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PP vs.


CC 1850-N

I, MARLOON ALCORDO NILLAMA, Filipino, of legal age, single and presently residing at Purok 1, Balagatasa, Maigo, Lanao del Norte, Philippines, after having been sworn in accordance with law do hereby depose and say: 1) That I am the same person who is charged with the crime of SLANDER BY DEED pending before the Office of the Prosecutor of Lanao del Norte, Hall of Justice, Iligan City, docketed under NPS No. X-03-INV-11E00111; 2) That Paragraph 7 of the Sworn Statement of Wilma N. Bombeo dated May 5, 2011 is denied. The truth of the matter are as follows: That in the morning of April 14, 2011at about 9:30 in the morning, I was inside the Office of the Municipal Treasurer situated at the ground floor of Maigo Municipal Hall, Maigo, Lanao del Norte securing some important documents which are to be submitted to the Office of the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) Cagayan de Oro City, to catch the deadline of the submission which was scheduled at 2:00 oclock on that same day, relative to the municipal loan with Land Bank of the Philippines, Iligan City Branch upon instruction of the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Rafael C. Rizalda. That while thereat, a certain WILMA NILLAMA BOMBEO, suddenly opened the door and thereafter shouted in an angry manner and in a very loud voice uttered the following words to quote BAGA UG NAWNG, IKAW MAOY BAD INFLUENCE which if translated into English means THICK FACE, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BAD INFLUENCE or words of the same import. Further, it was not true that I insinuated KC Perang not to be closer with Aiza Yator, working student of WILMA N. BOMBEO as a girl of bad influence. 3) That to avoid further chaos and public scandal considering that we were in the office during office hours, I just evaded and went up to the Office of the Municipal Mayor where I was stationed; 4) That after a lapse of about 10 to 15 minutes, I went downstairs and proceeded to the Office of the Municipal Treasurer to secure the documents stated above; 5) That before reaching the ground, at a distance of about an arm length, I saw and heard the complainant angrily shouted the same words in the presence of many clients and officemates and at the same time approached me, sensing that she will harm me, I tapped the back of her head;

6) That the Medical Certificate of the complainant attached to the record is quite unbelievable considering the number of days from the time the incident happened and the date she was issued a medical certificate which had lapsed eighteen days considering the certification is simple and the issuing medical doctor is her direct supervisor; 7) That the filing of this instant complaint is a product of vendetta and/ or resback of the case filed by my father, Democrito Nillama Sr. against the complainant and her sister-in-law now pending before the Municipal Circuit Trial Court (MCTC) of Maigo-Bacolod-Munai, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte and the case filed by my niece, Kristine B. Nillama, against her husband, EDWIN N. BOMBEO, now pending in the abovementioned court; 8) That I am voluntarily executing this affidavit to attest to the truthfulness of the foregoing facts and to support the outright dismissal of the complaint filed against me. IN WITNES WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 6th day of June 2011 at Maigo, Lanao del Norte, Philippines.