Iral, Zaphyr Cybil V.


Theology 1

How Did I Come to Know God?

God is known to be an omniscient being by those who believe in Him. But He is not only knows as God, He has other names as well; Yahweh, Creator, Father, etc… Before, people knew of him by word of mouth only. Next came the scripture and scrolls, and now, we come to learn of Him and His Word through the Bible.

The earliest memory I could recall relating to God was during my Kindergarten years. Our teacher would tell us to pray before class, during snack time, and before we go home. The next memory I have of Him was when I read Children’s Bible stories. It was a 10-books set with two stories per book. Among them were the Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Moses, Daniel, Esther, Birth of Jesus, Elijah, David and Goliath, and lots more. But my personal favorite was the story of Esther and the story of the boy who became king at the age of 7, if I recalled it correctly; his name was Joash or something like that. During elementary school, around grade 4 or 5, I felt dissatisfied with just reading those books. I then began reading the Bible, although I preferred reading the Old Testament. There, I learned more of the characters I have read of and also met new ones like Job, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Joseph and more. After I finished reading the whole Bible, I would go back and read my favorite parts again. Although I have to admit that I skipped most of Songs, Kings, and Ecclesiastes if only because some parts felt like they were repeated and other parts I did not understand yet.

But it is not only through the Bible that I knew of God. My parents, relatives, and my teacher told me about it him as well. They would tell me of the miracles God gave other people during the time they needed Him most. They also taught me that I should always be aware of God, that He is not a being we are supposed to remember only in times of trouble. We are supposed to thank God for every blessing we had received, no matter how small or how insignificant they may seem to us. They also told me that God loves all, be it saint or sinner, rich or poor. In His eyes, our status in life means nothing. All of us are equal in our own right. And that is how I became aware of God.

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