The John J. and Hanna M. McManus and Morris N. and Chesley V. Young




Year 50c. Harry C. Devoted to the Interest of the Magician. PITTSBURGH. 1919. JULY. MAIL DEALERS AND THOSE EB WHO ARE AMBITIOUS. s m A little Magic now and then by the best of men. 406 North Side Station. Publisher. . PA. OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS. Schreck.REVELATIONS f . MAGICIANS. Is relished THIS MAGAZINE IS READ BY SHOWMEN. ESCAPE ARTISTS. Copy 5c.

you're a grafter. ETC. he missed his calling. for in show. If he dies young. «nd 5ANNA M. WRITE US WITH FULL PARTICULARS. and CHESLEY Y. if you don't get it. he can't get when he is big. If he poor. IF YOU HAVE LAND. he needs credit.. if he lived is to get it. When he is little. he was a future before him. you're a grouch. MeMANUS MOBEIS N.) The Philosophy of Life. there old age.(Page 2. if he is out of politics. you're a loafer. he takes no interest religion. is kiss him. GOODS OR ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SELL OR TRADE. he is a hypocrite. If he it. if he is prosperous. YOUNG Collection ^^^Mi^' Cttft-Oct. Company NORTH DAKOTA. is the big girls kiss him. INESS. you're a bum. if you WE DO NOT CLAIM TO HAVE ANY PARTICULAR CURE FO ALL THESE CRITICISMS BUT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY IN THE AGENCY. is he gives affection. if he is rich.^ Did it ever occur to you that a man's life is full of temptations ? He comes into the world without his consent and goes out against his will and the trip between is exceedingly rocky. if he does. The rule of contraries is one of the features of this trip. the little girls a bad manager. If a soft specimen. he if is no good it's to his country. Fox Mercantile BRAZIL. 1W& V / . everyone wants to do him a If he is in politics. it is a graft.. flMt ind JOHN J. he is dishonest. If he is actively religious. if you spend it. AND MAKE BARGAIN PRICES IF YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS. 12. if he cares for no one. he cold-blooded. BUSMANUFACTURING. he is a If hardened sinner. WE ARE IN A POSITION TO FIT YOU OUT. he is a stingy cuss. If he doesn't give to charity. SOMETIMES EVEN AT BETTER PRICES THAN THE FACORY WILL MAKE YOU FOR THE VERY SAME GOODS. you save money.

(Page 3. Below are the names and reliable. Suppose a spectator says both his cards are in the fourth row. the next as the fifth card of the second row. pairs placed — Performer turns in- performer who CAUSE — Performer memorizes the positions following Latin words and the of the different letters. We cards. All circulars must be sent prepaid. Performer gathers in the pairs at random. The next card (P) placed as third card of first row. Members will not exchange mailing with other mailers but will mail commission circulars with reliable firms. five cards in each row. The real thing boys. Membership fee pencil X here ( ) is blue $2. Satisfaction and Pleasure for the Busy Housewife. N. (By Orestes B. hands pack to deals ten pairs. & Freight.) Mailing capacity per month.50 1000-$2. in 6% U DEDIT C O C It will I M T U S S that there N O M E N be observed are ten pairs of letters. Each one is recommended to be Fox Mercantile Co.. N. in four rows. 100-20c. and bother and gives superior results with Ease. Circulars must be folded for mailing envelope. N. secured through our own advertising in numerous publications.00 a year. Rugby. Saves time. Brazil. 1000-$1. arid we feel sure we will retain you as a regular customer. A LATIN CARD TRICK. Senter) spectator shuffles EFFECT— A operate an extensive mailing bureau and are prepared to mail your circulars honestly and judiciously to live. examines and notes one of the pairs and replaces it on table backs up. Milwaukee. and so continue until the ten pairs of cards are placed on the ten pairs of letters.000. Worth Dollars. . Prevents worry. col- rart FOX MERCANTILE Brazil. We have 'em. they can't buy stamps on credit. the cards are the first card o fthe first row and the third card of the third row. Dak. 100-30c. Performer at once informs each spectator what cards he examined and noted. FORMULA FOR MAKING AND USING English Liquid Starch The Greatest Laundry Discovery of the Age. money and labor. Dak. remember. the next card is placed as second card (U) of the first row. (Ex.00 1000-$1. Each spectator tells performer in which row or rows his cards are. hence. the next card he places as the third card (M) of the third row. addresses of members of this association in good standing. The next card (U also) is placed as the fourth card of the first row. ' 100-12c. 100-15c. If you have a proposition you wish to try out. ART PHOTOS.) SYNDICATE MAILERS' ASSOCIATION. notice that your A membership fee for next year is now due and must be sent to the publishers of this magazine. then places the cards one at a time faces up. As performer picks up the pairs of cards from the table he places them back up in his left hand (no shuffling or cutting of the ten pairs). 309 Foster Bids. away while one or many spectators preferably many. fresh and reliable lot of names. The first card he places face up on the table and mentally recognizes it as being the first card (M) of the first row.. back up 3x6 4V2 x6 6x9 9x12 . Prices for Mailing. give our mailing service a trial. D. of course. Art lectors and dealers supplied. If a spectator says his cards are in the first and third rows the pair of letters in those rows is M. Only 50c. WILLIAMS. CO.50 discriminately on table. Stamp brings sample and proposition.. the cards he noted therefore are the first (C) and the third (C) of that row. 10.25 1000-$1. Wis. Send the cash for mailing.

(Page 4. N. without charge. add three to it. and assist you to the goal of SUCCESS. subtract 150 from the result. Finest Ever Issued. Rather use it for your next trick. D. 'round Opportunity Seekers. GET IN THE MAGIC GAME you want to know some MORE about oldest and most fascinating amusement in If Results Guaranteed. N. and after he has testified that he is sure it is broken. Postpaid. multiply the result by five." New Professional Catalogue. let him break the other one in the lining. number of living sisters. directions and instructions for escaping from a vault or safe are only $1. as this trick is new and but little known. N. B. but instead of letting the person break the marked one. If you have no idea. 3709 Olive Street. Performer is handcuffed and placed in a large vault with a combination lock. To produce the above effect. Display $4. 25c. Enclose stamp. the handkerchief is unrolled and the marked match handed back restored for examination and identification. CO. the left figure show the number of living brothers. The complete secret. $1. multiply the result by ten. reach Magicians. Sample of magazine and detailed plan for 5c. C. GEM MAGAZINE. I will create a successful business for you. BRAZIL. M. leaving vault locked and everything the same as before he entered. and superior to jail escapes. A. let me give you honest advice as to its merits. and don't put it in you pocket as soon as you finish the trick. in his own (performer's) Another person is requested to break the match. Can be performed in a bank or any newspaper office. PUBLISH A MAGAZINE By our new plan. Publisher. EXPERT ADVICE— FREE $$ THE BROKEN AND RESTORED MATCH.) A MYSTERIOUS ADDITION. Address. (By A. and I will prepare for you. by means of my exclusive business-building service. skillfully conducted departments give all the latest tricks of professional — magicians. MISSOURI. M. or in fact any place where there is a large vault or safe. No previous preparation or confederates. Waldheim Bldg.. EFFECT.00 an inch. add the number of living sisters. D. 708 Address us as per front cover.. sional magicians. SCHRECK. HARRY 2210-2212 East St.. and we will re-insert your ad in next issue FREE. add the number of deaths of brothers and sisters. BRAZIL. a valuable letter of advice and suggestions. If results • the the world. Mo. a word. DONALD HOLMES. and then place it handkerchief. . the middle figure will be the will The House of Originality. be careful not to let any- one get the handkerchief.50 a year. If you want to Showmen and all — FOX MERC. KANSAS $$ CITY. from your ad are not satisfactory within 30 days after date of publication. Kansas City. S. THE GREAT VAULT AND SAFE ESCAPE Excellent for newspaper advertising. place your proposition before the readers of THIS magazine they'll respond. write us. double it. Do not hesitate send along your ad TODAY. You can own a magazine of your own adn operate a good paying mail order business at practically NO COST.. locked by any one. under the handkerchief. Performer gets any person to take a match and mark it so they can identify it again. subscribe to "THE SPHINX" Can We A monthly magazine for amateur and profesin Say More? RATES— Classified 5c. Single Copy 15c. News letters from correspondents all parts of the world are a regular feature. Consult me at once. — would like to If you have an idea that you exploit. D. ABOUT THAT AD OF YOURS. place first a match in the border of your handkerchief so it can't fall out. Remember. as this will give your audience the idea of a prepared handkerchief.00. Pa. Some performers defy local merchants to have their own safes brought on the stage from which they escape easily and quickly. Fox) "HOLMES" MAGICAL APPARATUS " Take the number of your living brothers. and makes his escape. The right hand figure will be the number of deaths. Special. This escape act always gives a great deal of free advertising as it is a mystery even to safe experts. Pittsburgh. WILSON. Wrap up the marked match.

