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Hinge Axis Location

• Face-bow or ear-bow used • Record relationship of maxilla to transverse horizontal hinge axis of mandible

Hinge Axis • Transferred to the articulator • Important to prevent occlusal errors. . particularly when cusped teeth are used in dentures.

Edentulous Bite Fork: Allows patient to close against the opposing rim to stabilize the record bases .

Heat bite fork and imbed it centered and parallel the occlusal plane .

Finger cots can be used over ear pieces for infection control Patient can assist with placement and orientation in external auditory meatus .

Orient in external auditory meatus .

Slide facebow onto bitefork Extend nasion support& tighten .

Tighten all facebow wrenches .

and removing the facebow. Release the recordbase by breaking the seal.Loosen these tighteners. .

Loosen and remove the transfer jig from the earbow .

Don’t use direct method with indirect mount.Place facebow support on transfer jig and attach to indirect mount. .

Remove incisal pin and set the centric latch .

Indirect jig with record base on articulator .

Place cast support and maxillary mounting plate .

Attach cast with mounting plaster in two steps .