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IRR 3.0 General Guidelines 3.1 Qualifications 3.2 Requirements 3.3 General Contest Rules 3.4 Contest rules and mechanics (Easy Round) 3.5 For semi-final round 3.6 Final Round IRR 4.0 IRR 5.0 IRR 6.0 IRR 7.0 IRR 8.0 IRR 9.0 Merit Award for Excellence in Academics Violations And Sanctions Guidelines

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IRR 10.0 Effectivity


IRR 1.0.1 The National Accounting Quiz Showdown is a yearly event of the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants in collaboration with Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which aims to uphold academic competencies to a higher degree and promote stewardship among the contestants. It is an event of the PICPA in celebration of the Accountancy Week, with workforce and participants comprised by the NFJPIA body. The competition is a Quiz type competition, pertaining to the different Board Exam Subjects that aims to pool down representatives from different Local Chapters and Regional Councils. The Competition is in line of the accomplishment of the first goal of the Federation, which is to promote academic excellence.


IRR 2.0.1 IRR 2.0.2 IRR 2.0.3 IRR 2.0.4 To help students build their sense of stewardship and sportsmanship while joining such competition. To promote Academic Excellence among the students that will help them to outstand in the academe. To increase the level of participation of the local and regional councils with their involvement in NFJPIA activities. To gain new knowledge about updates on the current accounting system that they may encounter during the contest.


IRR 3.0.1 The 6th PICPA National Accounting Quiz Showdown (6th PICPA NAQDOWN) is a national inter-school quiz bee competition, which covers the CPA Board related subjects. This years NAQDOWN shall be simultaneously conducted in four geographic areas namely Luzon(PAMPANGA), Visayas(CEBU), Mindanao(CDO) and NCR(PICPA). Each college or university can only send one(1) participant for this event. The contest pre-registration (confirmation of participation & submission of requirements) is FREE for any contestant who will register on or before June 28, 2013. However, a penalty of P 300.00 shall be charged to late registrant/s confirming their intention to participate after June 28, 2013 until July 03, 2013. After this date, the Office of the Vice President for Academics will not accept any interested participant or Walk Ins during the competition, unless he/she will provide valid and pertinent documents stating why he/she was not able to confirm his/her participation or submit his/her requirements. An online pre-registration shall be provided by the NFJPIA to be filled out by interested participants as a confirmation of their participation. The contestant must be in corporate attire as per the command released by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

IRR 3.0.2

IRR 3.0.3 IRR 3.0.4

IRR 3.0.5


IRR 3.1.1 IRR 3.1.2 IRR 3.1.3 The contestant must be enrolled in a BS Accountancy program for the academic year 2013-2014. Participant should be at least a 3rd year BS Accountancy student. Change of contestant representing a school shall be allowed during the day of the competition provided that they would submit all pertinent hard copy requirements during the registration phase of the event. All participants must be a member of their respective local chapter, Regional Councils, and the National Federation JPIA.

IRR 3.1.4


IRR 3.2.1 IRR 3.2.2 Each contestant must comply with the following requirements: Duly accomplished application form from the NFJPIA Endorsement Letter certifying that he is the official representative of his school duly sign by the dean of their respective college Endorsement Letter from the Regional Council Presidents Copy of Certificate of Registration in his respective school certifying that he is currently enrolled in their schools current semester or term. Softcopy of all requirements must be sent to The e-mails subject should be named after their respective Local Chapter. Confirmation of participation and all requirements maybe submitted only on or before July 03, 2013.

IRR 3.2.3

Hardcopy of all requirements may be accepted and must be given on the day of the contest as long as they have notified the Standing Committee for Academics prior to the event their failure in sending softcopy of the requirements. However, this rule is only applicable for those who preregistered online. Failure to comply with the given requirements would mean disqualification from the event.

IRR 3.2.4


IRR 3.3.1 The Standing Committee for Academics shall be composed of National Vice President for Academics Committee Chairperson and Committee Members while NFJPIA Council shall be composed of the national executive officers of the NFJPIA, Inc. which shall serve as the monitoring personnel and question distributors (QD). A Judge or Board of Judges shall be a Certified Public Accountant for the purpose of giving an intelligent and independent decision. Any member of the Board of Judges and NFJPIA Council shall be vested with the power to give sanction to any contestant he have witnessed violating any of the said provision in this IRR. The Judge or the Board of Judges shall have the sole and exclusive authority to clear or answer any protest/clarification made by the contestant or the respective adviser. Any question raised shall limit to 5 minute discussion only to protect the proceedings of the time of the contest. Judge/s decision is final and irrevocable.