00 for three years. KWANG-KANG KEE WU HU GENUINE CHINESE TEA. is Mere words cannot describe the delicious Fragrance of this Golden beverage. Fox Mercantile BRAZIL. BRAZIL. The Illustrated Review contains about two hundred pictures selected from thousands of photographs giving the world's news by camera. Many of the reproductions will be full page size for framing. and no matter what grade of tea you have been using you never enjoyed such a Fragrant and Delightfully Satisfying beverage. DAK.00 a year. and we will send you a handsome Oriental Novelty. so send your order right away. for a full size package. N. quaint and curious. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. China. IT IS A MONTHLY REVIEW OF WORLD'S EVENTS. You should enjoy this tea. In original packages. Company NORTH DAKOTA. Free. . 36 issues. Tea from Hong Kong. PRICE FOR RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AS WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS ANY LENGTH OF TIME. value will have one of the most beautiful. We will receive subscriptions at the very low price of of $1. no ordinary tea.Page 5. postpaid. The World and its Happenings by Camera. A Special brand for discriminating people who must have the best. historical interest and intense enjoyment that has ever been produced. Only 25c. THE ILLUSTRATED REVIEW is published by the Wonderful Rotary Gravure Process which reproduce these actual photographs really finer than the Original Photographs. complete and wonderful libraries of World-wide information. and those so fortunate as to secure this real $5.

any time during the year. The editor has seen or subscribed to all the rest. Mo.00 $48. The journal will be published monthly. and its columns will be open to all for discussion and interchange of ideas on all subjects in the Magical and Business world. Illusionists and ADVERTISING RATES: Display. including postage prepaid to any address in the United States or Canada. Pittsburgh. Thurston is still convincing people that magic is the live-wire of the entertaining world. McClellan Shows." he knows. "THE SPHINX". The have their illusion Mysterious Cavetas show booked with the McClellan Shows. per inch Half Page One Page Classified 5c. Wilson. Houdini." Whatever you do.50 a year and worth it.. to foreign countries. L.00 $24. to visit the Pittsburgh Ass'n.(Page 6. A. with the J. per year. then should be good enough to do without exposing. 405 Fourth Ave. A fine crowd of jolly good felows whom you should meet. Their Japanese Fan Mystery is a novelty. If you are in Pittsburgh. is the largest. is making his second motion picture. per word. Pa. C. and doing a splendid business.. Is magic dead ? Ask our friend Hilliar of the "Billboa rd. the best and the breeziest magic journal published. MONEY FOR RENEWALS should be sent by subscribers directly to the publishers. The publication will be devoted to the dissemination of news of interest to those who are inclined to the practice of magic and its mysteries. Kansas City. We do not request Agents to collect money for renewals. It is a great volume of original effects. Hartley Bldg. it don't fail of Magicians organized for the promotion of Magic as an Art. NEW Our friend "Magical Ovette" is busy on his new book "Advanced Magic" book which should be in every magic lover's library. A. A. Conjurors as at present. Mrs. startling illusions and vaudeville "headliners. Thurston has been in town. T. in advance. Mystery Show and ball.. and those that have not are doing everything in their power to engage one.) | TERMS to this to "knock". Sample copy 15c. $1. but>-to "boost". caused probably by the brilliant illumination of the Lasky Studios at Hollywood. and those who are interested in up-todate business enterprises. M. published by Dr. at Room 19." For — SUBSCRIPTIONS may begin at sale at all dealers. to his friend. If a trick is good enough to do. N. and was among the honored guests at the N. M. but none of them can compare with the "SPHINX"— it has them ALL beaten. Thomas of Durham. Make it a rule never to expose a magic trick It is up to everyone interested in magic to put his shoulder to the wheel and help to better the conditions of the Magic Art. Joseph Zaino (the Count) is featuring his magic in his 7-inl Show. Cal. Dean Harry Kellar has just presented the psycho automaton. Is Magic Dead ? A. with which he created such a sensation years ago. has been suffering from a slight eye trouble. Never before was there such a de- mand for Magicians. where the 111. President of the S. cordial welcome is extended to all interested in the Art..00 THREE INSERTIONS ment of any Advertisefor the price of two. — A Meetings every second Wednesday and fourth Thursday evening each month. and 75c. $4. NOT THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE magazine is 50c. Houdini. Almost every outdoor show has a Magic Act this season. don't overlook "Advanced Magic. Ye all do likewise and this will be a grand old world. by the way. — Editorial With this issue the Editor doffs his hat and hopes that this publication may fill a long-felt want. C. Never before has the demand for Magicians exceeded the supply. is planning to take a full — — — It will be the policy of this magazine .

