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Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

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Published by Deepak Ratha
incest romance
incest romance

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Published by: Deepak Ratha on Jun 23, 2013
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making its tent in the heavy.' She saw him looking round the room. She felt a tingling between her legs.but it may be too early for a claret.. she thought. But no. clerical cloth. to disguise the priest's masculinity. and was not in the slightest embarrassed. she thought. He shifted some papers onto his lap to disguise the erection that unexpectedly embarrassed him. 'Yes. It was fortunate we were both promoted to Principal at the same time. 'Not only a good cellar. She could imagine his wide shoulders and hard. the tips of her pointed nipples. sharing the same faith and values. He presented two to the Convent in person. SISTERS by (c) Hamilton Joyce. quite lovely.' She smiled as she looked across the coffee table at his heavy. The elongated figure of The Madonna was hung over her bedhead. The Convent has a magnificent cellar. About forty-five. When she passed him his glass she arranged it so he would have to move those papers. ' 'I think we have earned a celebratory drink. and he thought she was quite. He savoured the wine. 'No. allowing her to savour the full strength of his hard-on. It's strange with St Botolph's and St Mary and Martha's next door to each other. young for Head of a major school. I must say I've found this meeting so very useful. I keep both of them for myself. She wondered if he had lots of body hair. indeed. Father Anselm. and a wisp of blonde hair escaping from her black wimple. He gazed at it over her shoulder. The other one is in my bedroom. she guessed. I'm amazed our predecessors didn't meet. black. 'I'll show you. Is that a Modigliani?' 'Indeed yes. 'Magnificent!' he murmured. Wonderful pictures. and. yes..it really was far too long since she'd had a man pay her the compliment of becoming aroused.' She was standing in the open door by the time he had put his tall-stemmed glass down and crossed the room to join her. however. And yet. Those shoulders suggested a wiry strength. Perhaps he should offer. 'Well.' She rose. Sister Francis. Too few men in her life.. tiny buttocks under all that clerical black cloth. A Nun. Two Schools Mother Superior smiled.' She smiled as she rose. He looked as if he might. But she immediately realised it was MF Ff Mm Fm Mf . holding it between her knees and leaning towards him. muscular body. Strange how that sombre clothing was intended to dull down any sexuality..There was. and. But so was she at forty-three! She liked the way his face creased sometimes into a broad smile. As she opened the bottle. She noticed it too. her back to him. for her. though he was without wrinkles. something about him that suggested a runner rather than a boxer.</tr></tbody></table> <br> </div> <br><br> <pre>BROTHERS &amp. there was nothing more exciting. the cork was released with a fruity pop. I thought a chablis. a Priest and two teenagers. and she expected his legs would be good. Clear complexion. he could see the shape of her thighs and hips through the thin white cloth of her habit. The two schools have so much in common. How strange to see a nun straining to release the cork. Selfishly. that's the final item on our agenda. A connoisseur.

She wore old-fashioned knickers. Impulsively. their lips met again. her arse. Her wimple had slipped off her forehead.' Suddenly she felt two strong arms around her. In t hat moment. He reached between them and tore the crotch away. Shagging her in her mouth. Her arms round his neck pulled him down with her as he laid her on her back. Would her cunt hair prove to be ginger or blonde. and into her crotch. Up. Down half an inch. and this was spoiling his pleasure. neither daring to say a word.. and he felt h er tongue force its way into his mouth. he thought she looked very beautiful. a spurt for each thrust. and then sought out her clit with his index finger. one hand grasping a handful of wimple and blonde hair. summer's day. Her thighs were bare of any stockings on this warm. uncontrolled fuck. Her eyes shut. There was no need to wait. enigmatic. Ah! Sweet Jesus!' He could feel her cunt contracting and relaxing over and again. He forgot even to feel her tits in the excitement of fucking this nun. for several minutes.. Especially this one. With these fantasies. his cock to her lips. lifting her wimple and kissing her. But the legs were widecut. The gap up the side of her ugly knickers was wide enough. Her legs crossed behind his back. she pressed harder backwards..but he particularly liked the blonde ones.not the picture he was referring to. They lay. rumpling them over her belly. annoyingly. His cock was. She gave a gasp. and it was pure delight. Roughly. and they had often figured in his masturbation fantasies. and felt his lips on her neck. In the same movement he put his hand up under her white robes. Their bodies crashed together. her hand was under his black skirts. and that the unspoken sexual tension of the last hour would bear fruit: they would make love. 'Magnificent! So strong and yet so feminine.. the trim-figured blonde with milk-white skin. both knew Father Anselm's daring had been rewarded. Beneath it a crucified plaster Christ was silent witness to their writhing. and they started a crazy. in ecstasy. blonde hair escaped. The scraping stopped. neither daring to break the spell.even between her hard little tits. The Madonna looked down at them.. and it slid into her. He had watched the nuns' purposeful and calm comings and goings in the neighbourhood of the two schools for many years. and ground her buttocks into the erection she could feel so clearly despite all the layers of clerical garb. He pulled her skirts up. and arms pulled tighter. he turned her round. Finally he withdrew his prick. till his knob pressed hard against her. but her belly rose to meet his as he drove down and into her. joined. of some harsh cotton cloth. Cornering her against the stone wall and forcing her to her knees. 'Sweet Jesus. She gasped. he wondered? Many of the blonde boys he'd seen (and had!) had ginger pubic hair. her mouth. A hand moved up from her belly to grasp a breast. She was wet and slippery. and his lips were on hers. and ran it up her legs. and grasping his cock. saw and heard her coming beneath him. but slippery. At the moment his finger found her nub. and a larger tress of long. he was suddenly scared he would not be able to delay until she had come. He lifted her and carried her to the bed. and she milked the cum from him. and as he lay on top of her he slipped his cock up to her cunt. Her cunt was tight. and his hand slipped inside them. Silent. scraping against the harsh edge of her religious knickers with each thrust. Then he found he need not have worried because he felt..no longer . pulling her back onto him. a spurt for each of her spasms. her cunt. He grasped her whole pudenda in his palm. Her legs were slender and very white. He had imagined having her all ways.

