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Nama : Dinda Safira Amandani Class : XI Social 1

Less of Stock Fuel Oil Subsidize in Indonesia

First of all, let’s say thanks to Allah SWT for giving us healthy so we can attend in this occasion and don’t forget say shalawat and greeting to our prophet Muhammad SAW and his followers until the end of the time. Good morning everybody. Today, In this occasion, I want to talk about “less of stock fuel oil subsidize in Indonesia Ladies and gentlemen. First , level of security stocks of fuel oil (BBM) Indonesia is considered still lacking. Indonesia is only enough stock of fuel used for 20 days. Even under certain conditions only lasting five days. Second, stock is due to low fuel consumption rate nationally is huge. The biggest fuel consumption used for transportation, while others are for industry and households. 80% of Indonesia's energy consumption is spent away from fossil fuels, which is 50% of oil and gas, while 25% is coal.“Addiction is caused Indonesia's oil reserves crisis. Next, increasing consumption of electrical energy and fuel. Population growth and increasing economic growth, while improving motor vehicle fuel consumption. The rate of growth of motor vehicles from the year 2007-2011 average of 12.3%, while fuel consumption growth rate of 8.9%. Finally , we must conserve existing fuel by using the existing fuel-efficient so that we can replace the existing fuel with other alternative materials Okay friends, maybe that’s all of my speech today. Thank you from your attention.