if he selects the first card. The three top cards are now counted off and laid face down upon the table. one on top of the other. Spectator now selects the card from the three upon the table. . This can easily be any manner. N. Performer writes a sentence upon a slip of paper. best in magic and escape acts. You will see the proof in the cleaned spark plugs. and to the person sending in FIVE yearly subscriptions at 50c. which brings the five of spades to the second card on top. Let him select one of the cards. the top and bottom cards of the heap are now taken and placed in the center of the deck. You now have the cards laid off in three heaps. Better subscribe pays for twelve issues for an entire year. Your advertisement inserted in our columns during the Summer months will keep the money rolling in. be shuffled and works like a cathartic. today—only —one each month 50c. FOX COMPANY.(Page 15. Even though you sumare going on a Summer vacation you must keep your proposition before those interested. when it T knocks. SECRET. Follow directions and the motor will do the rest. accomplished by turning the cards face towards you and sliding the first over a little so as to enable you to see the pip on the second card. prepaid. which will read the five of spades. The company will consist of a magician and illusionpresenting the ist and four assistants. We want you to be a booster and help us do it. bucks and overheats. (By Hayden) a examination. The first card will be the five of spades. but if he selects one of the other heaps force the last upon him. The five of spades is now on top. and you will get more power and more miles out of every gallon of gasoline. Ask the person with the slip of paper to read the name upon it. Now ask the spectator to select a heap and if he chooses a heap containing the five of spades take the other two away.—The pack of cards are EFFECT. This time. Have the spectators deal out three cards face down upon the table. ^i^Z^ LUBRICANT CARBON REMOVER SOLVES THE CARBON PROBLEM When your motor loses power. — you a year's sub- Now mer is the time to place your advertising. Send for a can of Lubricant Carbon Remover and pour two to four tablespoonsful into each spark plug hole. one heap of which they choose The cards in chosen heap are counted. Now let him count the cards face down. which may be the means of a successful future. common and unprepared in Performer hands them to no fake as the spectator really shuffles the cards. THE LATEST IN MIND READING. If he selects the second card. Better subscribe today. It Price. 7. Cards are handed back to the performer. take off the third card which will leave the five of spades. and while this is done the performer gets a glance of the second card from the bottom.—The performer hands common pack More Power with Less Gasoline of cards for . Agents wanted.) company on or about July This magazine is in a class by itself. take it and tell him to make another selection. and the five of spades is in the first heap or the last heap in the pile. D. You now place the pack upon the table face down and write the name of the second card (which we will say is the five of spades) upon the slip of paper and hand it to a spectator to hold. don't monkey with the carburetor. Now have the spectator take the top and bottom card and place them in the middle of the heap. $1. as each number contains at least one business plan or valuable magical secret. and this card is found to correspond w ith the name on the paper. we will give scription free. We want to go "over the top" with our subscriptions. playing the best theaters thru the South. BRAZIL. and has the pack thoroughly shuffled as often as the audience may like. Cards are now taken back and a person is asked to cut the cards into three heaps. until he has counted all of the cards in the heap. requesting him not to read the slip until asked. Every can guaranteed.

New book.. Chicago. Watch your expenses in the side line make your plans lay out Each. "The Stewart Simplified Method any body to imitate birds. Feature acts in Mind Reading and spiritualism. but take the general average—their success comes from selling goods that people want. without him. fowls. Irving. an original selling plan and a "crackerjack" advertising "copy". etc. An advertising expert a successful business builder. so we let them be the judge. gripping. Does the Job as Nice as Any Barber in a quarter of the time. 111. bound It any Aim to grow. If you have no ideas for an original business consult an expert in this line. It's RE-ORDERS that put the business on a paying basis. Lasts a lifetime. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY Brazil. HAIR this can CUT you can COMB your your own hair with you mar- success as sellers. Make some money on the side. L. and if you can hold your customers from year to year. Address all orders to..00. Any padlock and key used. — — your advertising campaign with the same careful thought that a larger business would require. — — With two Locks $1..Page 8. we are the ones to get in touch with As a "Special" this month we offer our WONDERFUL WRIST SHACKLE Nothing like it ever offered by anyone. BRAZIL.) CO. 'WHAT TO SELL' (By Schreck) CUT YOUR OWN HAIR with the Utility you stop to think. takes capital of course it does. Saves its cost first time used. 37 imitations complete.. is an absolute necessity in any business. BOOKS & SUPPLIES. A fortune awaits the man who enters the field with a new product. Agents Wanted. Furnished in nickle finish. Extra Blades 5c. is Our line of new and used magic the YOU complete ever housed under one roof. any desired length. AMUSE YOURSELF. there are a number of novelty and specialty houses that are recognized money makers. that they can pay for. If cannot follow this path without assistance. a typical card sleight. It is an excellent plan to use your small capital in a small business on the side until you have sufficient money to get into the business on a basis. or unusual magic supplie?. entertaining. Write today for our 52-page magic bargain list. agency business some day. or standard stuff at a little lower price than generally catalogued. honest value. 72 West CO. FOX CO. . N.. or perhaps a rare book. Price Only 35c. steamboat whistles. Performer is chained and padlocked around wrist by audience. D. to get in the genuine mail order or — Can be used as an ordinary razor to shave the face or finish around temple or neck. musical instruments. of Mimicry and Parlor Amusement" enables ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS. then. Prompt shipments Large illustrated professional catalog 10c. B. the majority of successful mail order houses sell goods that are really useful. animals. A truly marvelous Escape. patter v/ritten. Sent for 5c. S. with mouth and hands CHICAGO MAGIC Dept. If not the finest you ever saw. you would be like a ship without a rudder you simply can't steer for the port of prosperity. H. — You Can Cut at Home the Children's Hair in a Jiffy. reliable business requires capital. return and get your money. 25c. yet he is out before they could dream it was possible. etc. Sharpened like any razor. 1113-5 So. by all means consult a reliable advertising man and you and your business will soon reach the goal of prosperity and success. Cuts the hair short or long. ventroloquist figure. Adams Street. That is what visiting magicians say. Best quality. allow him to create an exclusive business for you and also prepare the necessary IF that is YOU WANT MAGIC — out of the ordinary. Chicago. Give your customer the attention they would get if you were face to face with them. Shackles can be passed for examination. every day articles that don't depend on novelty for their If If Hair Cutter. 111. before your own mirror. MAGIC TRICKS. If your goods are worth the money good. H. most — — GILBERT MAGIC (Dept. . convincing. postpaid. 75 Cents. no instrument necessary. A splendid evening's entertainment. business-getting advertising literature required to make your business a success. goods which will produce a reorder. True. Postpaid. you need no psychologist to tell you that your business is velous invention. Large stock. North Dakota.