where he rested it.' and she pulled it down to her cunt. tiny little bottom. 'You've got the body of a young girl.' She leaned over and kissed his shoulder. And your belly so flat. She gasped as he lightly kissed her clitoris. And especially this. 'You know. When he came back. standing up. and then her hands in his hair pressing his face into her crotch.' She watched as he walked to the door. and these.. She giggled. and he felt her press her cunt firmer against his mouth.. but with black socks and shiny shoes. 'to here.. 'I like your broad shoulders and tiny waist and bottom. Father Anselm?' He leaned over her.'It's hot'. He pulled shoes and socks off and threw them on the floor. and she tentatively licked the .. carrying two glasses and the bottle. I watched you and felt a thrill right from here. you've a lovely face with your beautiful blonde hair. Naked. he said..' He was licking her breast and rolling a nipple between finger and thumb.' She grasped his prick. it's standing to attention for me again. '???' 'Well you look funny naked. 'And what do you particularly like.so strong and proud.' He almost bounced on the bed as he moved so his face was against her belly. She had almost forgotten what a naked man looked like. momentarily with the expression of a teenage girl as well. The wine was soon finished as they chatted. 'These must be the same as when you were sixteen. and your little nub peeping shyly out between. and what effect it could have on her body. I lov e your golden curls with the pink beneath them. and I'm so glad you're hairy. stretching outwards. 'And I love the way your blue eyes glitter while your face is so calm. He wasn't kissing now. 'Look. and strong. 'And this is so pretty. she was waiting for him naked. But most of all your breasts. I like muscles. Sister Francis.. 'I'll get that wine. Father Anselm.' 'We have a good gym and I work out a lot. and sitting up pulled his black hassock over his head. I could kiss it it's so lovely.' He parted her cunt lips with his finger and thumb. as you walked towards the door just now. but not over-muscular legs. and your bottom .strong.. so round and so firm. She giggled. She was so glad he was hairy.rampant.' 'Like my tits!' She giggled at the vulgar word. Rather licking and sucking the length of her slit.' He leaned over and kissed her. Giving his buttocks that sense of mystery. and he put the two glasses on the bedside table. 'Well. In fact I will. His cock was pressed onto her face as they lay.. and muscular. She took in his broad shoulders.. but lovely. the nearest part to her.so round and firm.' she placed his hand on her breast.

How he envied Father Adelbert who heard their confessions. The feel of her mouth on his cock was equally familiar to Father Anselm. She heard his muffled groan. She gobbled still faster. and white in summer. He now had a finger in her cunt. She was getting the knack of it and found she was able to take nearly all of his cock in her mouth as he thrust upwards at her. the suction of her cheeks even stronger.The smell of cunt upon his prick was so very familiar to her. I'd not slept with a woman for twenty years.. but mostly I go f or the boys. her cunt and clit raking him up and down from his chin to his forehead. Imagining her long. 'That's more like it.him sucking her..knob and shaft. So soft on the outside. He needn't have worried.' she thought. he would fantasise it was a nun sucking him. But. So he let her have the full first spurt in her mouth. 'But plenty of boys I suppose? And the other Brothers. Did they lust after priests. But he knew it would be cruel to break off sucking to speak just as she was coming. fucking her in and out. since I was a student.' She giggled. but the shape and feel of his cock in her mouth was so strange. as she swallowed spurt after spurt of cum.' 'Oh yes. It was as if she was raping his face. He could feel her excitement rising as she fucked him harder and faster.. The feel of his tongue on her clitoris. Black habits in winter. ' 'And you gave me twenty years' worth of sperm. he wasn't sucking her as well as some of her little girls did! He found he was being rolled over on his back. Only the pretty ones! I coach the football team. smothering him. She found she was getting close to coming. and then realised she was coming... and his fingers as they parted her cuntlips and played within her cunt. slim legs under that harsh cloth. just as he lusted after the nuns? Sometimes.. but so different the harshness of his chin against her tender thighs. satisfying himself with a willing young Brother. and what with the . all this was so familiar to her over the years. plenty. 'You know.. and the strength in buttocks as she grasped him with both hands. The knob was big. He could feel her juices covering him. He had known boys who didn't want cum in their mouths. or with one of his charges. but rounder and softer. she thought. round and round. as smooth as the smoothest of the boys he took to his bed. Suddenly he felt the urgency of his own orgasm. Wondering whether the stories told about the nuns and their teenage schoolgirls were true. and the nun was now astride him. watching her tripping across the yard. coinciding with the last of her spasms. And her body.so many girls and nuns. and returned to sucking him. her cunt grinding down into his face. About half of the staff are willing partners. but she got her lips around it. while his mouth and tongue concentrated on her clit.. and yet like steel within. lying beside her and combing her blonde tresses with his fingers. thousands of times had he been sucked off? Yet the feel of her cunt beneath his lips was so strange to him. He wanted to tell her he was coming.how many hundreds. How he had lusted after her. Minutes later.

