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Le Programme Du Dr Gilberto Ruffini

Le Programme Du Dr Gilberto Ruffini

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Published by: Paolo Alessandro Ruffini on Jun 24, 2013
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Dr. Gilberto Ruffini Surgeon Hematologist N.P. Medical Association of Varese n.

02161 Spec in Hematology Clinical and laboratory Website: www.metodoruffini.it


- Born in Varese on 09 - 01-1947 - Resident in Varese - Studies average in Varese - Superior and maturity in Milan at the State Institute C.Correnti - Degree in Medicine in Milan at the State University of Milan - Speciality in Hematology (Prof. E. Storti) at the University of Pavia with honors - Already Internal Surgeon and First Aid at the Hospital of Tradate - Already Teacher of craniofacial anatomy, epidemiology and buccal tooth morphology at the Catholic University in Varese - Rapporteur on anemia Mediterranean Master's degree at the Hospital Bag in Milan in finding pediatric diabetes insipidus directed by prof. Chiumello - Owner of Dental Surgery decades with narcosis and for children and boys with neuropsychological disorders - Researcher for the treatment and resolution of infectious diseases - Owner of patent for the therapy of infectious diseases in certain healing dermatological ENT disorders and cancer preventing viral (HPV, ADV, HSV, etc.). called "Ruffini Method".

in witness whereof Dr. Gilberto Ruffini

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