Global Emergencies and Solution to it from a New Perspective

Everything about the universe is energy and matter. Eventually we need to reduce all our problems to this root level and understand it in simplicity in order to face it successfully. The Global warming and climate change and the increased natural catastrophes is major concern to the world. Global warming is being attributed mainly to CO2. Much simpler way is to reduce it to the level of global heat and its influence on the energy cycle in which we live. Heat we all know is the basal form of energy. We need to observe earth and the energy cycle in which we live. Earth has two simultaneous cycles or worlds. Let us call it parallel worlds. It is reveals as east and west cycle or simultaneous day an night cycle. When east awakens to sunlight/heat [energetic cycle] unwinds and goes into apparent disorder, the west simultaneously sleeps or winds to darkness [de-energizing cycle] thus balancing the system. They give way to one another forming the day and night. These two parts are instantaneously communicated. The fact that these changes occurs over 12 hours, and that we have bigger climatic cycle of 12 month, 12 years and so on to form universal cycle invariably means, earth has not only a parallel world but has multiple world design. It has several grid points forming many layers through which the change occurs smoothly over a period of time. There is instantaneous communication as well as time bound communication in the system. The parallel and multiple world design is a self sustaining design. Noble Laureate James Lovelock proved to the world this self sustaining

nature. However the design collapses when, it is unilaterally heated or cooled. This unilateral heating is occurring through human intervention. Since the industrial era, we humans have been adding exponentially increasing amount of heat to the environment. With globalization we intruded into the night cycle in which earth works to cool and maintain certain order. The increasing loss of greenery due to urbanization has further aggravated the situation. Earth is a non linear system. It is being pushed to the critical limit where the system becomes unstable and reacts to go into new order. This could be a highly destructive period, unless it is facilitated by knowledge- Noble laureate James Lovelock has given this warning in His Book "Vanishing face of Gaia - The Final Warning" The tendency of the system and events that unfolds are predictable 1] As the system is exponentially heated and when we intrude into the night cycle, the environment gets energized and experiences a shearing force, the grid points unwinds to sustain the system. The matter or earth that looses this energy now begins to wind. The consequence is that the change of climatic cycles becomes accelerated and it gains power. The climate now peaks and falls violently, creating fire/wind bound destructions. The winding of earth now leads to flash floods/snows. The winding increases the earthquakes and eventually begins to trigger volcanoes. All this we are witnessing Note - One might counter this by saying that bigger natural disasters have occurred in the past. Nature struggles to maintain its equilibrium releasing the stress at some quantum transition points. Natural disasters are means by which it releases its stress. But there is difference between what happens at end time and other times. This

violent fluctuations can also explains the increasing sink hole, fragile earth and so on let us overlook them here.

Solution - The solution to this is reducing our intervention into the
night cycle and developing a Global energy management of earth's atmosphere. 2] When earth's environment begins to shear, all the ecological systems and life in it becomes unstable. Several species might die out entirely or go to near extinction. Microorganism will mutate to survive creating new diseases. One can attribute the instability of human mind and its spontaneous violence to this. Unstable and disturbed human mind becomes sitting duck to evil minds who tries to thrive on them. Thus evil people in all realms begins to thrive. The religions who thrive to advance once own religions quantitatively and materially will have a field day. These religions are silent force behind much of the war, terrorism and instability we witness in this world. A bigger threat to humanity exist from non illuminated religious institutions than earth's fury being stressed to critical state.

Solution - The only way out of this is to evolve our knowledge and
invent God beyond religions. Modern science came into existence, with such promise of liberation of humanity from the clutches of spiritual institutions and evolve us into truth and true spirituality. From within the boundary it set for itself, science has made laborious progress from Newtonian mechanical world view, to relativistic, chaotic, holographic, electric and parallel and multiple world view of the universe. Highly acknowledged quantum researchers, whose experiments have showed inseparable link between mind and matter, have also proposed conscious and intelligent field, well in line with ancient Eastern

knowledge which visualizes universe as a conscious and intelligent being. But these scientist have failed to interrelate comprehend these developments sensibly and in simplicity, such that common man can understand the Truth of Nature and God sensibly and his mind gets liberated from the clutches of religious institutions to take New Life and understand true spirituality. All scientific concepts fail, when it comes to account for singularity and origin and perpetual existence in time. Time direction is inevitable reality of nature. A great break through idea in this regard was suggested by three scientist, Prof.Neil Turok, Prof Paul Steinhardt and Prof Burt Ovrut. They extended parallel world theory and proposed that at singularity one world can penetrates and emerge on the opposite side, thus turning left into right and vice-versa. If this idea can be extended include life and if we invent a "New SpaceTime field" in Life, then one can visualize nature in all simplicity and unite modern science with ancient spirituality. I have explored this reality below Singularity and perpetual existence of the universe in time proposed by of Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovrut, becomes sensible and unites with spiritual knowledge of the ancient, if we visualize universe including life and human beings and think and explore it as a living being. The key here exist in knowing that  All life has a soul and inner space-time in which the gravity force is converted into anti-gravity. We are discovering here "New Space-Time Field" that Einstein searched and that has potential to create, transform and sustain the material world. This is the conscious and intelligent field that modern man is researching.

Note - The conscious field is something related to Spirit/energy that exist inner
space of soul/heart, not mind/brain, centriole and tubules as modern researchers think. Mind and brain is the balancing factor of the left and right part of the body not the unifying and creating factor. The information in the fertilized egg cell is concretized to differentiate into whole system before the Centriole and tubules emerges. This tells us that seat of consciousness exist in the centromere, where pairs of chromosomes comes in contact. Possibly a living atom, with a inner space that can interact with outer space exist in the centromere. The spirit contained in this space is the perceiver and controller of the system. This spirit and space-time reality is the conscious and intelligent field of the living system. The centriole and tubules are secondary manifestation of this Spirit that divides the one cell into two. A little perturbation in the inner space of this living particle carries the wave of Life that creates and initializes the whole system in time.