' 'No. 'All of them.' She giggled. The Nun and the student shared one passion at least. like you. Sister Francis?' This time she laughed. And then he went to the War.and that was a lifetime ago as well. and finished up as a teaching nun.. a black plastic cock with leather and velcro straps. Both were keen gymnasts. 'I don't believe you! You're teasing.' 'Tell me.' 'What do you girls do together? I'm quite ignorant of these things. Dare he? Yes he dare! 'Would you like to fuck me. and I think that's true. and the blonde student stopped to .' She placed it against her cunt and held it there. and are quite proud of getting the Coach!' 'I only ever had one man. 'And then I can fuck almost as well as you do... I really loved him.clubroom.' The Convent of Mary &amp.... It was my elder brother.. Not that they need seducing. And we slept together for nearly two years. That would come.' He was combing his fingers through her blonde pubic hair. Well we suck each other.they know what it's about.' He pulled out a long pink. Someone said all women are half lesbian.. And this was the route the Nun used to develop a second shared interest! The Nun had been doing her mat exercises. my dear.. just to hear me tell you. 'You'll be shocked.. and as he fondled her. Father Anselm.' 'Oh! My poor dear.' There was nothing to say. He kissed her. And we fuck too.even the un-pretty ones.and didn't come back. '??????' 'It goes like this.like we just did. Only we usually take much longer than we just did. yes. I was so excited. An d yet she was almost sure that Maeve hadn't yet found any 'special friend' among her classmates. heart-stoppingly beautiful. without fastening it.. Martha Mother Superior had been watching Maeve Helliwell all that first term. and a strap-on. and the showers. Do you like it kneeling? Or on your back? Or how?' I'm afraid twice is enough for me for the time being. double dildo.. 'I'd love too. That's when I joined the Nunnery. 'I expect you have had some of the girls?' 'And some of the other nuns too. yes and yes. She was a delightfully out-going girl. All the girls went through a series of lesbian affaires. Till I was fifteen and he was eighteen.' He thought a moment. He held it towards her.all giggles and half-suggested sexuality. and her nipples too. And no-one could find Maeve anything but ravishingly. Look in the bedside cabinet. felt her clit hardening. I get plenty of opportunity to seduce any I fancy.' He laughed. But next time we can meet.

or even tongue. Since then. Sister Francis found her. 'Practise that on the mat first.and how her hair shone . She so used to look forward to her lessons. and with a clumsy recovery was standing beside the nun. Her bosom rose and fell under her shiny lycra.... and was aware of a warmth between her own legs. as usual.. but seemed to radiate joy.. She was pleased by the sudden questioning look that passed over the blonde teenager's face.. but perhaps not so suitably the figurehugging shiny lycra hid little of her form. But Sister Francis' predecessor as Mother Superior had had them removed as 'encouraging a guilty prurience among the girls. Maeve was so pleased to share the gym with her favourite teacher. Maeve. a special delight for her. lost it. The girl closed her legs. Now she opened her legs. completely entrancing. She had once confessed these fantasies to Father Feelan. tried to open her legs. She could see the surprisingly plump lips. grasped her firmly round the waist. Slowly. on her parallel bars. Here.. Seeing her idol here in the gym. The showers were empty. the merest wisp of blond hair had escaped from her costume. and a bead of sweat in the cleavage of her small. and slowly returned to her feet. Her teenage buttocks were tight beneath the lycra. She could feel her clitty all tingly. yes. who confessed her class. she did not have the added pleasure of daily contact in class. The nun. and. Could she have been chosen too. controlled.watch the spectacular series of cartwheels that concluded them. and longed to rub it as they walk ed together towards the showers.tingling and demanding. Since Sister Francis had become Mother Superior. rubbing her. under those sombre robes. she knew the shapeliness of her body. completing her handstand. As her hands touched the ground. too. yes. A darker green than the rest. And.. 'We both need a shower!' Maeve felt her heart flutter. under the guise of supporting her final movements. slowly widening them until she was in a complete 'splits'. suitably for a Mother Superior. in the privacy of her own cot.. she had indulged her love for Sister Francis every time she played with herself. secretly.' The girl bent forward. How she wished she were still in Sister Francis' class. under the wimple. the girl raised her legs in the air. feeling her. there was a dark mark of damp arousal there..she too loved to indulge in . holding her for just a second more than necessary. You could see from the ceiling that at one time there had been shower curtains to give some privacy. as they would be at this time of the day. Oh! She did hope so. Dressed in black.. Her Mother Superior was panting and breathless after her exercise. green as opposed to black. Because of the gym. Maeve felt a sudden excitement as she saw nipples sharply outlined.' Sister Francis was only too aware of the real reason. and a tightness in her own breast. She had heard older girls whisper about Sister Francis and her 'little friends'. Maeve. Sister Francis smiled as she found herself unconsciously licking her lips.. she had no need to confess them. The nun could have leaned over and placed a kiss on the wide-stretched cunt. herself breathless now. and as long as they stayed fantasies. I'll stand by you in case.. made a handstand. penetrating her with her fingers. she felt that warmth and wetness between her legs. firm breasts. it was Sister Francis she imagined caressing her. scarcely hidden under the slick fabric. arching away from Sister Francis.but he had told her they were perfectly normal impulses. And.

