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Course Pro Forma

Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan Dengan Kepujian

Course Title Course Code Credit Contact Hours Pre-requisite Year Semester Learning Outcomes

Developing and Using Resources for the Primary ESL Classroom TSL3111 3(3+0) 45 hours None Three One/Two 1. Demonstrate an understanding of principles of materials selection and adaptation (1.6) 2. Evaluate and adapt teaching and learning materials (2.4,6.3,7.2) 3. Design and exploit materials for teaching and learning (6.3,8.5)


This course focuses on teaching and learning materials for the language classroom, factors in selection and evaluation, evaluation and exploitation of course books and multimedia materials, selection and adaptation, technical skills and knowledge for producing materials, developing resources for teaching, exploiting teaching and learning materials, presentation and evaluation of materials produced. Kursus ini memberi fokus terhadap bahan-bahan pengajaranpembelajaran, faktor untuk pemilihan dan penilaian bahan, penilaian dan penggunaan buku dan bahan multimedia, pemilihan dan adaptasi bahan, kemahiran teknikal dan pengetahuan untuk menghasil bahan, penghasilan dan penggunaan bahan pengajaran-pembelajaran dan pembentangan bahan yang dihasilkan.


puppets. knowledge .Authenticity Evaluation and exploitation of course books and multimedia materials .Principles of adaptation 3 4 Technical skills and knowledge for producing materials eg.instruments .Topic Content Teaching and learning materials for the classroom .Accessibility .Selection of raw materials .Impact .Content – cultural.Purpose Strengths and weaknesses 1 2 Factors in Selection and Evaluation . colour. charts.Reading Skills Writing Skills Language Arts Grammar 2 . ‘Big’ books.Durability . audio .Factors for selection .Level . masks.Assembling of raw materials 5 - Appropriacy (size. slides.Listening and Speaking Skills .criteria Selection and Adaptation .Clarity . boards.Cost effectiveness .Types .Practicality .Versatility . audio-visual quality) Evaluation 6 Developing Resources for Teaching .

Topic Vocabulary Content Exploiting Teaching Learning Materials 7 Presentation and Evaluation of materials produced TOTAL (45) 3 .