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Published by Steven Hendry
troubleshoot inkjet printers
troubleshoot inkjet printers

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Published by: Steven Hendry on Jun 23, 2013
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Inkjet printers
This month Paul Townsend looks at inkjet printers, and has some advice on what you can do if yours stops working. This month...
Paul Townsend shows you how to... 
Source printer problems I  Clean and test printheads I  Print to a file I

PC Answers


et’s face it, you would be lost without your printer. No matter how much we like to think that electronic communication is taking over our lives, we still rely heavily on the printed word. Not only is your inkjet printer capable of producing high-quality letters and documents, even the cheapest colour unit will give you photo-realistic output. Something you’ll find with an inkjet printer is that it can last very long. So if yours is well past its warranty and you have a problem, then don’t worry because we have the answers to a selection of common printer problems.

Also, make sure that the cable you’re using is no longer than ten feet long. Some of my prints are missing bits of text. I’ve tried printing from other programs but with the same result. What’s the problem?

within Device Manager but it’s not readable. Can you tell me how to resolve this please? This is a common problem and the way around it is to install the Generic/Text Only printer in Windows. Click on Start, Settings, Printers and double-click on the Add Printer icon. Follow the steps, adding a local printer to your PC. When you reach the Manufacturer bit select Generic and in the Printers box choose Generic/Text only. Click on Next and under Available Ports select FILE and click Next. Don’t make this printer your default and don’t bother printing a test page either.All you need to do is right-click on My Computer and choose Properties. Select the Device Manager tab and click on Print.



Print Problems
Occasionally my inkjet prints all sorts of strange characters and garbled text – nothing at all like what I asked to be printed. Why is this?


If the same thing happens using other applications then you’re going to have to look elsewhere for the cause of the problem. We’ve already mentioned that a faulty parallel cable can cause such problems but if you’re sure this is working okay then there may be a driver problem. But before you head off to your manufacturer’s Web site for the latest driver, try uninstalling your printer using Add/Remove Programs. When you’ve done that re-install it and try printing again. If that still doesn’t work then try updating the drivers as this should resolve the problem.


My inkjet cartridge isn’t printing. I know there’s ink in there but nothing is coming out of it. I’m worried it’s dried up completely as I haven’t used it for a while. Is this likely?


If you're experiencing a problem with your printer’s output quality then try cleaning your printhead.

A faulty parallel cable is usually responsible for this kind of thing. You may also receive intermittent errors such as ‘printer offline’ or ‘out of paper’.


I have a colour inkjet, but whenever I try to print, only the black areas show up on the page. It can’t be the cartridge as it’s brand new. Do you think it’s faulty?


It’s unlikely to be the cartridge. It’s more likely to be your printer settings.After you’ve clicked on Print, click the Properties button. In most cases there will be an option here to select the type of ink cartridge you would like to use.The chances are that this is currently set to black rather than colour. Check this setting and change it as necessary.


Try going through four to six printhead cleaning cycles and attempt to print a page in between each one.This will help to get the flow going again. If that doesn’t work, stand the cartridge printhead in a saucer of very hot, shallow water – just enough to moisten the head. Leave it there for a few minutes and then try printing from it again.



I’ve tried printing the information that’s contained

I’ve been tempted to use a refill kit to prolong the life of my inkjet cartridge, but a friend of mine has told me that the output quality of


Right-click on the icon for the printer you’re using and choose Properties. You can do this in two ways. if your printer develops a fault that requires an engineers attention.hp. usually in PDF format. Using these methods you’ll be able to determine whether it’s your PC or the printer that’s causing the problem. I Canon Telephone 08705 143723 Open 9am to 7pm Weekdays.htm www. if it still falls within the specified time period. 10am to 4pm Saturdays I Epson Telephone 08705 133640 Open 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday. Is there a way of finding out? news support solutions cover feature Q Electronic support Telephone Most manufacturers provide you with at least a one-year warranty on your inkjet printer. You can also send email requests for support via an online form or you can request technical information via ‘faxback’ services. However. Go to the Troubleshooters list and click on Print. When I’m searching the Net I often come across content that I would like to print. refers to the port to which your printer is connected. Follow the step-by-step questions and answers to determine the solution to your problem.That said. You will then be prompted to save the file to a location on your hard drive. A To print your file click on Start. Print.Another way is to turn off the Windows 98 print spooler. there are a couple of things you can try that may stop it from happening. On certain occasions I work away from home using my laptop. Click on Start. This usually gives you access to telephone and email support. The other way is to print a test directly from your printer. but I don’t have access to a printer at that time. c:\windows\desktop\test. What shall I do? There are some basic processes you can go through if you’re having problems printing. If you were to refill many times over then this may well have a detrimental affect on prints.html www. Q A I am unable to print and haven’t a clue why.After this a good place to start is the Windows troubleshooter.com/country/uk/eng/support. However. Make sure the Print to file box is checked and click on OK.html The simplest way around this is to use the Print to file option in Internet Explorer.canon. Refer to your manual for instructions on how to do this. When you find a page that contains information you would like to save. in this case lpt1. Printers and then right-click on the Printers icon and choose Properties.co. Make sure that Print directly to printer is checked and then click on OK and try printing again.The first and most obvious is to check all the cables and connections and make sure that the printer is switched on. Settings and Printers.lexmark. refilling once or even twice in most cases won’t cause you any problems. Click on the Details tab and then on Spool Settings. if you’re just printing drafts then repeatedly using the same cartridge together with a refill kit could save you a small fortune.epson.prn lpt1 – then press [Return] to begin printing. Help. Is this true? This is a concern for many people considering refill kits. Any suggestions? This type of error message could be A due to any number of causes. However.co. Click on Start. I’m having problems printing but I’m not sure if the problem lies with my PC or with the printer itself. On the lower right-hand corner of the General tab click on Print Test Page. Q I HP I Lexmark Online As you would expect. which should be the path to your file location – for example.uk/UK2/support/home_support. OCTOBER 2001 PC ANSWERS. How do I resolve this? Q The best way of finding out is to A print a test page.CO. make sure the correct cartridge is selected before you start printing. www.Type the following command.uk/support www.uk/online_product_support/index. click on File.co. The port number at the end of the command. online support with the major manufacturers is excellent. The onus will be on you to package and return the printer to the manufacturer for repair.To do this click on Start. If you're using a colour inkjet. Programs and MS-DOS Prompt. Settings.UK 29 . 10am to 5pm Sunday Calls charged at BT national rate Telephone 0207 5125202 – warranty customers Telephone 01344 369 369 – general enquiries Telephone 0207 365 2496 Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday A Other Problems When I’m printing I sometimes get an error message telling me I have ‘performed an illegal operation’. Bookmarking the pages isn’t always an option as there’s no guarantee that the page content won’t change before I can get to a printer again. it’s extremely unlikely that the standard warranty will cover an engineer visiting your premises to fix the problem. in our experience. Most sites contain product manuals. Select the Contents tab and click on Troubleshooting. together with the latest drivers for old and new products alike.faq 10/9/01 6:50 pm Page 29 intro resulting prints drops significantly when you use them.PCA99. The easiest one is to shut down and restart the PC and then try printing again.

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