Here are some fun icebreakers to open a meeting, begin a training, or have a group of new people meet.
GO FISH - a fun game of non-threatening self disclosure.

Create your own set of Go Fish cards that you put on each table at a meeting. You can create them on the computer with fun graphics, or for the quick and easy version, handwrite them on index cards and rubber stamp the front. Ask a question on the back of each card, and leave them face down on the table. The questions can range from the funny and interesting to the more revealing and meaningful. Each person at the table picks a random card and gets to share their answer with the group in turn. If time allows, return the cards to the middle of the table and pick another. Some question suggestions: • What was the weirdest job you’ve ever had? • What do you consider your biggest achievement to date? • Who was your s/hero growing up and why? • What is your favorite way to spend a leisurely day? • What is your favorite stress reliever? • What was your favorite TV show growing up? • What is your favorite hobby or pastime? • Who had the greatest positive influence in your life? ROOM MIXER - Great for a group of strangers in a room or to open up

You can make this exercise as intimate or generic as you like. Time frame depending on the size of the group at each table

a training session.

Time Frame: 15-20 minutes Create a list of 8-12 fun and interesting questions that people in the group are going to need to find the answers to. Make a copy for each person entering the room or have one sheet for every group of three persons. Have everyone pick up a list as they enter the room or have

three people work in teams in the allotted time frame with the people in the room. Sample questions: • Find someone in the room who has more than four siblings • Find someone who is a middle child • Find someone whose birthday is the same month as yours • Find someone who has traveled to more than five countries • Find someone who speaks more than one language • Find someone who volunteers for a charity • Find someone who has won something in a contest The object is to get as many answers as you can by interacting with as many people as you can. This is a non-threatening and fun way to meet people. Questions can be slanted more to the topics at hand. Interesting addition - have an attached sheet that includes a space asking for each person’s proudest accomplishment. Have everyone ask each other for that information. That creates an environment of respect and allows people to tap into feeling good about themselves. Give a prize for the most successful completion of the hunt. STANDING POKER - Large or small group size Time Frame: 10-15 minutes Depending on the size of the crowd, have a few decks of cards on hand. Hand each person a playing card from the deck as they walk in the room. Their task is to assemble other people and combine their cards for the best poker hand in the room. The winning team gets a small prize. You can vary it for certain types of hands (i.e. all clubs in a row, all Kings.) TABLE MIXER - Good for groups of six or so persons at a table. While sitting at the table, ask each participant to write down two true statements about their life and one thing that is false. Have each person read each of their three things aloud and then have everyone guess and write down which is the thing that is not true. You can also have the rest of the people in the group ask one question each before the guessing is

done. This creates lots of fun and lively discussion. You can award a prize for the person at the table with the most correct answers. STANDING ROOM MIXER Time Frame: 15-30 minutes Tell people to get in random groups of 3-4 persons with those they do not know in the room. Once they are in groups, ask them to see how quickly they can find out three interesting things they all have in common (make sure to leave out the obvious such as gender, physical similarities, same career, etc.) Give a prize for the group that comes up with the most creative or funny similarities. Alternative - see how long a list the group can create of everything that they found they have in common. Give a prize for the most extensive lists of similarities. If you have time, you can have them switch to new groups. COME ON UP This is a fun icebreaker for a meeting or an event. The facilitator stands in the front of the group and asks any person in the room to come up if they can answer in the affirmative to any question they ask. Some Suggested questions: Who plays an instrument in a group or a band? Who volunteers on a regular basis for a charity. Who has been on a television or a radio show? Who has more than four siblings? Who has an unusual hobby? Who is a twin or a triplet? Award a small prize for the first person to come up for each category. This is a wonderful way to find out interesting things about the people in your team or training group.

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