yes just there. Never mind! She'd just have to take the risk.. so-eagerly-awaited masturbation. rubbing the hard little nub from the bottom to the top. hair all lank and sodden. Maeve. 'Just here. Midsummer.and I fee l almost the same under a hot shower. watching those nascent breasts and slim. and her hand was on me. And now it had caught underneath them.supervising the girls showering. 'Let me help!' Young Maeve was having difficulty pulling her green lycra costume up over her head. twisting. firm flesh under her palms. regularly.and my hand was on her. I feel just the same. my dear.... For balance her naked thigh pressed against the girl's.. Anyway. I remember we looked at each other.' At that moment Sister Francis came.... she thought. Sister Francis held her hand a moment. The girl immediately started that thrilling. and she laughed too.' The girl. Please tell me. Suddenly there was a thunder-storm. There wasn't any.. almost too hot.. but she soon moved her attention to the girl's hips and bottom. 'That's lovely. There is something liberating about a rainstorm.... looking for cover. . please. The naked nun lifted the fabric. We were walking by the river. and she felt the girl coming.' Her finger played with the girl's clitoris. pulling her back. we came. pulling it.the trees would have been too dangerous as the lightning flashed. 'Thanks! That's better.and yes. 'You know.' The girl was now soaping the nun's buttocks. her excitement heightening with the feel of the nun's clear. and then placed it on her own cunt. diligently soaped and massaged. 'Yes. soaping her anus. yes. too in her arms.. oh yes. Maeve giggled. and there was no point now in looking for shelter. ' Her finger was working away at the clit. Her golden hair got in the way of Sister Francis' massage.?' The response. And would you do my back now please. there's something about being soaking wet that I find so exhilerating. it would have been useful for what she had in mind now to have been able to draw a curtain round a stall. a s she quickly slipped out of her black lycra. resting on the firm breasts. Sister Francis? Can I. 'The first time I ever felt the excitement of love was in a rainstorm. Would you soap my back. as she knew would work.and when she was wet it clung to her. Helpfully. Sister Francis imagined.' The water was hot. though modestly.' Her fingers were now in the girl's crack. bedraggled.' 'Yes. as well. her cunt.. adolescent legs. I could tell you some stories about rainstorms.and I guessed she had no panties... crushed in each others' arms.. They stood under the stinging water. It would add an extra level of excitement. silent.. However. her hand like shoehorns. using one firm little breast as a convenient handhold.' The girl's back was tanned. Maeve. we ran. and she kissed me. We were soaked. Sister Francis thought. I had a light white cotton dress on. and I kissed her. that had been aching for the teenager to touch her. 'Lower. I could see she ha d no bra. levering the fabric upwards. the first time I felt excitement here.She had a sort of chiffon dress.. and we were in each others' arms. her other hand round the front of her.. Her tits had grown a bit fuller since she had got it. rhythmically rubbing. not in the crack between. And I suddenly laughed.. 'Anyway we were both hopelessly wet. It was with a friend of my mother's. please. 'Oh! Sister Francis.

and watched each other undress. Lovely to see her athlete's body tense under her thin religious habits.' I can see you're ready for the final item s on the agenda. now. and he knelt facing her... in shock still from the violence of her orgasm. But he was. I hope!' She giggled. the chablis.' he commented. on a promise.. Maeve?' The girl nodded. cock-shaped dildo strapped to her. 'Bit of a tradition. waiting for the release of an orgasm. This was what had been filling their dreams and daytime fantasies in the intervening week. licking it till it was slick..'That was lovely. And then go to my rooms. They wouldn't be disturbed. She came quickly. ' She reached up and turned the water off. 'You're sure?' 'Please Sister Francis.. Father Anselm. Conference They had been very disciplined. then?' She giggled. He knelt. As she lay beside him. in wimple and deep-skirted white habits.' 'Help me. Would you like that. As he knelt. and had gone through every item on the agenda before she went again to get the usual bottle of chablis. even with that pretty little rascal Jenkins. He watched as she strained to open the bottle. and discretely applied some spittle to his anus. 'You'd better moisten it!' She knelt there. Maeve.' They took the bottle and glasses with them to her bedroom this second time. looking at him. suddenly girlish again.which was now locked in any case.. 'You really meant it. but he was needed to fasten the buckle behind her waist. she placed the shining plastic knob to his secret hole. 'And the rest. the pink.' She could fix the velcro straps that went round her white thighs. . he reached to the drawer in the bedside table and took out the strap-on he'd been thinking about all week. I'd love it. On the bed.'. leisurely. She handed his glass to him.with his scrotum unusually tight around them. Kneeling. and pushed with her hips. The new 'In Conference Do Not Disturb' notice hung on the outer doorknob of the heavy oak door. they fell immediately into a sixty-nine. with a temporary contented look in her eyes. his hands stretching his buttocks apart. and profited from the movement to slip her hand between them and grasp the cock she could see outlined under his black wool skirts. girlish for a middle-aged nun. But I want to show you so much more that we can do.. savouring each moment as their bodies were revealed to each other. It penetrated an inch . all week to build up a great h ead of steam for her within his balls. 'I did. and he had great difficulty in controlling himself not to come. he felt. 'We'll dry each other. Especially since he had been abstaining from sex.

She suddenly thought she would have to wash it thoroughly before shagging one of her girls with it.. 'I came. With each collision of her body. 'Pull it out everso slowly..' 'I'll have chosen your plaything by Saturday.' 'My dear Sister Francis. and it slipped right in. And the end of the dildo was working its magic on her clit as well. Yes..He groaned. Small. Better. Had she hurt him? 'Don't stop! More!' His strong buttocks pressed back towards her. Though I may leave it for a few days to remind me. An innocent girl.' His answer was to embrace her again. it pressed on her and the thrill passed through her. I'll find an innocent. and bring him to you. I love th e feel as it slips out. and he heard her whispering. Sister Francis. It'll wash. She stopped. And not muscular. He was groaning. As she grasped it. too. But you must do the same for me. They lay side-by-side. her dildo filling him. I am so sorry.. temporarily speechless by the daring of the sexual act they had just successfully accomplished.' 'I want one that's tall. faster. I've watched them through the window there.. her body crashing into his. She fucked faster. and he collapsed from his knees to his belly. She collapsed on top of him. A Mediterranean complexion. like that. And no hairs on his chest!' 'And I want a cute blonde. and started to shag him as if he was one of her little girlfriends. No. and the dildo moved.. she came. and her hand was covered in the stickiness she had swallowed the last time they met... 'I've come all over your lovely silk bedspread. harder. She reached under him and found his cock still hard. of course. seduce him.. She felt herself close to coming again.. And then have you watch me enjoy him.... She nibbled at his ear. she felt him come. her palm half over the knob of it. and his bottom wriggled and writhed beneath her. darling Father Anselm. till her smooth white thighs touched his buttock s white and smooth under the wisps of hair. swearing.. panting. harder. long strands of wiry black hair in the secret place itself.but he had heard it right. and sultry looking.. He pulled forward and then crashed back.' She had removed the strap-on and it was lying on the floor beside the bed.very discrete over the years. better still get another delivered by her mail-order company. ' She shifted.' . She pushed again. As the last twitch of his come flowed over her hand.and wondered.. on their sports-field for so many years. gradually..' 'I'm happy you came. newly awoken for me. Sister Francis. but handsome... 'Father Anselm. The cock was still in him and he felt her hard tits pressing into his back. I promise. I want to watch you fuck one of your boys. He was incredulous. She knew now what he wanted...and use one for arseholes and one for cunts. small breasts and boyish hips.

