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edu Statem ment of Allowab Use for the Web Book of R ble Regional Science  e All We Books material including text a graphics, is av eb l, and vailable to users for personal use and ma not be redistributed in whole or in part, in print, ay , s online, or on electronic media (e.g., CD). Permission for reprinting images xt e and tex from the Web Book of Regional Science must be obtained from the Reg gional Research I Institute, with the exception of the Sage Scientific e e Geogra aphy series. Perm mission for reprint ting images and t text from the ten Sage S Series volumes mu be obtained from Dr. Grant I. T ust Thrall, who retain ns the cop pyright, to which all users must co omply. The rec commended form of citation for original Web Book can be found on m ks the Citi Web Book ( h ing http://www.rri.wv vu.edu/regsccitati ions.htm ) page. The rec commended form of citation for th ten Sage Serie volumes is the m he es original, standard Sage Series citation, fo ollowed by "Repri inted in The Web b Book o Regional Scienc , (www.rri.wvu. of ce .edu/regscweb.ht tm), ed., Randall W. Jackson. Morgantow WV: Regional Research Institut West Virginia wn, te, Univers (2008). sity

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