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Grade Social Studies PBL Rubric Europe Travel Agency Video TEKS
identify and describe the influence of individual or group achievements on various historical or contemporary societies such as the classical Greeks on government and the American Revolution on the French Revolution.[6.2A] evaluate the social, political, economic, and cultural contributions of individuals and groups from various societies, past and present.[6.2B] explain the relationships that exist between societies and their architecture, art, music, and literature.[6.18A] give examples of scientific discoveries and technological innovations, including the roles of scientists and inventors, that have transcended the boundaries of societies and have shaped the world.[6.20A]

Still Emerging Video was less than 2-3 minutes in length Video included less than 3 points from proficient column Details were not accurate. Information in video did not answer all questions in proficient column.

Proficient Create a 2-3 minute video for a travel agency in Europe. This video must be completed to bring tourists of all ages into Europe. Include all of the following: 1. Architecture- Present to potential tourists what Greek and Roman architecture looks like in Europe. How has this been used in other countries like U.S.A.? 2. Architecture- Present to potential tourists what castles and cathedrals look like in Europe. What was the purpose for building castles and cathedrals? What stopped the building of these two types of structures? 3. Geography Present to tourists what the geography of Europe is, including major landforms and bodies of water. Name some of the major landforms and bodies of water, and give their locations in Europe. 4. Printing Press Explain who invented the printing press and when. Why is the printing press so important to history? What are the 4 effects of moveable type? Where is the original printing press today?

Advanced In addition to 1-4: 5. European Union What is the European Union? When did it start? How many countries came together at the start? What is the EU money system? What does the EU flag look like? 6.Roman Contributions - Beside architecture, what else did Romans add to Europe? Explain 2 of these contributions.

60points Presentation Style during Movie

0-------20---------41 pts Too Quiet Unclear wording

42--------------48-----------53 pts

54-------------57-------------60 pts

The presenter speaks clearly to the audience Speaks at appropriate voice level Many uses of filler words like um so etc. Some usage of filler words like um so etc.

10 Points Collaboration

Speaks clearly, with appropriate tone of voice for project. Speaking in complete sentences Very few uses of filler words like um so etc. 0-----------3-----------6 7--------------------------8 9----------------10 Group member was Group member demonstrated In addition to the Proficient unable, or unwilling to willingness to help other group qualities, the group member help partner. Group members when asked, actively provided leadership to the group member played a passive listened to the ideas of others. Helped by thoughtfully organizing and role in helping with create a positive work environment. dividing the work. outcome of project. Sought help when needed. Group member did not seek appropriate help when needed. 0------------5-------------10 11---------------12--------------13 14-------------------------------15 Group member was Group member was prepared to In addition to the Proficient often off task. Did not work each day, met due dates by qualities, the group member made complete and contribute completing assignments on time. If up for work left undone by other to assignments. May absent the other student in the group group members, demonstrated have worked hard, but knew what information needed to be willingness to spend significant not on appropriate worked on. time outside class/school to material. Talked with complete the project. other groups on unrelated subjects. 0------------5-------------10 11---------------12--------------13 14-------------------------------15

15 points Work Ethic

15 points