IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai SESSION PLAN Program: PG Subject: Organization Behaviour & Change Management

Objective: 1. To improve managerial effectiveness through understanding of self at individual level, group level and organizational level. 2. To study and comprehend the reason why people behave in a particular manner in different situations and factors underlying this behavior. Faculty Name: Shweta Maheshwari Contact No. 98201 60477 Email ID: Semester/Tem: II

Methodology: Lecture, Case Study, Group discussion, Games, Quiz, Videos, Presentations and Exercises Sr.No. Topic Details No. of hour sessions planned 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Teaching Methodology (lecture / case/ test /quiz/presentations/ any other) Lecture, Caselets, Video Lecture, Case, Exercise Lecture, Video, Role Play Lecture, Exercise, Video Lecture, Game, Video, Exercise Lecture, Game, Video, Exercise Lecture, Exercise, Video Lecture, Exercise Game, Lecture, Video, Exercise Lecture, Game, Actual date(s) of taking the topic

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Introduction to OB What are organizations? Personality Perception Attitude Values Motivation Creativity Team Management Conflict, Relationships and


People Matters Date: Faculty Signature: Approved by: 2 . Video. Evaluation Components Weightage of Marks I Internal Assessment (40%) 1 *Written Test 10 2 Case study + Class participation 10 3 Quiz 10 4 Assignment 10 II Final examination: University / College 60% / ** *Compulsory component: One Pre-scheduled or 2-3 Surprise written tests administered during class hours. 4. no Internal Evaluation. Human Capital. Exercise 2 2 2 Cases. Exercise Game. HR Magazine.11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 diversity Leadership Changing face of organizations Change or die Managing change Transforming Giants Organization design for performance and growth Culture Ambidextrous organizations Strategic HR Exercise & Winding up 2 2 Exercise Lecture. ** Part Time University papers will be for 100 marks. Case. Organizational Behaviour by Parikh and Gupta Additional Reading: 1. Exercise Lecture. Presentations Lecture. Exercise 2 2 2 2 IES Management College and Research Centre. 3. Exercise Lecture. HRM Review. Mumbai ASSESSMENT PLAN Total Marks: 50 or 100 Sr. Game. OB by Stephen Robbins. Exercise Lecture. Video. Exercise Lecture. OB by Fred Luthans. 2. 2. No. Exercise Cases. 3. Reference Book: 1. Exercise Lecture.

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