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ANCIENT CHURCH TRINITARIAN HERESIES HERESY Monarchianism (Adoptionism) Sabellianism (Modalism, Patripassionism) Arianism MAJOR PROPONENTS Theodotus of Byzantium

Paul of Samosata SUMMARY

Semi-Arianism (Eusebianism) Macedonianism (Pneumatomachism )

Jesus became Christ at his baptism, was adopted by the Father after his death. Sabellius One God reveals Praxeus himself in three ways or modes Arius Christ is the first Eusebius of Nicomedia created being. Eudoxius Eunomius Basil of Ancyra Christ is of similar Gregory of Laodicea essence with the Father but is subordinate to him. Macedonius The Holy Spirit is a created being.

making Christ a Godbearing man rather than the God-Man. Christ has one nature (unwilling to accept impersonal human nature of Christ). The Logos replaced it.ANCIENT CHURCH CHRISTOLOGICAL HERESIES HERESY Apollinarianism MAJOR PROPONENTS Apollinarius SUMMARY Christ had no human spirit. The Logos indwelt the person of Jesus. Christ had no human will. Affirmed merely mechanical rather than organic union of the person of Christ. The human nature of Christ was absorbed by the Logos. just the one divine will. Nestorianism Nestorius Eutychianism Eutyches Monophysitism Severus Julian of Halicarnassus Stephanus Niobes Monothelitism Theodore of Arabia Sergius Cyrus of Alexandria .