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A. Circle the odd one out. 1. journalist 2. plastic bag 3. process 4. lawyer 5. spoilt rock star solar panel herb architect daring lead singer power station spice excursion arrogant

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals. 1. Don’t throw that away! Put it in the ……………………………. bin! RECYCLE 2. How many ……………………….. were there for the reality show? 3. Raymond is very ……………………… . He loves trying extreme sports. ADVENTURE 4. Pollution causes the ……………….. of turtles’ natural habitat. DESTROY 5. Solar power is ……………………… to the environment. HARM APPLY

C. Circle the correct answer. 1. If you’re not careful, you’ll get into…………… a. debt b. addiction c. contamination

2. We’ve got a solar ………….. on our diet will have improved in fifty years’ time. a. counter b. panel c. station

3. Children will you please………….? You’re being very noisy! a. calm down b. play up c. drive off

4. The lorry drove off quickly and I couldn’t see its………….. a. vehicle b. lane c. number plate

5. Julie wants to work in the design …………….. a. employment b. department c. payment E. Complete with the correct

conditional form of the verbs D.
Put the verbs in the correct form. 1. 2. 3. 4. Sharon ____________ (work) at a Where _______ Emma_______ Bella ___________________(talk) on Jerry _______________________ 1. If you had watched the news, you _____________ (hear) about the burglary. 2. Angela doesn’t want to come, but she ___________(call) me if she changes her mind. 3. What would you say if the boss ______________(come) in now? 4. If you ________________(finish) your homework, you will get in trouble. 5. If he ________________ (not miss) the bus, he _______________ (not be) late for work. 6. If I _________________ (study) more, I ______________ (pass) the exam. 7. Unless we ______________ (recycle) our rubbish, our town __________(be) dirtier. 8. If you left now, you __________________(arrive) there in time.

bank as a clerk. (live)? She _____ (live) in Exeter. the phone with Edward right now. (always / interrupt) Peter when he ___________________ (talk). 5. week. 6. Carly often _________________ (work) long hours, but today she __________________ (leave) work early. 7. 8. _______ you _______________ _______you_________(see) (finish) your story yet? Amanda? Actually, she ______________(leave) 5minutes ago. 9. John? 10. Brenda __________________ (cook) the dinner when Peter __________(come) home. 11.The thieves ____________________ (already/run away) by the time the How long ________________(know) Paul and Elena ___________________(get married) next

F. Write the sentences in the Reported into Speech.
1. “I’m expecting a baby”, said Marion to Patrick.

G. Rewrite the sentences Passive voice
1. Our football team plays a football match this week.

2. “We’ll speak later”, Lucy told me.


My father watched the film.

3. People all over the world speak English. 3. “Please, be quiet!”, said the teacher. __ 4. Someone will deliver our milk every day. 4. “Oh, I have a terrible headache”, said the little boy to his mother.

5. Roy is repairing the roof at the moment.

5. “Did you see Robin yesterday?”, Susan said.

H. Rewrite the sentences into the answer. Causative form

I. Choose the correct

1. My hairdresser dyed my hair last Sunday.

1. Could / Would I speak to the manager, please?

2. Luckily, they could / were able to solve the mystery in the end.
3. Excuse me, may I / am I able to use your phone? 4. Charlie can / could read quite well before he went to school. 5. Can / Shall I have a glass of water, please? 6. You shall / may leave now? 7. May / Would you open the door for me, please? 8. You mustn’t / don’t have to do the dishes. We’ve got a dishwasher. 9. Why don’t we ask him first?

2. Her secretary was tapping John’s documents.

3. My friend Jessica is sewing my dress at the moment.

4. The optician is going to test my eyes next Tuesday.

5. The porter took my bags to the bedroom.


The phone company will change my number in a few days.

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