the 75c. Dak..00 per acre. to $2. N. Forces every air cell into action. Dak. SPOTTS. Wonderful Hindoo Magic Secrets of 12 other good tricks sent prepaid. Brazil. Only 15c. HOW TO JUGGLE— 2 . Dak. Three insertions for the price of Two. each. TILE CO. jewelry conalso sisting of ring. FOX MERCAN- you have Land. Buffalo. $1. have several hundred pair high and low top. supplies to purchase no investment required. Write us. circulation and commission allowed. Chicago.. Dak. REAL ESTATE at bargain for large illustrated catalogue. 2c. two fine lots in TILE El Paso.. shoes. THE NATIONAL MONTHLY INCOME PLAN— Writing lists of names at home. writes valuable messages. or will exchange for merchandise. 121. BARGAIN BOX. N. we do not guarantee each box to contain the same. N. . N. ladies' and men's hosiery. only 50c. Brazil. or other ticulars.. plated spoons. N. for inside wiring. FOX MERCANTILE CO. Brazil. N. Dak. balanc. Regular selling price from $3. No Ad accepted for less than 20 words. butter knife. As our supply of goods used to make up these Bargain Boxes vary. Sent prepaid. MERCANTILE FOX NILO'S COMPLETE COURSE IN PARLOR AND STAGE MAGIC— Full working instructions closing out remainders special price $1. B. builds bigger models. ing combinations. double twisted. Dak. FOX MERCANTILE CO. Omaha. N. N. FOX MERCANTILE CO.. : . If kerchiefs.00. Brazil. Brazil. descriptive sample free. State what proportions you have for Hard and Soft water. All Ads are set in uniform style. Contains hand- TEN ACRE TRACT ten acre grape in Isle of Pines also a fruit grove with 500 trees also .. 270 acres under plow for sale. GEM ADVERTISING AGENCY. Louis. cigars. FOX MERCANTILE CO. now SET. Dak. . N. Selling fast. D and E. A scientific toy. WANTED MISCELLANEOUS WANTED. Kalamite Laundry Marvel. D. North Dakota.00 class. Brazil. or anything you want. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WE BRING Buyer and Seller together. etc. Dak.00. JOHN ALFRED regular price $3. or anything you want to sell or trade. Brazil.. Brazil. 3c. and Books WE MEN. under wholesale price. ...) CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements under this heading Five Cents Per Word. plates. and make right prices if you want to do business. 2 Set and manual of instructions only . EASTERN FARMS prices. Texas. Pub. N. teaches deep true breathing. STONE. CO.00. LADIES and CHILDREN! Fine shoes. postpaid. CO. FOX MERCANTILE CO. . Ma- MYSTO ERECTOR the construction toys toy.. but we would be pleased to have you state about what you would like best and we will get as near to what you select as possible. Sent prepaid. . Lesson in Ventroloquism Wonderful Mindreading Test. FOX MERCANTILE CO. St. MISCELLANEOUS LITTLE Breathing Tester tones up the entire system. Dak. FOX MERC. CO. write us. . stamps bring full par1923 West Madison Street. FOX MERCANTILE CO. . some of these shoes in the $7. eggs spinning. Machinery. NEWSPAPER and Magazine Publishers! Send us your advertising rates. answers any question. FOX MERCAN- Send AMERICAN A. expands chest to fullest capacity. GEM MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE to 12 balls. Dak. N. 411 West Terry. Addresses are counted and initials and numbers count as words. . Puts more oxygen in your lungs. Any amount. Vaudeville Pointers latest complete book. patented. mostly small sizes and on narrow last. Mo. 320 ACRES of fine land. MARTELL. delivered. gic Tricks.(Page 9. BOOKLET NO. Price $50.50. Brazil. Complete Hooprolling Act.00 while the present stock lasts for only 50c. C. kind. Brazil. Neb. Goods. has more parts for your money than any similar No. Brazil. hats. CARL .00 . 3822 McDonald Ave. without display.00 to $5. Makes more models. Brazil. N. explains fully Lesson in Ventroloquism Greatest teacher alive free with each book. Orders filled in rotation and if stock is exhausted before your order is reached we will return your money.. Only $1. postpaid.$2. Address. Dak..50 per pair and if you have a foot that will fit this class and sized We it will pay you big to buy from this stock. per foot. We are closing out at from 50c. write us with full particulars..00 or $8. also sample copy. JOLE MARTIN. Brazil. Extra Heavy 2 bushel grain bag.00. This is lc. 2 to 6 clubs. If you are long on this product and want to unload. As this is a co-operative magazine your Ad will also appear in all other magazines besides this one. Address. ladies combination set. . No work 111. ELECTRIC WIRE. FOX MERCANTILE CO.. SPIRIT PENCIL— Advises you on all affairs of life. i BOOKS SEND prepaid a number of Magazines to the value of about$2. Widths run A. E. etc.. the leader among all offered in America or Europe. Great Handcuff and Fire Eating Acts How to Hypnotize.

SCHRECK ENTERPRISE. Each 50 cents. Pa. Santa Barbara. Moody. or of every card in . Best write a also will white paper 8V>xll used. Penna. F. THE GREAT "PSYCHO-CENTRIC" ACT. N. Compact Use. The cuffs will stand rn examination before and after the trick is performed and we have lately perfected same so that no apparatus of any kind is used in making the escape. detect from personal letters. and is left in full view audience the performer steps off the stage the of or into another room and INSTANTLY and CORlocation of as RECTLY names cards as are named.. 50. SCHRECK ENTERPRISE.. 25c. A parlor perform- EXACT MANY 754 Valencia Street. Psycho-Centric once learned. GREAT PROHIBITION. Letterhead and letter complete $3. Highly recommended for stage cents. . Do. PERFECT IMITATION TYPEWRITTEN HI MO a LETTERS. Apt. No apparatus.TO»id QUALITY QUICK PRINTING. by Van ders of the 20th Century.(you don't need one with The wiled hand.. Still he can quickly and instantly make his escape. for full particulars and sample copy Magical Bulletin. always known. no stacking. FOX COMPANY. . . 406 No. when properly guided and given the nelaxity of cessary "push". California. You forceful letter for SI. water escape. TUBE drying little m KIMO comes so COLLAPSIBLE which prevent! :-» Squeeze a U Pout onto the shoe Present Top Money Getter for All Mystery Acts and Concession Men. . TRICK— Good. WONDERFUL CARD .Side . . side-show effect. A nal of the world. paid. HANDCUFF TRICK EXTRAORDINARY This handcuff trick has baffled the Police Departments of the world. Psycho-Centric is not a long-winded out-pour- ing of some crude fantastic theory. . per- PRESTO PRINT & PUB. Psycho-Centric illustrates the 403 North Side Station.50 per 1000. with which an entire card act can be performed. staee. Mass. Pittsburgh. and no preparation is ever necessary. An amateur or beginner can create a reputation with this deck a professional can almost perform miracles. Los Angeles.. Letterheads is Shoe Polish Outfit Clean • or typewritten letter alone $2. THE MAGIC MIND GUIDE— for we diversion shall offer with playing cards. That Hard to what our customers say about them. Tone. Send 10c. A pair of Bean handand wrists. It is a full deck of fifty-two cards. college professor. Pa. free. — — the deck. 42c P fua. Kt *. JAIL BREAKING. N. Cal f. BRAZIL.. ACT. thi. T Send us your "copy" and get our prices haps we can save you money.75 per 1000.00 including 1 pair handcuffs. is cut as many times as desired. 25c.. . Psycho-Centric has come to stay. No piling up and repiling.. no peeial deck nor "pal". The handcuffs can be used in a nude test.. California. and gives you a Shine a 334 S. Pa. Give them a trial. They are really wonderful. . for THREE THE PSYCHO-CENTRIC PRESS. but a concise and clear plan to build up in the mind. vivacity and self-confidence. Effect is as ~An ordinary deck of cards is shuffled. will find them real business builders. 2504 Brownsville Road. special and activities. "transforming the parlor circle into a stage" as has been aptly said. Cards ara simply passed around by anyone a few and later performer locates the to each person holder of any card called for. DE LAND'S CARD LOCATOR. We A. It is with all orders this new for Psycho-Centric. Brilliant .-. for great no skill required THE YELLOW STAR NOVELTY CO. 50 use.. 10c. CO. Pittsburgh. Always Ready I 'or No you more bo boxes - to brrj!: the nail* for . No confederates. preDOLLARS. WVlte. For ashort time "'card-seeing" Guide. Special price $5.. San Pedro St. G. D. . Easy and very sensational. KIMO) nomuM T prevent. MERCADO & BROS.-'- • "u'eiy pacited in hand- C ' CfmpletBlark. Los Angelas. thereby giving a gratifying range scope to your already alert faculties. It brings your mental power up to date and makes a slow acting mentality (which may be powerful but dormant) into a condition of snap.-I. Side Station. contriof this entirely automatic..— An up-to-date mental exhibit. 25c. Lowell. Psycho-Centric has been priced at $5. CO. most astounding stage or ance can be given with the aid vance. cuffs are locked on the performer's the key holes are sealed. . KIMO Mil THAYER. club. Exclusive . No dirty all bruah . <V Pol. An intelligent boot-black can learn to perform as well as i. Beside. Directions. tions which enables anyone to perform the most seemingly impossible and varied tricks without any previous knowledge of sleight-of-hand. Tyrone. H. FOX MERC. but we will send both the Guide and Psycho-Centric. D..*-. 524 S.Page 10. and the cuffs will be found still locked and sealed. They are accompanied by a page of printed direc- Show Tricks Exposed. Secrets. BRAZIL. KIMO OUTFIT consists of COLL A PSIBLE TU BE of blacking Each patent"! apfiih !' na rait] »nd«. no practice or follows: sleicht of hand is required. The Magic Mind Guide is just hari-kari performs and out (copyrighted If 19) with playing cards. Magic You Can 10c.i '. A startling longrange mind concentration. sure escape is a necessity. Pittsburgh. 25c. Art Wizard Wonder Book. power of mind to off-set memory. WonBlack 10c. TRUDEL. the leading Magical Trade Jour- THE TALKING BUDDHA THE WORLD'S GREATEST MYSTERY. or any place where a quick. Each.

