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EPM IMplementation

EPM IMplementation

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EPM Implementation
EPM Implementation

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Published by: Sundeep Adapa on Jun 23, 2013
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Implementing An EPM Solution
Franck Mercier Technical Solution Specialist Microsoft France

Session Objectives Capabilities Framework Application Lifecycle Management Functional and Technical conciderations Implementation Overview

What is EPM? Installation is easy – Implementation takes longer An EPM Solution requires ongoing operational maintenance .

EPM is not just a software solution or product… EPM Solution Concept …It’s a competency that integrates processes. organization with technology . people.

Client Access Project Web Access Project Professional Outlook Excel Word Visio External Integration SQL Reporting Services Event/Notifications Budgeting Timesheet Sync Reporting Data Extracts Offline Data Store Project Server Task Assignment Scheduling Data Warehouse Timesheet Resource Plans Collaboration Office SharePoint Server Workflow Gateway. PPSI + EPMSync ERP EVMS Resource Sync Skills Sync Customization KPIs Dashboards BDC ECM Project Server Connector Excel Services Infopath Services Search/Index Project Portfolio Server Business Drivers Portfolio Gov Portfolio Selection Visual Studio Team Server Schedule Management Work Items Task Statusing .

Process/Governance PMO Stds (Project) PMO Stds (Portfolio) Requirements Business Architecture Technical Architecture Functional Training Administrator Training Design Ops Guidance Functional Usage Training Programs Technical Environments Specifications Change Mgmt Configuration Mgmt Development Ops Integration Feature Usage SLAs & Supportability Installation & Packaging Customizations Release Mgmt Development Stds Build Installation/ Setup Environments IT Compliance Architectural Stds Test / Deploy User Acceptance Software Updates Integration Functional Implementation Technical Implementation Integration Functional Implementation Technical Implementation Infrastructure/Operations Disaster/BUR Database Monitoring Web Topology/Capacity Wintel Security Software Updates Help Desk P12 Administrator Client Integration/Migration .


PS or both needed Define organisation Single or multiple How many BU’s Helpful for RBS.… . OBS.Business Processes Determine scenarios Programs/Projects/Resources Management Project LifeCycle Identify if PPS.

Issues. RS. Risks and documents management WSS or not? .Define roles Set up groups and categories Security Specifics views Which reporting needed Define Tools: AS. Excel….

Local or Worldwide deployment How to deploy Stand alone computer or Farm environment Lan/Wan/Extranet One or several Project Server instances In hosting or Out hosting Accessibility/Availabity Network Load Balancing (NLB) or not Cluster or not .

….Define number of (average) : Project Characteristic Sheet Projects Resources Assignements Desktop Client integration Outlook. Visio. Excel. Line of Business (LOB) Integration …… .

User Type Executives Selection Project Web Access Number Project and Project Professional Portfolio Managers Project Web Access Project Web Access Project Professional (optional: depends on functions of resource manager) Project Web Access Mix of Microsoft Project Professional and Project Web Access Resource Managers Team Members … etc … .



What is a farm Farm Concept Farm Topology Architecture Overview Environments .


Concept of the Farm Server roles – dedicated to that farm Do not edit configuration outside the CA – timer job will reapply settings as per ConfigDB If MOSS in the same farm – Project binaries on all servers in farm If MOSS in different farm – IFSS (SSP Remoting) not supported SharePoint Farm Essentials (SA204 ) .

What is a Farm? Windows SharePoint Services IIS SQL Shared Service Provider Project Server Sites SERVICES .

A. Site Central Admin Proj DBs Project Server Interface Other Shared Services Shared Service Provider (SSP) .WSS Site WSS Site PWS Content DB PWA WSS PWS Site Content Virtual Servers Config DB C.


all organizations using the SSP are affected Out Hosting Provides separate instances with isolation If one app pool goes down. others stay up Performance could start degrading faster due to several app pools .Concept of the Farm In hosting Easy to set up and manage Reliability and performance .if application pool crashes.

Site Central Admin Proj DBs (org 1) Proj DBs (org 2) Project Server Interface Other Shared Services Shared Service Provider .A.WinProj (org 1) In Hosting WinProj (org 2) WSS Site WSS Site WSS Site WSS Site PWA (org 1) WSS Site PWA (org 2) Content DB PWS PWS PWS Content Web App WSS Site PWS Config DB C.

A.WinProj (org 1) Out Hosting WinProj (org 2) WSS Site Content DB WSS Site WSS Site WSS Site PWA (org 1) WSS Site PWA (org 2) Content DB PWS PWS PWS Content Web App (1) WSS PWS Site Content Web App (2) Project Server Interface Proj DBs (org 1) C. Site Central Admin Config DB Project Server Interface SSP (2) Proj DBs (org 2) SSP (1) .


Line of Business Systems Line of Business Systems Project Managers Executives Portfolio Analysts Project Managers Application Managers Executives Resource Managers Team Members Project Server Gateway .