IRR 3.3.2 IRR 3.3.3

IRR 3.3.4

IRR 3.3.5 IRR 3.3.6 IRR 3.3.7

The contestants should write their answers clearly and legibly on the provided answer boards. Abbreviations are highly discouraged to be used. Contestants who shall insist in writing the answers ambiguously, abbreviated or illegibly may still claim points for correct answers only upon the discretion of the panel of judges or the National Vice President for Academics. Each school is privileged to have 1 registered adviser only. The adviser must register and sign in the provided registration sheet by the Organizing Committee before the start of competition. Once the quizmaster starts reading the 1st question in the elimination round, the registration for registered adviser will be closed. Thus, the Board of Judges will not entertain any concern, protest, or clarification made by unregistered adviser.

IRR 3.3.8

IRR 3.3.9 IRR 3.3.10

The contestant and the registered adviser are the only persons who have vested rights to raise concern, protest, and/or clarification. Before proceeding to the next question, there will be given an allotted time of (10) seconds for the contestants to decide whether they want to raise a protest/clarification, to request for new marker, ball pen or scratch paper, to change their calculator if it encounters a technical problem, or other concerns. After the allotted time has elapsed the quizmaster starts reading the next question, no more protest, clarification, or concern will be entertained. Contestants should not erase their answers during the 10second time allotment to still validate their answers when protests/clarifications are raised for that particular question.

IRR 3.3.11 IRR 3.3.12

Any contestant caught cheating shall be disqualified in the competition. The contestants are allowed to manipulate their calculator ONLY when the quizmaster says, GO! Any contestant who violates the said provision for the 1st time shall be given a warning; for the 2nd time shall be given sanction of accumulating only 50% of his total score garnered in all rounds. Violation of this provision for the 3rd time shall mean disqualification of the contestant. In case of a tie at the end of a round, tie breaker questions shall be asked until the deadlock is broken. Tie breaker question/s shall have NO bearing on the cumulative score of the contestants. Whoever gets the right answer and raises his answer board first shall advance to the next round or otherwise be declared the winner. All theory questions and problems requiring computation will be read once. After reading the contest rules and mechanics, contestants are given the chance to raise questions/clarifications regarding the said rules and mechanics. In case of any concern, clarification, or protest which is not governed by the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the said provision, the Chairman of the said competition shall have the absolute power to decide, upon consultation to NFJPIA and/or National Adviser, on matters which he deems necessary to preserve and protect the integrity of the event. His decision is final and irrevocable.

IRR 3.3.13

IRR 3.3.14 IRR 3.3.15

IRR 3.3.16


IRR 3.4.1 The 6th PICPA NAQDOWN is comprised of three (3) rounds namely: Elimination Round, Semi-Final Round, and the Final Round. Elimination round is composed three (3) sub-set rounds namely: Easy, Average, and Difficult. Corresponding points, time allotment, and no. of questions are as follows: EASY 10 seconds 20 seconds 7 3 AVERAGE 10 seconds 40 seconds 7 5 DIFFICULT 10 seconds 60 seconds 7 7 CLINCHER 10 seconds 30 seconds -

Theory Questions Questions requiring computations No. of Items Corresponding Points IRR 3.4.2

Late contestants are still allowed to participate yet will be deprived to answer the question/s missed. But after the first (4) questions in the easy sub-set round have elapsed, late contestant/s will be disqualified to take part in the competition. Contestants are provided with a copy of the question for every item. The contestants must not open the question until the distribution of each set of questions is done. The moment the quizmaster announces the question number that is the only time the contestant may read and answer the provided question. Any contestant who violates the said provision for the 2nd time shall be given sanction of accumulating only 50% of his total score garnered in all rounds. Violation of this provision for the 3rd time shall mean disqualification of the contestant.

IRR 3.4.3

IRR 3.4.4

The contestants should have written their answer before the time allotted has elapsed. The contestants must raise their answer board once the quizmaster declares so. Any contestant who fails to comply will receive a warning and his answer may be forfeited depending upon the decision of the Board of Judges. The top ten (10) contestants accumulating the highest point in each area shall advance to the semi-final round.