. It cried lustily all thru INSTANTANIA By V.29. set complete. Vaudeville Mysteries. C. Send for your copy today. Chicago. Spiritualistic Productions. while giving my two hours' mystery show catalog 10c.00 extra". etc. as potassium or sodium.- "VAUDEVILLE MAGIC. They succeeded in squelching the baby. say sulphuric acid. executing the and place The chemicals can be procured from any reliable chemist. he remarked: "Stick a pin in the baby. 250 full size good Bond-Letterheads or Envelopes Large Satisfaction guaranteed. they had brought it along.Page IX. III. LUSTIG. Oshkosh.nedzie Superior Printing Co. you ask him to take a card from the pack. (he says A A drop will hang on off into effect. PRICE ONLY $1. When the tiniest drop of acid is added to the litmus it instantly turns to a bright blue. menced. Professional Professional size only. Containing the very Card Tricks. ATTENTION. Mind Reading. you know. Explanation — On receiving back the . We J will print in two-colors of ink and send prepaid. entertainment. the young father leaned over his wife and said: "How do you like the show?" "Rotten!" was the reply. My bills read. then. Wis. iaioc «„j •«> l»l5K>. Prmtinq JUST TO tention when a baby cries among the auudience. Get our price on assortment of Samples 3c. MAGICIANS can supply you with the best and easiest manipulating Billiard Balls in use at the present time. requesting him to count off a number of cards from the top and remember the card and at what number it is from the top. The best way to get the acid in the glass is to have a little dish of any acid. Please mention where you saw this Ad.00— it's really worth twenty-five. Then ask him what number his card was. and the sixth card is not his card. "Babies in arms $5. SCHRECK'S We STORIES. The red liquid in the glass is known as "red litmus". which is the mystifying part of the trick. to- He was silent for a moment. In using these Billiard Balls it is easy to make the last one vanish. BRIDGEPORT. In this great volume of Original Effects will be found the VERY LATEST in astounding Mysteries and Illusions. A young man had taken his wife to witness SHOW YOU my wamawaatmrnmacmamsM what we can do for you in Printing. By Thurston. and as there was no one to look after the baby." A Book for Magical Entertainers by Magical Entertainers. it in your pocket. All went well for a time. The usher notified them to that effect. for only $1. leaning over again. Should the performer wish to go further and turn the litmus which has become blue. At the close of this act I called an usher back in the stage telling him to keep the baby quiet or the party would have to leave the hall and get their money back. Thes Billiard Balls are far superior to any other make. it. The performer simply waves his wand above it and it suddenly turns bright at blue. K. pack of cards is handed to a person. CONN. They are made from Pryalin Ivory. Empire Theatre.. dip it in the acid. Only a limited number of copies will be published. other printing. five minutes after the last act had comthe first act. ONE OF HARRY Some years ago. I was interrupted during my first act by a crying baby. latest in DAVID T. Allison. (Author). until it is shaken desired the glass. Then. and we guarantee satisfaction. But this one got by. concealed behind your table." You have probably already guessed that the secret lies in the fact that chemicals are employed. Price. it's very annoying for any performer to get atin a CO. back to red it is only necessary to add a small quantity of an alkali. Count off six cards. Just before you take up your wand to wave it over the glass. sixth). $2. A MYSTIFYING CARD TRICK. wards A glass of bright red liquid is shown any distance at all from the audience. Let him look through the pack and he cannot find it. OAKS MAGICAL Wisconsin town. After receiving the pack.00. then take the card from your pocket and it is his card.

note-size for $2. postage. Prepared Ink to Write on the Multisimply it plying Letter-Writer. and its A THE MULTIPLYING LETTERWRITING. palm off the card. You can sell the postal-card size for $1. When you have copied all you want. you can use in another trick later on. and he will only charge you 1c. If his card was the sixth. which is his card. While it is warm." —Boston Transcript. Take any quantity you choose of fine gelatine. others. and. purple or crimson and mix it with one pint of water. have provided a number of shallow tin dishes. "Has our client a good case?" "Good for several thousand dollars. by a gentle heat. and put it in a small bottle that holds about 4 tablespoonfuls. which is not his card. for each. or a lodge. and mix them together. until it becomes quite soft (but not dissolved in the water). and place it in your pocket.Page cards. is she?" "The kind that everybody says will make a good wife for somebody some "What sort of a girl day. on a small piece of board.00. If the pad should happen to get broken or cracked. when it will be found. They will set into a strongjelly. gently pressing it. It is best to let the pans stand two or three days. Now. This letter apparatus is far superior to a printing press.00. for instance. and will level itself again. wants to send 100 notices to his customers. and it is ready for another. A — warm it until it turns liquid. you can make you choose. a bottle. you are sure to make money and get rich. Any tinsmith can make them for a few cents each. take a sponge and wipe it off the composition. next is looking at the card. Now. if a letter be written with the prepared ink (the receipt of which is given below) one hundred copies of the same letter can be made by simply laying the letter on the compo- advantages are numerous. and glycerine" about one-fourth of an inch thick. the size of a sheet of note-paper. you place a palmed card on top of the pack or slip a card from the bottom to the top. as he or she can sell the apparatus to nearly every merchant or storekeeper. Then again. In the summer time it is better to use a little more gelatine than glycerine. uniformly and evenly. and soak it a short time in cold water. This ink also answers for rubber hand-stamps. After he has looked through the pack. and allowing it to remain for two or three minutes. or letter-size for $3. Now. and moisten it with a few drops of this ink. some made the size of a postal card. letters or notes. and be as good as ever. Get one ounce of analine. and. in this case While he it is six. in a clean pan place the softened gelatine. which seldom occurs. as there are many hundred percent profit. and they cost you about 5c. If you tack. it is now the seventh.' sition. and don't let him see Count off it. just go to you postmaster and show him these when printed. the number of cards he says. and others the size of a letter-sheet. Pretty Good. lay your tin disheson a table that is level. have them made with a lid to lift on and off (the lid is to keep out dust when not in use). and in the winter a little more glycerine than gelatine. and one teaspoonful of molasses. instead of paying 3c. in the pans. or. 20 or 50 friends. instead of writing 100 letters he prints them from his pad. or the electric pen. then pour off all the water that easily drains from it. all the impressions The Kind. Now. dissolve it until it is perfectly fluid.00. 3 or 4 layers of old cloth. or if you repeat the trick you can palm this card and place it on top of the pack. one ounce of alcohol. can In this recipe alone there is a small fortune for any man or woman of ordinary intelligence. and pour into them your mixture of gelatine. upon lifting off the letter. Now. It answers for postal cards. black. add to it just about the same quantity of glycerine as there is of dissolved gelatine. and gently press the rubber stamp — on it. or the manifold letter-writer. by which about one hundred letters be copied from a single letter. . and you can easily take from Y5 to 100 copies from the pad. place your hand in your pocket and bring out the palmed card is still in your pocket which card. tradesman. Now let him take any card from the pack. requires to send out notice the pad does the business in half an hour. an immense saving of postage is made. 12. These you sell for 50c. all you have to do is to place clean sheets of paper on the composition." —Detroit Free Press. that a com- plete facsimile of the writing has been produced.

