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Rewrite the following sentences.

1. I left without saying goodbye as I didn’t want to
disturb the meeting
2. What are the chances of her passing the exam?.
How likely _______________________________
3. The girl’s behaviour was incomprehensible to the
The police was_____________________________________
4. It seems that no one predicted the correct result
No one ___________________________________
5. He can shout even louder but I still won’t take any
No ______________________________________________
1. All my friends have left me.
2. I don’t speak to strange men
3. My best friend is someone I can really trust
4. We have run out of the items you want
5. The way to get the best out of me is to make me work
very hard.
Complete each sentence with the correct colour
1. He saw _________ when his son broke the window
2. He got the _________light from his boss to carry out
his plan.
3. She told a _________ lie to avoid hurting his
4. The invitation arrived out of the _________

They may be forced to build houses in the _________ belt because the population is growing so fast. 7.5. She was _________ anger because he arrived late. He was _________ with envy when they bought a new car. 8. He was the _________ sheep of the family and they rarely talked about him 6. .