IRR 3.4.5

IRR 3.5 SEMI- FINAL ROUND (For Each Area)

IRR 3.5.1 IRR 3.5.2 IRR 3.5.3 All points during the elimination round shall revert to zero. Thirty (30) questions shall be asked in this round. Each contestant shall be given one (1) immunity card which will prevent point deduction in case the contestant incorrectly answered a question. The contestants may use the immunity card before the judge or a contestant picks the next question. Also, 6 randomly chosen questions entitle the contestant to make their opponent step backward. However, this power can only be used when he/she was able to answer the question correctly. Corresponding points, time allotment, and no. of questions for the Semi-Final Round are as follows: Theories 10 seconds 15 items 5 3 Problems 60 seconds 15 items 10 5

IRR 3.5.4

Time Allotment No. of Items Points per correct answer Deductions per incorrect answer

IRR 3.5.5

The privilege to choose the first question in this round is given to the board of judges. The contestant who will answer the first question correctly shall have the right to choose the next question, and so on. There will be deductions for every incorrect answer of a contestant, three (3) points for theory and five (5) points for problems. There will be a given deduction to a contestant who provided a wrong answer even he/she has no points garnered at the time he/she answers the question. Simply stated, negative points shall be awarded. The contestants are allowed to manipulate their calculator at any moment they opted to, provided, only when the quizmaster reads the first word in the problem. The contestant may answer the question at any moment even if the quizmaster is still on the course of reading the question. Provided that before he presses the buzzer, his answer must be written already on the answer board. Otherwise, his answer is deemed null and void. The first contestant who pressed the buzzer shall be given the chance to answer the question. During the semi-final round, 1(one) chance of steal for each question shall be given to other contestants and if the question is answered correctly, the corresponding points for that question shall be awarded to the contestant. In case of a steal, an incorrect answer and/or void answer will have a corresponding point deduction on that particular question depending upon the type of question.

IRR 3.5.6 IRR 3.5.7

IRR 3.5.8

IRR 3.5.9

IRR 3.5.10

IRR 3.5.11

The contestant must reach the top of the NFJPIA pyramid in order to win the game. The first five contestants to reach the top of the NFJPIA pyramid will advance to the final round. In the event that only one (1) contestant reached the top of the NFJPIA pyramid after the Thirty (30) questions, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th qualifier for the final round shall be determined based on the accumulation of points. The four (4) highest scorers shall be qualified to the final round. In the event that only two (2) contestants reached the top the NFJPIA pyramid after the Thirty (30) questions, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th qualifier will be determined based on the accumulation of points. The highest scorer shall be declared the 3rd, 4th, and 5th qualifier and so on. If no contestant reached the top of the NFJPIA pyramid after the Thirty (30) questions, the five (5) highest scorers will be the ones qualified for the final round. In case of a tie, a question chosen either by the panel of judges or the VicePresident for Academics of NFJPIA shall be asked to the concerned contestants to break the deadlock.

IRR 3.5.12

IRR 3.5.13

IRR 3.5.14

IRR 3.5.15

IRR 3.6
IRR 3.6.1

The five (5) qualifiers on each area shall advance to the final round to be held during the National Mid Year Convention. The top three qualifiers in each area are privileged to attend the Mid Year Convention for free (Registration Fee) provided that he/she will NOT PARTICIPATE in any other academic event during the convention.

IRR 3.6.2

This privilege is exclusive and is non- transferrable to the 4th or 5th qualifier or to anyone. IRR 3.6.3 All qualified participants should attend the National Mid Year Convention to be able to participate to the Final Round and have the chance of being hailed as the National Accounting Quiz Showdown Champion. The final round shall be based on IRR 3.4 (Elimination Round) The top three (3) participants accumulating the most number of points shall be declared the 3rd, 2nd, and the NAQDOWN Champion respectively.

IRR 3.6.4 IRR 3.6.5

IRR 4.0
IRR 4.0.1

Merit Award for Excellence in Academics

These awards will be given to the Local Chapter and Regional Council who exemplified outstanding performances in the Academic competition during the Midyear National Convention. Any special awards other than major awards that may be given in some contests will be given 2 points per award. The following points will be used in determining the winner: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 10 8 6 4 2

IRR 5.0
IRR 5.0.1


The above-mentioned NAQDOWN Implementing rules and regulations are for NFJPIA and related persons information exchange only. The council maintains the relevance and reliability of this document through the strict implementation of its rules and regulations. Any questions raised by the contestants that are not included in the IRR shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the National Vice President for Academics and NFJPIA Executive Officers. The decision of the National Vice President for Academics and the NFJPIA Executive Officers will be final and irrevocable.

