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Gonzales, Joana Guevarra, Rhondel Manalo, Bambi Mendez, Yna

BA 186 WFY

Integrated Inventory and Supply Chain System for Online Businesses Online shops have been a trend in today’s business world. They are set up in their own websites or through social networking sites such as Facebook. It has been widely accepted because of its ease of establishment and minimal costs (i.e. taxes, rent expense). With these advantages, various types of people resort to these businesses to earn for a living or for extra income. Professionals and students find time to manage these businesses along with their priorities.

Along with the emergence of these businesses is the demand for a systematic way of managing them. When e-businesses just started, managing them was simple because only a few engage in transactions related to it. Manual systems can still bear the demand to handle these transactions. Later on, e-business transactions become more complex as more people accept them. The number of people who shop online has increased. Even the online shops themselves multiplied. This, in turn, translates to more transactions. Since most owners of online shops do not manage their e-businesses full time, they need a more efficient system to cater to increasing number of customers and relatively, stocks. In line with this, we are proposing to design an integrated inventory and supply chain system which we will apply in an existing online clothing line, Girl After Class. The proposed system will organize and automate the following: (1) customer orders and records, (2) production and stock status, and (3) payment and delivery status. The said system will update the owner of the business about such statuses and data to deal with transactions in a shorter period of time.