and will prove a phenomenal seller. who are fortunate enough to secure a thousand or two of these wonderful books. The book is size £xl2 with flashy. Spirit Medium's Tricks.Page 13. will undoubtedly "clean up" in a short time. All Can Please you as Well as Other — Work Delivered Prepaid. If you have twenty men in twenty different shows selling these books for you on a 25 percent commission basis. I am acquainted with a man who has been running a 6 line advertisement for almost two years. Side Show Acts. should bring you a peck measure full of coins per week. you general hustlers. We — with wonderful success. should net any hustler hundreds of dollars weekly.00 PER MAN. Telepa- — This idea alone without including the mail order possibilities. Mind Reading. — thy. This "MYSTERY BOOK" includes all of these features. priced at $1.. secure the "book privilege" in Send your copy and get our estimate on any job you may have and see what we can save you on good work.. permanent customer. and arrange a "top-notch" money producing "spiel" without charge. and you had better not pass — — — this by. WINNER" FOR MYSTERY MEN your still. and. or a total of $1200. A We MAIL ORDER CUSTOMERS. andI am going to "put you wise" right now.00. attractive title page. made by some of their largest wholesale clients in the belief that it would hurt their sales. and each man sold only 1000 copies per week (and this is figuring mighty low) your profits each week would amount to something like $60.. me at 2210-2212 East St. offering a combination joke book. Vaudeville Mysteries. right from the publishers. local vaudeville theatre.. Address S. Ventroloquism. N. and it costs you just a trifle over l^c. or better AND MAIL DEALERS. permanent customers. - Better LESS Printing for MONEY. the publishers are forced to discontinue this end of the business. and an A-l mailing list of satisfied. valuable and mysterious mysteries Fortune Telling. and afford to throw in a few inexpensive puzzles with each purchase. Schreck) peruse a copy of the "Billboard" of Cincinnati. BRAZIL. and get a privilege with one of the many carnival and circus mystery shows and illusion shows now on the road. Handcuff Escapes. owing to the objections to them etc. you mail dealers. Hypnotism. at actual cost of the paper alone $15. entering the Retail end of the business. (By Harry C. Gambler's Secrets. Pa. theatres. One of the foremost publishers in the field is just issuing one of the greatest ever originated. Pittsburgh. This is good good for a snug bank account.00 per copy. Illusions and other features which have sold as high as ten dollars each. are all trying' to control such mail order "leaders" which "flood" the advertiser with dimes and secures for him a pleased. per copy. Ohio. similar book could not be issued for less than $70. and containing rare. A small electrotyped advertisement a offering the combination at dime or even 25c. Or. you schemers. Fire Eating Secrets. You have the opportunity to purchase this "crackerjack" book of Mysteries. DAK. Similar combinations have been sold in circus side shows. but. You could operate the idea yourself or furnish the combinations on consignment to those already employed in the manu magic and illusion shows on the road. a few post cards and a puzzle and the orders he receives each morning are enormous. and will be pleased to assist any Schemer in developing above ideas into a complete selling plan. for books not one-fiftieth as meritorious as this one are making good money then why not this one? I am selling this book by this plan right along with wonderful success and know whereof I speak. Jail Breaking. The requisite in publishing a book is to have something good to put into the book something of value and of great interest.00 per thousand books. just l%c. "MYSTERY BOOKS" With the proper "spiel" you can just unload them at each performance. Spiritualism. Gem Magazine N.00 per thousand in enormous quantities. Sell the entire lot for a dime. LET US FIGURE ON YOUR WORK. . It is such '"leaders" that are in great demand.

ever offered in any adding machine. money and mental effort.50. Ithaca. Ind. Bucyrus Co. St.. I would be at a less without your adder on my desk. It is perfection in every sense of the word. It is a wonder.. I sold one before I left the postoffice. Saves Time and Brain Work. Everyone who sees it likes it. This machine proved to be one of the best time-savers I ever owned. Springfield. Folsom. can make remarkable time on it. O.. Morrissey. Send Post Office M. College Ave. N. . For Adding-Subtracting-Multiplying Just a save. Order a sample machine at once and receive Agent's prices. it in the big- Whole Numbers-Fractions-Decimals Few of the Many Unsolicited Recommendations We Have Received. B. expensive machine. Gregg. A. Lark. PREPAID. Indispensable for Anyone Having Adding of Any Kind to Do> What this machine will actually do for you. a thoroughly experienced accountant I have used the costliest adding machines and want to say that you have the simplest and most compact adding machine I have ever seen. NORTH DAKOTA. Augustine. I addit — and J. — tried out your adder in comparison with a $450 machine and yours ed faster. and your customers will thank you and help make sales by advertising you. what it will really time. Utah. 111. Foundry Supt. I have used one of your machines for a year and a half. as it can be depended upon to do its work properly. E. 3. Y. Fla. a class of 50 I sold six of your machines in an hour and sold 22 out of students. —Address Fox Mercantile Company BRAZIL. Ohio Copper Mining Co. makes gest value. HERE IS THE BEST LOW PRICED ADDING MACHINE ON THE MARKET The Bassett Automatic Adder No. W. then order a supply and get some of that easy money in profits. Reduces Costs. I am more than delighted with use it all the time. Geo. dollar for dollar. O. K. As — — — Your adders received and must say they are 0. 303 complete and worth more than twice what you ask. I got my money's worth the first day.Page 14. The work your machine will do is just as accurate and easy as on a big. South Milwaukee. Bedford. I think it is very Lyle T. L. Wis. W. considering its very low cost. Eliminates Errors.. Cooper. P. Cole. for this wonderful adder and if not as represented we refund the money. B. Box 177. — Get One of These Practical Adding Machines k TODAY! PRICE $2. Nobody who has any adding to do can afford to be without one. Schartel. H. MAKES ADDING EASY FOR ANYONE. For me yours is quicker and handier. I have shown it to several and all say it is wonderful.

