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The Lionmakers (From the Panchantantra


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Setting A certain town in India, the forest Unlocking of Difficulties Scholarship - intelligence; high level of academic excellence Dullard - short-witted person Ripeness - extent of something; maturity of something Characters st 1 Brahman : assemble the skeleton 2nd Brahman : supply skin, flesh, and blood 3rd Brahman : give life 4th Brahman : has nothing but sense Conflict Man vs. Man The three Brahmans vs. The sensible Brahman during their confrontation about bringing the lion back to life V. Synopsis - Four Brahmans went on a journey after a confrontation; three had scholarship but lack sense, the other had nothing but sense. Upon reaching the forest, they found the bones of a dead lion. They each stated what they can contribute (one can supply flesh, one the blood, the other life), but the sensible Brahman went against their decision. Since he is overwhelmed, he climbed up a tree to save his life. The lion returns and kills the senseless scholars. VI. Plot - Exposition: The four Brahmans went on a journey to test their scholarship. - Rising Action: They found the bones of a dead lion and the senseless scholars agreed to bring it back to life. - Climax : The lion was revivedand killed the first three Brahmans while the sensible Brahman saved himself. - Falling Action: The sensible Brahman survived because he climbe up the tree. - Resolution: The sensible Brahman realized that scholarship is less than sense. VII. Theme - Sensibility - Wisdom - Friendship VIII. Moral - “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” -- John Ruskin IX. Remarkable Line

- “Senseless scholars. Made a lion. in their pride. then they died.Sensible Brahman .” --.