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Name: _____________________ Company/Dept: _________________ SAFETY VIDEO EXAMINATION Topic: Pointing and Calling Fill in the blanks

. Choose the best answer from the box below. 1. __________________ is a safely and without mistakes. method of confirming

Date: _________________




2. To prevent accidents cause by human characteristics of ________________ , __________________ , and __________________ you should first make sure that your equipment, machinery, and environment are safe. 3. Accidents are often cause by workers who don’t wear the proper personal protective gears or who take __________________. They often act unsafely or leave things in hazardous conditions because they think everything will be okay. 4. __________________ is the ability to see when something is dangerous and to anticipate hazards before they occur. 5. Pointing and calling was developed in Japan nearly a century ago to prevent __________________ in the workplace and the accidents result from human error. 6. The purpose of “Pointing and Calling” and “Hazard Prediction” is to protect __________________ by aiming for zero accident, anticipating problems and encouraging everyone participation. 7. __________________ is a kind of pointing and repeating, all of the members of the team prepare hands together and show their joint commitment to working together safely. 8. To keep from operating something incorrectly, pointing and calling naturally done ________________ the operation. 9. ___________________ is the most important during pointing and calling. 10. Give the three basic types of “Touch and Call” 1._____________________ 2. _____________________ 3. _____________________
Touch Type Be specific/Ask and Answer Before Human Factor Hazard Prediction Ring type Pointing and Repeating Touch and Call Pointing and Calling Inattention Shortcuts After Taking shortcuts Misperception Sensitivity to hazards Human error Human life Hand Stack Type