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LUN Expansion

How to expand a LUN on CX4

Locate the RAID group which the over utilized LUN resides on, Select the LUN and right click. Then click on properties.

Select the Disks TAB on the properties screen and it will show all disks in the RAID group. This disk must be the same type of disk as the current disks in the RAID group. Click the expand button to add a new disk to the RAID group. .

this operation may take a little while and there may be a performance impact on the production LUNs residing on the RAID group.Select the available unbound disk you want to add to the RAID group and click the right pointing arrow to add to the RAID group. Once you’ve clicked OK. .

Next you need to create a new LUN with the newly created available space on the expanded RAID Group. . Right click on the RAID group and select build LUN.

The above screen will show available capacity on the RAID group which can be utilized for new LUNs. You will need to click cancel to close this. specify the size of the LUN and click apply. Once the new LUN is created you the “bind LUN” screen will stay open in anticipation of another LUN being created. Select the RAID type (ideally this should be the same as the production LUN you are going to create). Specify the RAID group you are using in the second drop down box (this is the RAID group we expanded earlier) and in the bottom drop down. .

.You will note a new LUN has been created. Right click on the LUN which required more capacity and click expand.

You have 2 Expansion options. . concatenate will just increase the capacity of the LUN which not performance enhancement (but it will be instant).Click through the first screen prior to this. it is for information only. Stripe expansion will restripe all data across the disks which will take a bit of time and will have a temporary effect on performance on the production LUNs while re-striping.

Select the new LUN you created and click next. .

.Select “ maximum capacity and click finish.