This complete secret. $1. He to the top and sits upon the holds in front of him a large parasol. the vicissitudes of ALL MAGICIANS of experience. painted the target. Full of pointers and Magician of experience. ! 75 FEET OF Call up better than what it sounds. THE WONDERFUL TRUNK ESCAPE Thrilling. different from all the rest. A side-splitting article depicting vicissitudes of a struggling magician who has been all through the MILL. ants bring out a ladder. in essence. Presto The assistant has vanished. Any a is apparently hypnotized and placed on couch. Order from your dealer or from the author. 6. CARD TRICKS. you cannot afford miss this great book of Original Magic and Mysteries. Miscellaneous. NUT. And have a chance to learn these mysteries.Page 15.50 PER COPY. Box 72. Whether you are a lover of magic or a performer. MAGIC BAG CHEWING. BOYS! LEARN EIGHT OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST MYSTERIES! often have you wished that you knew how to fake a pair of handcuffs from your wrist. ESCAPE FROM ROPE Even Price 25 Cents Each. No fake bottom or other appliances. Part where you strike over on the other fellow at 3. troubles.00. by SPOTS HOT PRICE $1. ILthe ambitious and enterprising maaspires to fame and a competence will find the right material for his purpose in reminiscences of a 5. It is what is contained between the covers that makes MAGIC in magic circles the event of 1919. Part 2. to become a sharpshooter. BRAZIL. break away from ropes. safe or now at last you vault. as below Part 1. Is nowhere to be found. DAK. N. The escape is made quickly and easily. Attend- them all. MAGICAL OVETTE. or the Entire Eight Mysteries. No The per- THE EXCELSIOR ROPE TIE Just listen to this Each wrist is tied separately with a stout cord. The subject is seen to rise in the air until he or she is floatin in space. This article alone is worth more than the price of the book— DON'T MISS IT Between Shows. You will enjoy this immensely as it portrays the MIRROR of experience which vividly reflects. and to the extreme surprise of every one. Watch them sweat in their endeavor to make it escape proof. Part 4. Invite strict examination. Hurry an order today. from A to Z. Cords are passed around and around and tied at the back. Here is where you put it close range. TABLES. THE CRACK MARKSMANSHIP ACT Of course you've seen the wonderful marksman or sharpshooter. the immense subject matter is classified in SIX departments. by A. to resemble a traget. BUT a veritable GOLD MINE of ORIGINALITY! A life-long source of Inspiration and profit. INADVANCED MAGIC. Then in the twingling of an eye you can free yourself. Here is an almost inexhaustible vein (contributed). How — — — THE GREAT HAND-CUFF TRICK confederates or fake handculTs used. and an endless source of information and gratification to its lucky owners. This will solve your table A ADVANCED MAGIC ADVANCED of solid \91 to NUGGETS. "ADVANCED MAGIC" is not a mere keepsake or toy soon to become tired of OH. Part ORIGINAL MAGIC ACTS AND Part NO — LUSIONS. The escape can be made in less than two minutes. It is very easy to do. "Cracker jack" Book of Original Magic by "Magical Ovette". You make a few passes over the body. Presto you are free. can be learned in a few THE ESCAPE FROM A SAFE OR VAULT The performer is handcuffed and placed in a safe or vault.. hypnotize people. but the regular kind such as are in use by the police everywhere. Other cords are tied around the knees and legs. Surprising. THE VANISHING ASSISTANT Here is New. escape from a trunk. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. And then. locked by any one. New. Mystifying. tie a committee to you in any way they see fit. NEW JERSEY. . minutes' time. It's very easy. gician who ! this section. An exhibit that one thrills THE MARVELOUS LEVITATION ACT a mystery with a punch. : ! former is handcuffed and then locked in a trunk from which there seems to be no possible chance to escape. The assistant ascends top rung. You fire at which falls to the floor. DUNDEE LAKE.

Page 16.00 and this is not an exceptional case. silver or THRIFT STAMPS. tastiest and most delicious stuff ever appearance the famous "Coney Island Crisp" but beats it a hundred miles as a fine morsel. but is itself a fuel. liquid or paste. "Sugarine" is pure and harmless and costs less to use than sugar at 2 cents a pound. "Sugarine" is highly concentrated :— One drop is enough for a cup of coffee. N. It can be made in three forms: Powder. YOU NEED A WINNER! If you want to manufacture something for which there is a growing demand. circular and where to get supplies. BRAZIL. "8UGARINE" A "SUGARINE" IS THE MODERN SUBSTITUTE FOR SUGAR.20 worth night after night his sales ran from $6. Making "CHOO-CHOO" makes you independent of hard times. DAK. Stop buying coal and wood. without any special apparatus. you can get boys and girls or agents to sell it for you. boycott the trusts. Send 50 cents today right now before you home We — — forget it. and its manufacture can be carried on successfully in any kitchen with such utensils as are usually kept there. In one night in a little town in Indiana a boysold $19. puddings. Takes the place of granulated sugar for coffee. N.00 worth of "CHOOCHOO". cocoa.00. No strings to this most libera] offer ever made. make your own fuel and make money selling it to others. 75c. BRAZIL. all sent ONLY 25c. GET BUSY with this money maker! The 3 Formulas for making "Sugarine" in powder. It resembles in "CHOO-CHOO" FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. You don't have to make a new customer to make another sale. Prepaid for The Original Formula and Instructions as Sold for $2. Store people and merchants round your town will help you push it if you tell them about it. Remember. worth of material makes $4. DAK . tasted. this is not a common fire-kindler or fuel-saver. festival. Will sell at every fair. convention. CONSUME Sell "CHOO-CHOO" and you sell something that the people and that the same people want to buy over and over again. The formula for "FUELO" has never been offered before for less than $25. winter or summer. It is a money maker. "CHOO-CHOO" is new and is the result of years of study and experiment by an experienced confectioner.00. picnic or street show in town or country. pies and other purposes. You buy all ingredients in your own town. you can REAP A GOLDEN HARVEST. If you don't want to sell it yourself. mail you complete instructions for 50 cents. Owing to the scarcity of sugar SUBSTITUTE for your own use. for Making in Your Own Kitchen Without Spending a Penny for Extra Tools. word word.00 to $12. liquid or paste form. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. is better than coal. DAK. OHOO-OHOO is for the daintiest. coke or wood and is very easily made in your own at less than half the cost of coal. tea. BRAZIL. also copy for label. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. STOP That BUYING COAL AND WOOD! "FUELO" IS A NEW FUEL. cakes. N.

. Write for Our Illustrated Catalogue. 50c. — NOW — . DeLand's DeLand's DeLand's DeLand's Card Locator Three Card Monte Phantom Cards Papel Blanco . Free •"W^S^t/WSSVSSVSSVWW Special Proposition to Dealers.. L. A cards. mous deck of secret marks The fa- 52 cards containing over 12. DeLand's Changing Spots 10c. The©. A De Land's Card Locator. DeLand's Spotter 10c . DeLand's Disappearing Spots 10c. DeLand's Best Creations and Have the Following to Offer: DE LAND'S DOLLAR DECK.Page 17. 15 $1. PLAINFIELD. Each and every plan is so concisely outlined. SECURE YOUR FREE COPY by sending your 50c for a year's subscription to this "crackerjack" publication twelve big issues and each issue worth a dollar at least. . don't overlook it. Also instrucDeLand's LATEST Magical Creations A "cracker$1. full most deck of 52 astounding $1. ADAMS COMPANY. CARDS Copyrights and Sole Rights of Mr. in every detail. 50c 10c 10c Our Line Comprises Over One Hundred JOKES. Our next number will be a "hum-dinger". INCLUDING FULL DIRECTIONS.00 THE FOLLOWING SMALLER TRICKS ARE CONTAINED IN INDIVIDUAL ENVELOPES. so. IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION To this lively up-to-date Monthly.. S. feet wonderful the "marked" back. which can be worked successfully in connection with the feature business mentioned above. that a paying business can be started from the very start. ADDRESS THE PUBLISHERS. we will send TWELVE issues for 50c one each month. a copy of our $5. Another new creation with marked backs.00 DAISY CARDS. jack" tions for performing Mr. J.00 business course just off the press. MAGIC AND PUZZLES. MAGIC We Have Purchased Plates. . . with director for the Magical "stunts". and as a supplement we "throw in" Twelve Complete Business Plans and Ideas.00 deck which can be "read" from away NIFTY CARDS.000 $1. and send you— ABSOLUTELY FREE. good for a permanent income. DeLand's Million Dollar Mystery 10c. NOVELTIES. S.00 ADAMS' READERS. N. which teaches a business..