. it didn't say how old she was. It may take a fortnight to corrupt him.what you would technically call a virgin..which she does divinely.. He'd been so keen to conserve his cum for their next meeting that he'd stayed away from his 'special little friends'.... One way to stop that would be to make him one of his own 'special friends'..' I hope you will have good news about the little mouthful you have promised me. he'd been remiss about finding a little partner for Sister Francis. and although she has had no lover.. she has no experience of sex. Inside it was another. Eagerly he opened it. he should do the same for her. Her blonde hair is longer now. He looked at the note again.. pink this time. So we will have to make sure the lesser items on our agenda are over before her 'any other business.'And I already know exactly the boy for you.. I have told her to present herself at my rooms at 3. though. Sister Francis.. Apart from myself.. She will love her hard little tits and slim hips.. and was amused to find himself licking his lips in anticipation. he thought. I've found just the girl for you. at that. You see how I look after my handsome lover! Your devoted. He recognised the handwriting. but he seemed to have no real friends. They hung together.and those pretty titties fill out more of her school blouse than they did when the photo was taken.. almost masonic feeling of shared mysteries. A brief note. and increasingly randy.. supported by their own secret.perhaps better not to ask? St Botulph's Yes. He could feel a smile cross his lips. Except of course for the solitary pleasures of her own midnight bed. At all events here is a photo of her. Well. and he'd been cursed with his grandfather's baptismal name. but his father was an Italian immigrant.. my darling Father Anselm) your legs and shoulders! You to give herself to you. He was not being bullied. I sports-field last week and a proper man.and only twice. she is not. 'My Dear Father Anselm.. I have not used the strap-on you enjoyed last week.and was not when I first had her.the mysteries of cock and anus. I have penetrated her with my finger.clipped from her school file.. Father Anselm thought. And she is eager to her as you supervised the I.' A Letter He opened the buff envelope. Young Carminari was as English as any of the boys.30. You will find her juicy and a tight little cunt. I've shown her how to suck. and in any case since she ha d found a completely innocent and unspoiled beauty for him. He knew exactly the boy! To be called Alfonso at any English boys' school was a misfortune. without that annoying encumbrance have pointed you out she finds you (as do particularly admires of a hymen. He looked again at the photo. so you only see head and shoulders.. .no.

There's some words I don't know.And he was very pretty. red lips. on the Roman Law pertaining to the draining of marshland. May I say how admirable I find it that you wouldn't let him own up. a tent in his black skirts. and the weight of his body increased on the priest's upper arm. He could feel his cock so hard. until there was a timid.. The boy had to lean over to see. She's praising her lover's .. 'Carminari. You look quite charming. sir. He leaned slightly sideways in his chair. And those full. Nowadays so few boys did the classics. Carminari.. Out of the corner of his eye father Anselm could see Jenkins about to stand up. boy. and said nothing to fill the silence. Come round this side of the desk.' .. Father Anselm found himself daydreaming. Jenkins had copied Carminari's. That's why I'm wearing these.. the priest thought. Happily.. Loyalty is a quality we associate more with our beloved classical age than with this fallen state of ours now.' Father Anselm was aware of the scent of the boy. as he stood beside him.' 'Not at all. still hidden as he sat at the desk. 'Come!' The lad stood in front of his desk. curly locks. Yes. and we'll see. He shifted from one foot to the other nervously. 'Can you get it?' The boy hesitated... Anselm taught Latin and Greek.. I wonder if your Greek is up to it. 'Choir practise? Going to Chapel for practise?' He was doubly beautiful in the white. It's identical in all respe cts to Jenkins''. Alfonso did. in Latin. sir. boy.freshly scrubbed. feeling the Father Anselm's eyes studying him from head to toe. He stopped planning and scheming and forced himself to read a particularly boring text. so the boy's thigh and hips touched his shoulder. Of course. Quite tall. shining. Almost as tall as me. in exactly the way Sister Francis had specified.' His hard on came even before 3pm! The anticipation of the seduction of this pretty boy was almost too much for him.' He was clearly embarrassed. He couldn't do work of that quality. I know Jenkins copied from you and not you from him. I'm not satisfied this is your own work. 'It's a love song. quite charming. freshly laundered choirboy's surplice that contrasted so well with his black. soap smell. tentative knock on his outer door. sir. He also saw the quick shake of the black-curled head in Jenkins' direction as Alfonso told him not to own up... At all events it's more interesting than the stuff you do in class.and you can. 'My study at 4 o'clock. peering at the Greek text. In the Greek. 4 o'clock exactly. As it happens I was reading a song just as you came in. quite. Sorry. 'I came straight from practise.she's describing her lover's body. dear boy.undemanding work which left him time for football and his admin work as Head. 'Relax.

