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John Anthony A. Domantay, M.D., FPSP, Ph.D.

Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Committee

1.    . Experienced researchers (as applicants or collaborators) bring credence to the grant. WILL THE STUDY SUCCEED? The project should use appropriate and rigorous methods The project should be feasible.

2. . WILL THE ANSWER BE WORTH HAVING?    The research question should be important and it should have meaningful implications. The project should be submitted at the appropriate time (timeliness). The project should describe how the findings will be disseminated.



Review any literature carefully. . Do not be over-ambitious.     Allow time to think about all aspects of the project. Write the application clearly. including any systematic reviews on the subject. Include clear and well-formulated objectives.

Describe the implications of the study. Prepare a good budget. Include a timetable. Justify your budget.      Give details of the methods that will be used . Include a sample size calculation. .

      Read the instructions carefully. Use the correct balance between sections (lengthiest part of an application?) Methods . Allow enough time to write the proposal. correct length Avoid repetition. The application should be well-presented (easy to follow).

find experienced collaborators. If you do not have experience in the field. Seek advice from colleagues with more experience and from the funding body itself. .   Choose the most appropriate funding body for your project.

. Complete all sections of the application form. Follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the funding body regarding the format and the content of the application.    Take account of the funder’s requirements. Write clearly and succintly.

Allow sufficient time for the preparation of the application.     Justify the study well and describe its forseeable impact. . Obtain the collaboration of experts and if you are not an expert in the field you will be investigating. Seek advice from experienced colleagues. Include a clear description of the objectives and methods used.

 Learn from your mistakes and keep trying! .