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The GOAT Dialogue

The GOAT Dialogue

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Published by Alatenumo
A Dialogue on the GOAT
A Dialogue on the GOAT

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Published by: Alatenumo on Jun 23, 2013
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The GOAT Dialogue

By Ahmed Olayinka Sule, CFA suleaos@gmail.com
http://www.scribd.com/Alatenumo/documents http://about.me/ahmedsule

The GOAT Dialogue
She is the GOAT. The only argument is going to be about the total titles, GS titles and maybe winning percent. At her best, there has never been anyone better. - Comment on ESPN Website She really gets my GOAT. When she wins she skips around the court blows kisses grins like a child acting so sweetly but whenever she loses she is simply the most obnoxious, foul, ill-tempered individual turning into the worst brat on the tour. Watching her win another title just makes the bile rise as there are probably more deserving players out there, better players who should have won. - Comment on BBC Website

8th of June 2013 somewhere in London Dimeji and James are sitting on the sofa, watching a victory ceremony on television .The TV presenter says, “With this victory, she becomes one of only two people to have won each of the Grand Slam singles & doubles title at least twice.” “She’s definitely the GOAT.” Dimeji says as he sips his diet coke Frowning at the image on the TV screen, James replies, “Yeah. She’s a goat. Looks like one, dresses like one and behaves like one.” “Beg your pardon.” She’s a goat. Can’t stick her. She thinks the world of herself. “ “When I said the GOAT, I meant the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES. The record speaks for itself. The only human being to complete a career Golden Grand Slam in singles and doubles and the most decorated Olympics tenn_” “She’s a man. Can’t you see she looks like Mike Tyson? That’s why she wins.” “You can say what you like, but no woman has ever dominated her opponents like she has.” “Serena should go for a gender test. She plays like a man. She’s ugly. “What are you talking about? Serena is a beautiful babe.” Look at her ass and her hair. I guess she takes after her mum. Have you seen her mum’s hair? Does she ever comb it? And if so, how does she do it?” “Beauty is relative. Does Serena have to be skinny, blond, flat and blue-eyed before she can be considered beautiful?” “Never seen anybody so arrogant. Thinks the world of herself. She should be grateful that she’s allowed to play tennis.” “Why?” “Back in the days, she would have been mowing the Wimbledon grass instead of collecting a million pound cheque for winning at Wimbledon.” “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

“I will never forget the day when Sharapova beat her at Wimbledon in 2004. Never been happier in my life. Almost had a fucking orgasm.” Dimeji laughs, “But since then, Sharapova has lost to Serena about thirteen times.” “She can defeat Sharapova, as many times as she likes, but she will never have Sharapova’s class.” “Class.” “Yeah class. Serena‘s a ghetto girl who was given the opportunity to play tennis. She can win as many tournaments she wants and have millions in her bank account, but that doesn’t buy class. Look at how she did the crip walk after she won the Olympic Gold. What a fucking classless Nigg_” “What did you say? You just used the ‘N’ word” “Um err sorry, I said what a classless Nigerian umm I meant what a classless Nightingale. You can take the gangster out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the gangster.” “Seems you hate Serena even more than you hate Tiger Woods and Obama. Don’t you think you’re taking this hatred too far?” “Are you trying to say that I’m a racist?” “You’re behaving like one.” James face turns red as he points his fingers towards Dimeji, “No I’m not a racist. In fact my best friend is black and I once dated a black lady.” “Yeah right.” “Honestly, I don’t hate her, after all I like Sloane Stephens and Tsonga.” “But Sloane and Tsonga aren’t champions like Serena. Would you still like them if they become multiple Grand Slam champions?” “Yes I would. I can’t stand seeing Serena or her sister’s pictures. Last year I went to the Wimbledon Champions Hall of Fame and… ” “What happened?” “Saw the beautiful pictures of the faces of every Wimbledon champion from around 1877 up to 1999. Everything was ok until after 1999 when I began to see_” “What did you see after 1999?” “I started to see the ugly faces of Serena and her sister Venus. Imagine in thirteen years, those ugly sisters have won Wimbledon ten times not to mention the number of times they have won the doubles.” “Guess it shows how good they are?” “If they are that good let them compete in the men’s tournament. I’m sure Serena can’t beat Nadal or Federer. The 300th seeded male will smash Serena to pieces. Seeing her win today just makes me want to vomit. There are more deserving players out there who should have won the French Open.” “You’re being very silly. When Navratilova and Steffi were winning and breaking records, it was never an issue for you.” “Wish we could go back to those days. Tennis was such fun to watch until that ghetto girl and

her sister came on the scene. If Serena wins Wimbledon this year, I will stop watching tennis until she retires.” “Why can’t you appreciate her contribution to the game? When she wins, you always say it’s because of her physique and serve.” You’re always complaining about her weight, her hair and looks. “But it’s true.” “You conveniently ignore her mental ability, ground strokes and all round play.” “That’s not” “She’s talented and intelligent. Speaks French, has a good fashion and business sense and she’s a good actress.” “More like a drama queen. She should be acting in Girls in the Hood or the Fast and the Furious instead of playing tennis.” Dimeji shakes his head, “Remember, she almost died last year, yet she recovered to become champion again.” “Wish she never recovered. The sports would be better-off without her and Venus.” “That’s a nasty thing to say.” “I’m so tired of Serena. She’s already proven her worth so it's time for her to stop being greedy and give way to new blood. Tennis will be more exciting if we can't predict who's going to win.” “Well, one day she will retire, but till then, I’m afraid you will continue to see her winning. Serena Rocks.” “Ok. That’s enough talk about Serena. Please change the channel or switch off the fucking TV.”

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