but not the meaning... but imagined it had to do with wanking.. lifted the boy in his powerful arms. That is the know what an anus is? understand it now. your boyish hips and long legs. Got it in one. across the room. 'And now.' 'Spit it out.I hardly dare say.you would call that sucking. Now read that last bit again.. And this is it. completely and unreservedly. He knew about the 'magic circle' of Father Anselm's 'special friends'. He carried him to the door..the other boys had left him alone... Jenkins and Potter had giggled and warned him to shower and wash his arse. and onto the large. you know. He hoped Father Anselm was not too big. lovely boy. Because our classical ancestors believed in that. still kissing.you boys would call that wanking I think. and Italian too. sir.. and you follow the text as I do.' He rose.his cock stood. Now. We are often content to masturbate our lovers..'Good.. the poet's a he! Apart from that. Yes.... I should sing this. and I'm praising your oliveskinned body.again an affectionate word of endearment... I might add. outlined through the thin white cotton of the choirboy hassock.. anus. Well done..' 'This one..but th e Greeks knew that the act of giving the body to a lover. And this... remember. Only it's not a she. come closer.yes.' the sort used between lovers.Good. Here . over the erect penis.' 'He seems to want them to put their penises in each others' anuses. sir.. Now I'll read it aloud to you. we are both obviously ready for some Greek love ourselves. He was excited by this. He knew how they hated and suspected anyone even slightly different. and reciprocated with his own searching tongue.' 'The first one is a word for the penis. young Carminari. and kissed him on those full lips.. wooing you to make love. yes and your penis and anus too..he scrubbed himself very carefully before slipping on his chorister's gown. iron and brass bed.. There has to be a first time.. 'You see what effect love poetry is meant to have?' His arm round the boy's buttock as he stood there. word?' The boy leaned 'Ah.no vest or pants.. and see if you can 'I think I can understand the words. good. think yourself into it.' 'Excellent. You Good.. And mutually very pleasurable. he touched the cock he could see standing.. sir. Well done.half-hoped. And he was cursed with that stupid name. And I didn't get the last verse at all. that was real love..but the trepidation had increased.... Now.. But now he understood it was to be a much more complete and astounding lovemaking.. boy. The boy held onto him. nudged the door open.' As he read.. the weight of the boy's body leaning on him increased. He seems to want them to. his feet off the ground.. At the end he took the boy's hand and placed it under the desk on his black hassock. Now imagine I am the writer. what words don't you know. Alfonso had known this would happen. Which was the other over.. sir.or perhaps fellate them... The excitement was still there.but better perhaps to read. or perhaps sucking.it's an affectionate word.and yet half hoped he . If he pleased Father Anselm he would be admitted to their secret games. half-feared. too. and again that delightful pressure of his body.. Carminari.. nudging each other with knowing looks.you know what a penis is? .

. I told you. Alfonso had seen boys do this. his lips scarcely moving. 'Did he?' Alfonso knew exactly what he meant..' But Alfonso felt his buttocks parte d . Must have given you a good seeing to!' 'Twice. Jenkins muttered out of the corner of his mouth. you're good and hard!' 'You too. but as soon as the solo descant bit started again.' 'Not half. immediately pulling the white skirts up to his waist. and stood there naked except for his socks and white shoes. He lay motionless on the double bed while his Headmaster removed first his socks and shoes. young Fons. with me.' 'No kissing and stuff. Alfonso joined him in that happy state.you could hardly avoid seeing it in the dorm sometimes. when it's not the season. 'And did it hurt?' 'No... Or someone'll come.' 'It's ok here.here and the old cricket pavilion. Just kneel down.. leaned over . and then with a sweeping gesture pulled the black clerical robes. Always does. Jenks. of slippery suction was delicious. We use it quite a lot. The vestry cupboard was more a small room. all together. He groaned and found his hips rising to meet that gobbling mouth as if they had a will of their own. up and over his head. 'Now let's see you. with racks and lockers for the various ritual clothes. standing for him.' 'Want some more?' 'Hope so. young Fons.' 'After Chapel. twice!' He too was careful not to let the Choirmaster see him speak.' The two of them lingered while the other choirboys got back into their ordinary school uniforms. you're still open. showing a pretty little prick. Fons.' The priest grasped it. The feeling of warmth.but had never had it done to him. Get on with it. then. 'Hey.. 'Not that..' They had to pause to sing their chorus.' He knelt on a heap of their discarded clothing and felt Jenkins behind him. I meant. Love to. 'Oh yes. Especially as you enjoyed it.. Jenkins. 'Hey. 'Lovely. And finally it was good. let's look at yours too. I'm sure he'll want you back.. In the vestry cupboard. The boy gasped.was big. while a soprano was practising his solo. No-one ever comes. Later in the School Chapel. Jenkins pulled his white hassock up over his head. With me.' The bed creaked as he lay beside the boy. It was huge! It pointed direct at him as the smiling priest stood beside the bed. No. and took it entire into his mouth.