IRR 5.0.2

IRR 6.0
IRR 6.0.1


It shall be the primary duty of the National Vice President for Academics and the National Executive Officers to effectively enforce the provisions of this Implementing Rules and Regulations. The Executive Officers also has the sole right to interpret the contents of this Implementing Rules & Regulations and their decision will be binding and irrevocable. The National Adviser or his duly designated representative shall act as legal adviser to the National Vice President for Academics and the National Executive Officers and shall render legal assistance as may be necessary in carrying out the provisions of this Implementing Rules and Regulations.

IRR 6.0.2

IRR 7.0
IRR 7.0.1

The National Executive Officers shall be vested with the exclusive power to revise and amend the Implementing Rules and Regulations.

IRR 7.0.2

Any amendments to or revisions to this Implementing Rules and Regulations may be proposed by any member of any regional council upon a written request of such member, stating the reasons thereto. Any request for amendments and revisions as well as proposed amendments must initially be reviewed by the National Vice President for Academics then to be forwarded to the National Executive Officers for discussion, editing and final approval and to be noted by the National Adviser. The National Executive Officers shall have the right to debunk any proposed revisions and amendments, submitted to them by the National Vice President for Academics, which are deemed unnecessary. The final decision on any inclusions and exclusions to this Implementing Rules and Regulations must be determined by a majority vote of all National Executive Officers in which the National Vice President for Academics is included. Amendments to particular provisions in this Implementing Rules and Regulations shall be allowed provided that such amendments will be communicated to stakeholders at least two weeks before it could take effect.

IRR 7.0.3

IRR 7.0.4

IRR 7.0.5

IRR 8.0
IRR 8.0.1

If any clause, provision, paragraph or part of this Implementing Rules and Regulations shall be declared unconstitutional or invalid, such judgment shall not affect, invalidate, or impair any other part hereof, but shall be merely confined to the clause, provision, paragraph or part directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment has been rendered.

IRR 9.0
IRR 9.0.1

Any rule and regulation or resolution or part/s thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Implementing Rules and Regulations are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

IRR 10.0
IRR 10.0.1

This Implementing Rules and Regulations shall take effect immediately after its presentation and approval from the Executive Boards Meeting. Promulgated in the City of Manila this 31st Day of May, 2013.


Kristyl Joy D. Pereye National Vice President for Academics Polytechnic University of the Philippines


Matthew U. Gopez National President Angeles University Foundation

Gerrecz Py N. Truzan National Vice President for Non-Academics Ateneo de Davao University

Neil Martin E. Pilapil National Vice President for Membership University of San Jose-Recoletos

Evan Rey C. Cabalida National Vice President for Finance University of Cebu - Main

Kaori Kaye L. Manga National Vice President for Media and Documentation Far Eastern University-Manila

Louie D. Esteves National Vice President for Communications- NCR La Consolacion College-Manila

Jettli C. Abesamis National Vice President for Communications - Luzon Saint Louis Universtiy

Ruth D. Mackay National Vice President for Communications - Visayas University of San Carlos

Wendy L. Aromin National Vice President for Communications - Mindanao Western Mindanao State University

Shiela Marie D. Subingsubing National Vice President for Audit University of San Jose - Recoletos

Janine Nicole C. Orcena National Secretary General Ateneo de Davao University

Jenica R. Estigoy Region 1 President Saint Louis University

Santa B. Cruz Region 2 President St. Paul University Philippines

Zheena E. Ocampo Region 3 President System Plus College Foundation

George Matthew B. Macatangay Region 4 President University of Perpetual Help System-Laguna

Michael D. Hizon Region 5 President Divine Word College of Legazpi

Ma. Pauline Venus B. Saul Region 6 President University of the Philippines- Visayas

Kaye Earvin L. Villaester Region 7 President University of San Carlos

Jensie Ardith D. Esponilla Region 8 President Christ the King College

Kevin Mark C. Ramos Region 9 President Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Rocky T. Abancia Region 10 President Father Saturnino Urios University

Tryyam A. Rusiana Region 11 President Ateneo de Davao University

Calil G. Tumlad Region 12 President Notre dame of Tacurong College

Danny M. Villanueva NCR President Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela