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Universidad Andrés Bello Departamento de Inglés Inglés III Word Formation - ness -ness combines with adjectives to form

nouns that refer to the state or quality described by the adjective. For example ‘gentleness’ is the quality of being gentle; ‘happiness’ is the state of being happy. -less -less combines with words to form adjectives. Adjectives formed in this way describe people or things that do not have or do whatever is referred to. For example, if something is ‘harmless’ it cannot harm you. Exercises Read the following sentences and decide to put –ness, or -less 1.It was extremely ______________ (CARE) of you to leave your library books on the bus. 2. I can’t describe the (SAD) _____________________ there is in my heart. I feel awful. 3. I can’t breathe here; I am ____________________ (AIR)

4. The main _____________ (WEAK) of the book was the predictable ending. 5. I could not believe there was such ___________________ (KIND) in this world. 6. This is __________________ (USE) I am never going to learn this! 7. The _____________________ (NERVOUS) she feels when taking test has no explanation. 8. His addiction ruined his life. He lost everything and became ______________________ (HELP) 9. She can’t talk to people because of her _______________________ (SHY) 10. It is _______________________ (HOPE) to wait for a miracle.