 Concept of Gravity we know is built on non-equilibrium and is driven by an instinct to seek equilibrium. Life in contrast strives to maintain certain symmetry by constant intake of energy and matter and its exhalation. In addition it has a mechanism to survive time.  This means the living world is a parallel world to material world. The existence life denies gravitational collapse. It can transform gravity into anti-gravity. This opposition of living world is known to science but physicist have given it little importance. The second law of thermodynamics applied to material world and living world shows this opposition  Picture we now visualize is of trillions of small bangs or pulses that supports the material universe from collapse.  The question now - Is universe without a time direction? But all observations suggest it has time direction. Question now is -from where time direction comes and how time direction is conquered.

 To understand this let us try to visualize the energy and matter cycle in which we the enquirer exist. The earth in which we live has parallel and multiple world design. It works on minimum of two cycles that are opposing. When east awakens to sunlight/heat and enters a unwinding cycle [energy or disordering phase], simultaneously west goes into a winding cycle [matter or ordering phase]. These cycles give way to one another in time in smooth manner, forming day and night cycles.  Now let us imagine the above energy cycle with living system. Plant life absorbs light/heat and when night falls it assimilates the energy and matter to form biological mass that grows against gravity and time in material world. Plant life alone means the system can get imbalanced in favor of anti-gravity force. Thus we have herbivore controlling plant life, carnivore controlling herbivore - The system is self sustaining Gaia.  Let us now include human life and visualize the cycle. We immediately note a time direction. Humans live a mind and self centered life, that becomes increasingly slave to material world and its forces. Time direction thus seem to be related to human mind.  The Energy cycle involving life now gives the concept of Singularity, Big bang or Origin of universe a new dimension. It can be traced to inner Space of a Single "Primal Soul", cell or Living Being that is beyond "self". Inner space of this soul contains the information/energy/spirit of the whole system. It can transform all the force of gravity into anti-gravity and thus initializes the system back to its initial state.

 The Time and Singularity or death is conquered in life when the spirit of male world gets conceived in feminine world to conquer time and conceive new out of the old. Note- biologist under the overwhelming influence of mechanical world view think what conceives is the genes. Genes are simply like weights used by a vendor who tries to balance the balance. The Spirit in the inner space is the vendor.  We now see the universe as interplay of two parallel worlds and two spirits masculine and feminine. Spirit is force, energy, light, heat, information and knowledge. This means world has two types of force and knowledge, Superior Knowledge and Inferior Knowledge. The ancient spiritual scriptures specially the Vedas of the east clearly speak of these two types of knowledge - The Spiritual Knowledge and material knowledge  Now the concept of parallel world and singularity understood as a process in which one world pierces and emerges on the opposite by Prof. Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovrut becomes sensible.  What is more important is that it leads us to Calvary Sacrifice of Christ as the Big bang point of origin. Calvary now becomes the point of universal creation. It is the little New Pulse enclosed in the old body that is dying. It is the "Great attractor" that emerges when the system tends to great disorder around which order emerges. It is well supported by Vedas of east [Yajurveda Vs 3031] which states that universe is created by the "self sacrifice" of the Creator. It needs to be understood as consciousness and intelligence unfolding to conquer time and initialize it. Universal time cycle now becomes a cycle of consciousness and intelligence

unfolding and enfolding to liberate humanity from the clutches of darkness. Note - This is not a support for religion called Christianity. I believe that in forming a religion out of Christ, the spirit of Christ, is held back in to the four walls of churches. The God is the Sprit that creates and sustains the life by moving between two parallel worlds. It is force behind motion and its sustenance. It is the filed on which the material world we see exist eternally. The knowledge of parallel space and its interaction can lead us to new technologies for clean energy generation and its efficient use without releasing much heat into the environment. It can change the way we think about health and medicine, food and agriculture. It can revamp our social system and governing system plugging its loopholes. It can create space-time for human growth, releasing the stress on human mind that is taking criminal and violent path ways thus decreasing the war and terrorism. The potentiality of new understanding can be understood from life. A human heart pumps blood along 100000 KM of blood vessels 20/times per minute, carrying many trillions of cells, in addition it carries huge amount information processing and various other functions of life on few pieces of bread and water. What is important to note is that the net amount of heat it releases into the environment is negligible.  The technologies that can emerge from this thinking can be very simple, but I resist speaking it. Because technologies in the

absence of whole Truth can lead to "self" advancement than the sustenance of the whole In conclusion Nature and Life are simple we have made it complex by our self centered intent to conquer nature than understand her. Nature and Her Master reveals the simplicity when we approach them from a point freedom from Plato's chair. I speak to you from such an exercise that has now lasted for three decades. As biologist I have limitations to put them in mathematical form. It is up to intellectuals in temples of knowledge to explore it. I strongly feel Sacred or Divine Geometry that deals with ratios is one contender. Because the different path my mind took to reach the goal, there could be some difficulty to the reader in comprehending the Truth revealed to me. However, given an opportunity of open interaction of heart and mind without self, I can convince the Truth revealed to me in simplicity including all the conceptual developments in science and unraveling its paradoxes. Being small farmer in a third world country, struggling for a cause relentlessly, my health and situations have deteriorated. These vital information and knowledge exist as a precious gem in the hand of beggar. Will someone help bring it to the fore front of modern intellectual world. This is essential to bring true transformation in the world such that humanity not only survives but can evolve to Golden age

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