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17th June 2013

Dear ________________ Re: Accelerating Literacy Learning (A.L.L.) Intervention Kuranui School has been fortunate to have received Ministry of Education funding to plan and implement a literacy programme, focusing on reading, to accelerate the progress and achievement of a target group of students who would benefit from having a boost to help ensure they meet National Standards. This intervention will take place over 15 weeks, starting in week 9 of Term 2. Based on your childs achievement level in reading at the start of 2013, your son/daughter _________ has been selected to receive additional support in reading (writing will also be integrated into this) with Ms Daniels. While we understand your child has made progress since initial testing, we believe this intervention will be of great benefit to your child. The Ministry of Education has several explicit requirements of us as a school, yet how we deliver this intervention is largely at our discretion. In consultation with our school mentor and based on experiences and successes from 2012, we have devised our plan for Kuranui School which we would like to discuss with you. We would love to meet with you on Tuesday 25th June at 9.00 a.m. to outline how the intervention will work and how we can work in partnership to best support your child. Could you please contact us at school to confirm your attendance. If this date does not suit we will do our best to meet with you at an alternative time during this week. As a joint home/school partnership, we rely on your support and hope to see you on Tuesday 25th June. Kind regards

Jenny Clements Acting Principal Kuranui School

Katreena Daniels A.L.L. Lead Teacher