. And I'll tell the others. but did not interrupt their whispered conversation. He could just about make out what they were saying.' She laughed. you randy little sod... But we only fuck with boys who are in on the secret. That's how we do it.' 'Safe?' 'There's about a dozen of us. 'Father Anselm tells me you want to fuck a nun?' He blushed crimson.. Sister Francis.' He made the introductions formally. 'I'm coming!' Jenkins was allowing his thighs to crash into the boy's buttocks.Auntie Anselm's little friends. 'Hey! You're still loose. And don't be . She thought him quite delightful.' St Botulph's 'I'm glad you're with me. He was still sensitised from his earlier experiences. and left them together while he went to open the usual bottle.' 'And some of them are very pretty?' 'You're the most beautiful. 'I'm being too direct. and he felt an immediate pleasure . you fuck me.though he would not yet have learned that. 'Flatterer.by two hands. yes.' 'Of course you are. I'm so nervous.' Jenkins was shagging him hard now. 'Ah that must be Sister Francis now. Then the cock was as suddenly withdrawn. careless of the slapping sound that must have been audible even beyond the vestry. sir.' 'A dozen! That's good!' 'Not all at once. 'I suppose you watch the nuns out of your dormitory window. It's better that way. And you're a very handsome young man. Sister Francis. so they know you're safe. He poured a glass for himself and sat back in his deep easychair. Alfonso. 'Next time. ' Father Anselm slipped back in. This would be as the end of the penis brushed his prostate. and slippery from old Auntie Anselm's cum.. with his curly black hair. as they go about their business?' 'Well. Come over here and we'll discuss it. and then the slow insertion. and full lips. the knob placed in his anus. astounded there was still any in him after the priests ministrations... Turn and turn about. Fons. They'd have to chuck you out if any parents found out about it.' Father Anselm squeezed his shoulder encouragingly. That's natural. and Alfonso was reaching down and wanking himself furiously. 'Me too!' And suddenly he felt the cum over his fingers.

and then his trousers joined his shirt in a heap beside the settee. d o you wake up thinking about it? I do. Father Anselm sipped his drink. 'Rub your cock there..' What colour do you thing I'm wearing? 'Black. He could feel the rough texture of her black habits against his chest. He hardly noticed.' She leaned towards him.' She had shaved her lips.' She guided his hand up under the hem of her robes. and she could feel his erection between them. pull them aside. 'Pull them aside. black suspender belt. and look at me.' And the questing hand slipped up. formerly so shy and secret under the foreskin. and heard her sigh. and kissed him on the lips. She lifted the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. 'Aah! . till it hung down at his waist. 'Mmmmm. She felt a sudden tenderness when she saw the knob. slim legs in glossy tan-coloured nylons. The only two other cocks she had seen. She held it and pulled the foreskin down.' Suddenly he felt his knob engulfed in warm wetness. feel. Then she tasted a drop of cum.' She pulled his trousers down to his ankles.' She slipped herself down towards him. She leaned over and kissed it. Alfonso. leaving just a little powder puff of blonde hair over her mound.. This was going very well! 'Have a look. and heard him gasp when it rested on the naked flesh at the stocking top. Alfonso. Alfonso. 'Inside. were both circumcised. Lift my skirts and peep. Alfonso. Sister.' 'Oh.' As his fingers discovered her crotch.' 'Now. like your habits. up and down. I expect you've wondered what we wear underneath all this?' He nodded.' 'And you haven't even seen me yet. 'Higher. I'm afraid I'll come. As they ground their mouths and tongues together she unbuttoned his open-necked shirt. It's worse in the night. 'Inside my panties. for the first time. so engrossed was he in the hot. and felt the fingers exploring up her nylon-stockinged leg. He could see his fingers through the nearly-transparent crotch.that's right. and black panties. 'Well.. This was intact. I watch the boys on the playing field especially. and a few of the trouser-buttons. Alfonso did not stop feeling her clit and lips while she sucked on him.that's right. smooth. slippery lips fro his fingers to paddle in.' 'Correct'. her brother and Father Anselm. and onto her satin knickers. over the suspender strap. Long. Up. him between her thighs.ashamed at wanting to enjoy a nun. Father Anselm knew he had chosen well for her as she caressed his belly and chest. damp feel of her there. and feel just the same... and slipped it off his shoulders. She grasped his naked cock. But first.. she undid the belt at his waist. kneel in front of me. 'Round.' she whispered. Speechless for the moment in the ecstacy of that first kiss. Here. 'Please Sister Francis. his cock waving in front of him. so the boy found slick. slipped his shoes and socks off. and fascinated her. Then she leaned over his cock. isn't it.. let's get rid of all this. so they could kiss. I mean. round the front.

Sister Francis.Sister Francis had closed the door behind them.. and looked at her face. Once in. He also knew. He knew she must be feeling the pleasure he had as he felt his cock pump into her. though. panting. How he had wanted to fuck one of those nuns. I'm so nervous. And I'm sure we'll do it again.' 'Well knock on the door. wasn't it.' She was tugging at her heavy black habits.. too. I hope.Now push.' Sister Francis interrupted. Her habits were harsh against his naked chest as he hugged her. and then those wonderful firm tits.' And he slipped so easily inside her... like you so wanted.he knew her tits would be so very sexy. from 'cuntbooks' that circulated at school. and as he helped her ease the whole bundle over her head he could see her pretty little cunt.fuck that nun. Sister Francis kissed her on her brow. She caught ..and you could see the boy was excited. You could see they had been kissing. Father Anselm got up. It was almost as if she was in pain.' Almost without thought.' She shook his hand demurely and correctly. meet Father Anselm. he felt her grip. 'Sister Francis has told me so much about you Father. 'Now. a big.' 'Bed's best for that. he was fucking her.. 'But Father Anselm promised he'd show me what you men do together. 'See.' The gruff instruction 'Come!' told them they should open it themselves.?' 'Maeve. and standing him beside the chair. indeed was twitching as it hardened. boisterous laugh.' Father Anselm interrupted. you're off again!' She grasped his cock. 'Ah! My favourite nun! And.. grimacing. Push it in.. my dear?' 'Oh yes. Inside they saw Father Anselm sitting in his deep armchair.and in their full habits... 'Enough of them to intrigue her. help me with these.' 'But it was lovely.. which. that he'd come far too quickly. Here. So lovely with her face innocent of make-up and her long blonde hair loose. But the pretty young boy sitting in his lap was completely naked... Later. He was fully clothed. her eyes closed... emptying him. But her mouth was soft against his. he could hardly remember this very first time. 'I came too fast. Maeve... Smiling he came over to the couple. Also he hadn't really played with her body.. too.. and was afterwards a bit crestfallen.' She looked so pure in her white school blouse and grey mini-skirt.' 'Not all my secrets. and led the small procession through into his bedroom. lifting the boy bodily. 'Of course you are. Alfonso. he broke off kissing her mouth. But excited.. his arms round the priest's neck.. St Botulph's. in his black clerical robes..Maeve 'I'm so glad you're with me. As he came. and her smooth legs were clasped round his back.' He laughed. shining down to her shoulders.