N. good time to introduce your trick is when some one asks for a drink of water. is used instead of eggs in baking.00. Produce your glass and have a per- FOX MERCANTILE Brazil..Page Stock. Carefully cut out the circular piece of isinglass. and to avoid delay letter Ask your Grocer for "COFFEETONE" the best drink in place of Coffee on the market today. per package. Dak. If you can not procure of your Grocer. With the left hand tilt the glass bottom upward. Domestic Science Teachers and thousands of Housewives. First. (By This little Schreck) experiment is one with which you can have a great deal of fun and create a mystery. and as its name implies. fic "EGGLESS" is Always Fresh. Dak. In so doing you must place the isinglass in position directly over the mouth of the glass. one year for only $2. Bond and Real Estate DIRECTORY —AGENTS- son fill it half full of water. Make a few passes over the glass and then lay your right hand over the mouth of the glass. CO. cooking and other purposes.. and Bonds. per pound. FOX MERCANTILE Brazil. Hold the glass in your left hand and have the isinglass concealed in your right. on receipt of your remittance. USE "EGGLESS' FOR COOKING AND BAKING. press firmly on the isinglass by again placing it in the palm of your right hand. the water will apparantly hang without support at the edge of the glass. Under this head we will publish the names of reliable Agents and Dealers in Real Estate. with as good and sometimes better results. Practice holding the isinglass in the palm of your right hand. and you are likely to receive more returns than from an ad costing much more. stating that you are reliable. prepaid. Lay a piece of isinglass upon the table. 35c. Then permit the company to look at your magic glass. Mark a circle on the isinglass the same size as the mouth of your glass. take a wineglass or ordinary drinking glass. for a while put your right hand under the glass. North Dakota. A GLASS MYSTERY. and to the amazement of the onlookers. we ask you to send along a from your Bank to the publishers. Now slowly remove your right hand. Upon it rest the drinking glass. N. A water about to be drunk is mesmerized. This will include this Magazine also for one year. 18. we will send it to you at the regular price. Brazil. After holding the glass in this position. They will have to be mighty sharp to detect the trick. Endorsed by Bakers. at only a fraction of cost. holding the right hand over the mouth. Address on front cover page. Offer to show the company that the EGGLESS is the result of a scientiblending of pure and wholesome food products.. . This is a Business Bringer. We must know before we insert your name that you are reliable. CO. mouth downward. Sent prepaid for 20c. Stocks. Fox Mercantile Co.

50 cents. DAK. Hand painted designs in new patriotic effects. It Is a Delicious Dish For Rich and Poor. BRAZIL. Jellies. Perfectly colored. DAK. Remember. Jams. Small can. wooden box with hinged cover decorated with strange Orieneach box you will find a package of Mysterious wisps. ORDER BY RETURN MAIL. Fruit Juices and Pure Spices. Has the "Delightful taste of Real Home-Made Apple Butter. Drop a few of these wisps into a dish of water and a strange thing will happen.. 35 cents." Full directions on each Package. SO DON'T DELAY. Price Each by Insured Mail Only $2. DAK. etc. Children prefer Cero-Fruit-Butter.00. SOMETHING NEW! etc. Large can. we mail you this odd little Oriental case (imported from the Far East) with its mystifying contents for one dime. One package. BRAZIL. sufficient for 4 pounds. CERO-FRUIT BUTTER AT ONLY A POUND. 10c. N. 4 in. N. Beautifully Colored Flowers. Satin top pillow covers. Painted on heavy weight satin. . as it contains only such ingredients every-day use in the kitchen. They will immediately begin to grow and expand. as a spread for Bread. Cero-Fruit-Butter takes the place of "Expensive Butter. Extraordinary Oriental Water Flowers. Cero-Fruit-Butter is a golden brown powder from which you can quickly and easily make your own Fruit Butter. 10 cents. Here is your only chance to have fresh Cero-Fruit-Butter any time and cut your butter and jam bills. Inside of beautiful flowers and opening into many fantastic shapes. LATEST NOVELTY IN PILLOWS. CERO-FRUIT-BUTTER. A pint at a time." Cero-Fruit-Butter is made of Cereals. CO. assuming the colors odd little tal Pictures in colors. sufficient for V/2 pounds. Heavy sateen back. A An Miniature Flower Garden Growing Under your Very Eyes in Less Than a Minute. Children and Grown-ups all love Cero-Fruit Butter and you buy it on our absolute "Guarantee of satisfaction or money refunded. Can be made as quickly as a cup of Tea. as are in It should be used freely.". owing to its delicious flavor and it should be on every table. N.Page 19. FOX MERCANTILE BRAZIL. linen colored knotted fringe. If you are not entirely satisfied we will cheerfully return your dime. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. Make it when you need it. sufficient for 8 pounds. FOX MERCANTILE COMPANY. Pillow measures 26 inches over all.

We offer substantial investments. their stock for dividents. aside from GET AWAY FROM FEES. Honest people are the ones who make offers like these. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY OFFERED BY HONEST PEOPLE and we hope that the ones to whom we present it will receive it in a spirit of fairness. Barring the billion-dollar corporations. QUICK RETURNS—SAFETY— GREAT FUTURE— SURETY IMMENSE PROFITS— CERTAINTY— SATISFACTION. LICENSES. not gambles. NORTH DAKOTA. FORTUNE IS ALMOST CERTAIN. Life. 100 percent a year. Here Is The Greatest OPPORTUNITY EVER OFFERED TO THE INVESTORS OF THE UNITED STATES. but is a permanent investon your money every year as we get our ground opened up. The proceeds derived from their sale will be expended on the property thus making an additional asset. assured interest of 7 percent. GAMBLE. This is not a SPECULATION or a ment that will give a larger return THE BONDS OF THIS SYNDICATE ARE ALWAYS SALABLE OR COLLATERAL. WE WILL ADVANCE YOU MONEY ON THEM ANY TIME. Fox Mercantile Company BRAZIL. Guaranteed Interest. YOUR MONEY BACK ANY TIME WITH A 7 PERCENT ADDED.Page 20. . there may never be a greater divident payer. SOME COMPANIES ADVERTISE the. everything on the level. In this syndicate that they have set aside 5Q percent of you will get 90 percent. AN INCOME ASSURED. or better may be looked for. TAXES AND HARD WORK BY INVESTING IN GOOD SECURITIES— THEY WORK FOR YOU. and an Income for and Maybe a Fortune.











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