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Good morning to Madam and all my friends.

Today our group will have a dialogue to introduce a town of Sarawak, that is Sibu. Our situation now is at aiport.

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) : Hi,friends. Welcome to Sibu. ) : Hi, ( ). Thank you for waiting us at here.

) : Welcome. It is yours 1st time come to Sibu? ) : Ya, this is my 1st time come to Sibu.How about you? ( ) : No, this is my 2nd time come to Sibu. But my 1st time came here just stay for 2 days. Didn’t have a good travel at all. ).

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) : Is ok, I will let you two have a nice trip at here. ) : Eh, there have a poster is about Sibu. Let us go and see. ) : Ok. ) : This poster is talking about local cuisine and tourist attraction. ( ) can you introduce this to us?

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) : Sure… Firstly, I want ask you what you know about Sibu? ) : I know that Sibu is the land of the hornbills. Sibu also is one of the eleven administrative division of the Sarawak, east Malaysia, of the island of Borneo.

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) : Opps..I just know that Sibu is the town of Sarawak. ) : Nevermind, let me introduce this all things for you. ):( ), is those Dueng Mian Ngu and Gom Bian?

) : Ya. Dueng Mian Ngu is a savoury soup with soft rice cake and Gom Bian is FooChow delicacy made with flour, bakes in an oven. It is somewhat similar to a bagel.

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) : How about this? Look like Peninsular Malaysia’s Kolomee. ) : This also called Kolomee. But it is different with our kolomee. This is one of the local cuisine od Sibu.


) : Hmm…I see. Then what fruit is this?

it called Tao Pek Kong Temple and Pagoda right? And this one is Sibu Old Wraft Waterfront. There have a suspension bridge crossing over an artificial lake. Later I will bring you two to this few place. dolphin are mammals. its very smart and agile. As we know. . Mostly. ( ( ) : Then how about this dolphin ? ) : This is Sarawak River Yu’ Association erected coordinates. It taste delicious. ( ) : This place I had went before.( ) :This is called Buah dabai. ) : Let us start our journey. ) : Me too. When you pass the road. people take it to do jeruk or ulam. Now still operational? ( ( ) : Then what is this place? ) : That place is Jubilee Park. ( ( ( ) : Wow. I feel excited already for this trip. swam is the symbol of Sibu. For them. Beside the Symbol of Sibu is Sibu Gateway. you will see it.