she felt her lust rising. one hand cradling his nearly hairless balls.. Her giggle was stifled immediately as she blushed at this directness.his hand up under her skirts. but could feel his heavy. Alfonso gasped as he saw her perfect breasts. Father Anselm was all over her. He naked. Hands feeling bosom and bottom. and his bum. There had been no pain.. She gasped. Then she realised it was incense that had permeated his black cloth. still standing apart. What hidden depths of passion there sometimes is under a calm exterior.. The mirror had been tilted so she could see both of them as they kissed and fondled. she dressed now only in her stockings and suspender belt.and now he was fully embedded. moaning.and now there was an increasing pleasure as he withdrew and forced in again.. I've told her how good you are at it.Maeve's eye flicker towards the naked boy. which fell to her feet.. She felt the force of his hips.covered too with a matt of black hair.and could feel his hard cock probing for her. Wordless. But no. tender and beautiful she was.and she wants to try. Father Anselm. she was propelled through the door..' So here was another secret of this intriguing young girl. and she found it doubly exciting that a priest.... and in a second she was bare to the waist. but her hips made an involuntary rise. which had got faster and harder as his young partner's .. She would never again smell incense in the church without remembering that first caress. She walked over to him. his hard cock held by a nun in her full regalia. and Father Anselm's fucking.' 'Come on Maeve. teasing her clitoris.and in his robes too.. muscled body even through the cloth. slender legs.daddy. It was Maeve's moment. At the bedroom door the other couple watched.' Poor Maeve. and always his insistent voice murmuring how young.as she had half feared.. Alfonso. and his neck he could hear her panting 'Daddy. But Sister Francis was unclasping the skirt. his other hand feeling her breast through the black habits. But I expect you know that. her lips seeking out his own.' Maeve was struck by the incongruity of formally shaking hands with a naked boy. As she clutched at him. And then he was in.. How they would have liked to join the couple on the bed. She could see Sister Francis was now sitting in Father Anselm's chair. Her heart was racing.. She felt his hands on her bottom. daddy.was doing this to her. Her arms were around him. slipping down fine. writhing crescendo. You are a very pretty girl.. In the mirror she could now see the backs of his hairy legs. the naked Alfonso on her lap. 'Well. and they watched as her pleasure reached its panting. They were kissing. He was fully dressed. Sh e couldn't get at his naked flesh. 'Maeve wants you to fuck her... Another gasp from the boy as her lovely bottom and the tiny puff of blonde hair was revealed. 'And this handsome young man is Alfonso. Show the Father how lovely you are. She giggled. he thought.' Sister Francis was undoing the girl's white shirt buttons.. Maeve. and onto the bed.. the other running lazily up an d down the shaft of his prick. and as his fingers rubbed in her slit.. Father Anselm clasped her to him and kissed her. pulling her closer. and grasped his cock.. driving it in further. Then she was on her back. and could smell his aftershave. meet Maeve.. using it to lead him to the others. his weight on top of her. legs intertwining.

soon the two males were joining in. Father.passion increased. and a tongue on her clit. tongues and fingers. pressing their own bodies against the female flesh. red and angry was spared. fondling bottoms. Content at first just to watch this mystery. and writhing hips. Let's'. the nun and her plaything sucked each other. the man the other. a gangbang by teenagers twenty years younger than herself on the beach at Brighton. Father. you did want to be fucked by a priest. with another teenager shagging her long and slow. Sister Francis must have put them on for Alfonso! 'Father Anselm wants to see what we do together Maeve.just losing herself in the holy miracle of orgasm after orgasm. slipping in and out. my dear. The boy one side of them. caressing breasts. laying side by side. looking back on it. Alfonso took his cue from that. After all. the priest's cock entered her cunt. Each woman now had a cock in her.' Scarcely an inch of his body not covered in thick black hair. stupid suspender belt and stockings! She giggled... She thought his massive body so handsome. Only his cock. slow.. again..and now whenever I see a priest I'll be reminded of my first time. But you're right. Sexy. Then Maeve gasped as.. Alfonso desperately holding himself back. 'I thought you would like me to keep my robes on.' 'The robes don't make the priest.so like her own daddy's.. Many years later.her tongue on a teenager's clit...delectable as Sister Francis' buttocks were we can hardly blame him for wanting to cum in the hard.. and slipped his into Sister Francis. </pre></body></html> . But I'd like to see you naked. And that was about it. And Maeve not thinking at all. a newly-wed yuppie couple in Chelsea. duration and number. I fantasised about being had by a priest in his full regalia. slim arse of his fellow teenager. Which is where we shall leave them. but realising from now on he would spice his diet up with the occasional cunt. Maeve. She had never seen Sister Francis looking like this.. now died away to a steady. Once with two black jazz musicians in Harlem.. Sister Francis in heaven. Maeve found that only a few times in a life full of rich and varied sex had she experienced multiple orgasms of that intensity. Marking time as it were. Father Anselm not exactly regretting all those years fucking boys..

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