Project Portfolio Server .

needs Pro Project Pro MLU – Memory/Vista Outlook Addin P11/P12 Project Pro ERP/EG in Server Project Pro CBS/Visual Reports Browser Mac/P12/WSS Active X P11/P12 .Main Client Components Project Pro Local Cache to Queue Project Pro SOAP to PSI no ODBC Project Pro P11/P12 Not Office Project Pro CF Server .

dll Cust F Lookup Portf Queue Rules Status Timesh Archive DAL Published PJContext WinProj PSI Serializer Authentication WinProj Scheduling Node Consistency Server Side scheduling. PSI Forwarder Soap Client Active Cache PJContext Eventing Service Queueing Service Reporting Project Data Timesheet Warehouse SQL Analysis Services Cubes WSS Data (Imp) 3rd Party Data (Add) . Prog Report Sec Sts R Version AD Sync Cal Curr Formula OLP Project Res Shared Task View CBS Working Webservices.PWA Internet Explorer Active-X controls Client scripts IIS (WSS App Pool) Web Pages Code behind PSI Proxies Web Parts PSI IIS (PSI App Pool) Admin Config Assn Cube A Data E Notifi.

Project Server– Simple to Complex User Requests Multiple Locations Firewall User Requests Perimeter Network Front-End Web Services Network Load Balanced IIS 6.0 Project Server Front End Windows SharePoint Services Application Servers IIS 6.0 Project Server Project Server Interface User Requests Web Front-End Server Alternate Access Mapping Web Front-End Server Application Server Dedicated SQL Server Internal Firewall Application Server Corporate Network Dedicated SQL Server SQL Server Project Databases Project Databases Analysis Reporting Database Draft Database Services Published Database Archive Database Database Servers SQL Server Clusters Windows Sharepoint Services Databases Content Database Shared Services Provider Database Configuration Database .

Server Communication 1433 .

Environments Load Balancer ` WinProj ` Business Business Process Project 2003 Production IT SQL & AS Cluster Views Management Session Manager PPS PWA WSS Customization Branding & Code PDS Extensions Data Extracts (Report) External Integration Terminal Services ` PWA ` WinProj AD Sync Project Server & PDS TEST STAGING STAGING BACKUP Pre-Production TEST BACKUP UPGRADE Load Balancer ` WinProj ` PWA Process Project 2007 Production IT SQL & AS Cluster WSS PSI PPS Customization Branding & Code PSI Data Extracts (Report) External Integration Terminal Services ` PWA ` WinProj AD Sync WSS Project Server Domain Services AD DNS Mail Print SSL Proxy Process Process .

com .Thank You! Questions Next Presentations: Dev Reports with 07 Report Pack [Venecia] EPM Solution Architecture f/ Dev [Milan] The Project Group (Platinum Sponsor) Security Best Practices [Bonn] Contact Information: Email: franmer@microsoft.

All rights reserved. it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft.S. IMPLIED OR STATUTORY. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. Windows. and/or other countries. EXPRESS. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions. . Microsoft. and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES.© 2007 Microsoft Corporation. Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.


x or greater MDAC 2.8 or greater Hardware: Component CPU Memory Display Other Drives Hard Disk Space Accessories Networking Minimum Pentium III 500 MHZ or higher 24 MB incremental RAM (at least 80 MB preferred) SVGA (800x600) with 256 colors na 24 MB Mouse. 10 MB/Sec Recommended 256 MB recommended for large data sets The bigger the better 100+ MB/Sec recommended .Software: Internet Explorer 6. etc.

Software Windows XP SP 2 or greater Relationship with Internet Explorer (IE) 6. 10 MB/Sec Recommended 256 MB recommended Display Other Drives Hard Disk Space Accessories Networking The bigger the better 100+ MB/Sec recommended .0 Uses Trusted sites settings & IE security settings Hardware Component CPU Memory Minimum Pentium III 500 MHZ or higher 128 MB SVGA (800x600) with 256 colors DVD only for local installation 130 MB Mouse. etc.

5 GHz or faster. for the most up-to-date information. 3GHz recommended 2 gigabyte (GB). dual proc. . maintained by Microsoft. 4GB if SQL Server on same computer 3 GB of available space SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher 100 mbps For installation media Note: Refer to the Microsoft Project Server 2007 Deployment Guide.Server Hardware Minimum Requirements Dependency Processor Memory Hard disk Display Network connection DVD player Requirement 2.

NET Version 3. Enterprise.NET Framework ASP. for the most up-to-date information. SP1 or higher  Standard.Dependency Operating system Database server Requirement • Windows Server. Version 3.0. or Web editions Either of the following:  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4 or later  SQL Server 2005 (32-bit Intel or AMD processor)  Analysis Services is same version/service pack as SQL Windows SharePoint Services version 3 .0 or later.0 Version 2.50727 or later Optional: SQL Reporting Services (SRS) SQL RS 2000 or 2005 (recommend 2005 for better features) Note: Refer to the Microsoft Project Server 2007 Deployment Guide. . maintained by Microsoft. Datacenter.

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