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Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma



SYLLABUS IN EDU PEN Code PEN Subject Title : :
EDU 401

Foundations of M.A.P.E.

Credit : 3 units Prerequisite : None

A. Course Description:
This course offers learning experiences in music, arts, physical education and health not only for personal wellness development but also to be effective and successful MAPEH teachers.

B. Learning Objectives : At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
1. 2. 3. 4. Identify and perform various Philippine music of today and yesterday. Apply principles of art and concepts of aesthetic perception in evaluating works of art. Play native games and team sports as well as demonstrate relevant social dances. Articulate the importance of weight training, sleep, rest and good nutrition for endurance, flexibility, strength and fitness. 5. Discuss concepts on attaining healthy body and wellness, good nutrition and emotional health. 6. Practice health habits that prevent malnutrition and other health related problems.

C. Course Outline and Time Allotment Module/General Topics/Chapter Teaching Music Specific Topics Schedule

The Philosophy & Objectives of Music Education The Scope Sequence of Music Salient Features of a Good Music Program Brief History of Music Methods and Strategies in Music Rudiments of Music  The Elements of Music  Music as Human Activity  Songs of Different Lowland Groups  Philippine Music Today and Yesterday Periodical Examinations 1- July 22-27, 2013 The History of Physical Education The Scope of the Physical Education The Physical The Purpose of Physical Education Education The Objectives of Physical Education Program The Physical Education Teacher The Different Areas in Physical Education Program Planning Lesson in Physical Education Periodical Examinations 2- September 2-7, 2013 Historical Background of Arts The Objectives of Art Education The Teaching of Art Education The Elements of Art Teaching Arts in Aesthetic Perception the Elementary Art Legacy (Pamana ng Sining) Schools Arts & Its Classification The Principles of Design (Principles of Art) Planning Techniques & Procedures Lesson Planning Periodical Examinations 3- October 14-19, 2013 D. References 1. Books
Historical, Philosophical, Psychological Theories & Principles of PE

June 10 to July 19, 2013

July 29 to August 30, 2013

September 9 to October 11, 2013

pdf http://www. Passing Grade: 60% 2. Rex Bookstore. Frances A. Formulas for Computing the Grades : The Final Grade is computed as follows: FG=(0. Manila. Philippines de Oro College-Phinma COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 2013-14 Lopez. Mayol : (Main) Mon – TH: 9:00 – Dr. College of Education . Grading System: 1.adoreartistry. Rex A. Carolina T. et al (2011) MAPEH Connections.50xFE) Where: FG refers to Final Grade P₁ refers to First Periodic Grade P₂ refers to Second Periodic Grade P₃ refers to Third Periodic Grade FE refers to Final Exam The First Periodic Grade is computed as follows: ( ) P₁ = The Second Periodic Grade is computed as follows: ( ) P₂ = The Tentative Final Periodic Grade constitutes the 3rd Periodic Class Standing B.17XP₂) + (0. On-Line References http://www. Faculty Contact Information Name Consultation Hours Email Address : Joshuan M.17xP₁) + ( http://www. Philippines Gonzales.16xP₃)+(0. (Puerto) Fri 1:00 – 4:00PM : mjoshuan@gmail. Abuso Dean. Class Standing( CS) = 40% quiz + 30% oral + 10% assignment + 10% project + 5% values + 5% Attendance 3. Lorna Fe et al (2005) The Dynamic Teeners of the 21st Century.