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HK Calibration Technologies PTY. LTD
HK Calibrations offers expert Instrument Calibration & Repair services for Calibration, Test & Measurement instruments. Our Quality registrations assures you of complete compliance to Industry Standards

What is Calibration?
Put simply, calibration is the correcting or initial setting of a measuring device by adjusting that device to match a known and unchanging measurement. Correct calibration ensures that the readings offered by measuring devices like scales, thermometers, and lab instruments are accurate and reliable.

Services :

Pressure Gauge Calibration Flow Meter Calibration Scale Calibration Gas Monitoring Calibration Bio-medical Instrument Calibration Occupational Therapy Calibration Thermometer Calibration Electrical Instrument Calibration Lab Instrument Calibration Metrology / Dimensional On-site Calibrations Telecommunication Calibration Pressure /Flow Valve Servicing and Repair Fiber Optics

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HK Calibration Technologies PTY. LTD

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