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Prepared by: Villabroza, Jonathan V.


March 7, 2013

English Grade 7 I. OBJECTIVES
After the session, the students will be able to: 1. distinguish the characteristics of direct and indirect speech, 2. relate the lesson to the topic conveyed by the teacher, and 3. perform a meaningful presentation using the speeches.

a. Topic - Simon who was called Peter by Kahill Gibran (Subject Skill Focus: Direct and Indirect Speech) b. Materials - Printed copy of the story; paper and pen c. References - (for topic) - (for subject skill focus) d. Values - Teamwork, cooperation

a. Daily Routine - Prayer - Attendance Check - Energizer - Quick clean-up - Trivia for the day b. Motivation - Ask the students to share their answers and insights regarding the question, “For you, what makes a person a true master?” c. Lesson Proper

c) timeliness (5 pts).1. (Note: The underlined sentences represent the hidden areas in the story. 2. He will call another student. and vice-versa. . The winning group will be awarded extra 3 points in their quiz tomorrow.Did the two brothers agree to join Jesus? What made them stay at home? iii.* The teacher will then facilitate a short discussion. The role-playing should not exceed 3 minutes and should make use of direct and indirect speeches in the dialogue of the characters. The teacher will post a written copy of the story Simon who was called Peter by Kahlil Gibran* on the board. (*lesson attached) Ask the students which of the covered areas in the story can be classified as direct and indirect speech. 3. Comprehension Check The teacher will ask the following questions: . A random student will be called to reveal that part and continue the reading until he stops at the next hidden section. direct and indirect speech. ask the students what they notice about the construction of the dialogue in the areas covered. Ask the students to act out their skits in front of the class. they will be asked to create a short script about any story that they like.Who are the main characters in the story? .What did Jesus tell the two men? . In one whole sheet of intermediate pad paper. After the activity. While Writing Divide the class into 4 groups.What happened when they reached Simon’s home? . Afterwards. The teacher will read first until he comes to the first hidden section.Where did the story take place? . This will lead to the introduction of the lesson. d. but some parts will be covered. Post-Writing After finishing their scripts. and d) correct usage of direct and indirect speeches (5 pts) for a total of 20 points.) (*story attached) ii. Grading of the Performances Their performances will be graded according to the following criteria: a) creativity (5 pts). Tell the students to include direct and indirect speeches in the dialogue. Pre-Writing i. Evaluation 1. b) organization and cleanliness (5 pts). and so on until the full story is presented. ask each group to submit a copy to the teacher for grading and reference. ask the students to give their own examples of direct speech and have them convert into indirect speech.

Ask them to prepare for a short quiz tomorrow regarding the topics discussed. Summation of the Discussion Ask the students to give a short summary about the lesson to formally close the discussion for the day. IV. their correct usage and how they are used when being translated. AGREEMENT Tell the students to study about the tense changes and time changes in direct and indirect speech. .2.