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SOP: TUBE FILLING SEALING MACHINE SR. NO. a. b c. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION DETAIL Name of the equipment Serial No. Name of the Manufacturer Address Contact Numbers TUBE FILLING SEALING MACHINE 012 SARAL India NA Siemens d. Name of the Supplier Motor e. f. g. Location Identification No. Use of the equipment NA Simple & sturdy machine for filling of pharmaceutical / cosmetic / foods pastes in tubes.Filling, sealing, crimping, Batch coding & tube ejection is done in sequential operation on a rotary table. 80 Tubes / minutes h. Capacity Details 1.For each data sheet record the requested information in ink. 2. When more than one unit of same type exist; replicate the corresponding data sheets so that each unit is uniquely identified on separate page. 3. After each data sheet is completed, sign and assign the date using an ink pen.