tv’s magic toolbox

Do you still remember yesterday’s buzz word ? Telecommuting. It’s all about the new facilities of decentralized collaboration and concerns you too. If you don’t believe it, just have a look over your dashboard and find out how jobs are created on other continents where the Internet facilities are no longer « terra nova » (« Neuland in Germany»). Tip N° 2 Prepare yourself for the future communication. It will be on your mobile device. It will be on air, informal, and interactive. It’s the end of      fancy conference rooms where you have to travel to assist to video conferences. How stupid. What a waste of time, money and energy. The Monday morning weekly meeting in your company’s meeting room where you are always late and stressed. Video conferencing consultants (me and the ununi.team of course) and analysts they all should start a re-training program to find continued employment. Coworking would be a great alternative. For them too. Many of the current video conferencing vendors who will be leaving us. Do you remember the last Fax conference you went to and the workshop about smart email writing?

The ability to meet visually with anyone, anytime, from anywhere as easy as pie is now here. But it’s only a tool. The content comes still from you and the way you are connecting the dots. All the upcoming changes are not only for the teens or early 20’s of today to make their mark in the work world. They are made for the old time weenies too. Did you imagine in 2008 that you’ll organize your hangout on air tomorrow morning ? Did you imagine, when you bought the latest PC for your office, that mobile vc will rule the world, cloud-based meetings will be the norm. The world is changing. It’s time for you to hang out or to hang up.

ununi.tv’s magic toolbox

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