Circle the correct answer a, b, c or d.

1. She * to bed at 9 o’clock yesterday. a) goes c) went b) is going d) was going 2. Tim always * basketball after school. a) plays c) played b) is playing d) was playing 3. We * while they * a game. a) sing/play c) sang/played b) are singing/are playing d) were singing/were

11. They * married last week. a) get c) got b) are getting d) were getting 12.He usually * lots of birthday presents. a) gets c) got b) is getting d) was getting 13. The children * when it * to rain. a) play/starts c) played/started b) are playing/is starting d) were


4. They * their teeth at the moment. a) brush c) didn’t brush b) are brushing d) were brushing 5. I * a book when Dad * in. a) read/comes c) read/came b) am reading/is coming d) was reading/came 6. I * my aunt every weekend. a) visit c) visited b) is visiting d) was visiting 7. I * fun at the playground now. a) have c) had b) am having d) was having 8. Emma * a tree ten minutes ago. a) climbs c) climbed b) is climbing d) was climbing 9. Look! Mr Brown * a bicycle. a) rides c) rode b) is riding d) was riding 10. My dog always * my homework. a) eats c) ate b) is eating d) was eating


14. She * from university in 2005. a) graduates c) graduated b) is graduating d) was graduating 15. He * the street when * I him. a) crosses/see c) crossed/saw b) is crossing/am seeing d) was


16.What is grandpa doing? He * the lawn. a) mows c) mowed b) is mowing d) was mowing 17. We * television every evening. a) watch c) watched b) are watching d) were watching 18. Ann * coffee while her sister *. a) drinks/cooks c) drank/cooked b) is drinking/is cooking d) was drinking/was cooking 19. David * an experiment yesterday.

a) does b) is doing

c) did d) was doing

20. They * the shopping now. a) do c) did b) are doing d) were doing

ANSWER KEY: 1 c) went 2 a) plays 3 d) were singing/were playing 4 b) are brushing 5 d) was reading/came 6 a) visit 7 b) am having 8 c) climbed 9 b) is riding 10 a) eats 11 c) got 12 a) gets 13 d) were playing/started 14 c) graduated 15 d) was crossing/saw 16 b) is mowing 17 a) watch 18 d) was drinking/was cooking 19 c) did 20 b) are doing

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