellcraft in the first STRESSFULL casting. CANT take 10--Suddenly Hakims Scorching Ray burst forth from his hand not as a firey beam of light, but a barrage of puppies which yelped on contact whilest blugening the now surprised, but unburnt troll.

From thePHB pg 179 Copying a spell from another's spell book costs 100 gp per page (1 page per spell level) plus the 50 gp "feee" that may or may not be charged. And the Spellcraft checkis 15 + spell level. Copying a spell takes 1 day regardless of the level of the spell.