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MonTana Manual 2012-13

MonTana Manual 2012-13

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MonTana Driver's Manual 2012-13
MonTana Driver's Manual 2012-13

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The following right-of-way rules apply at intersections:

Drivers shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing in a crosswalk, but no pedestrian shall leave a
curb and walk into the path of a vehicle. Drivers shall exercise care to avoid colliding with any pedestrian.
Where sidewalks are provided, it shall be unlawful for pedestrians to walk on the roadway. Pedestrians
must obey all traffic rules, signals and signs that pertain to them.
Drivers crossing a sidewalk, entering or exiting a driveway, alley or parking lot must yield to pedestrians. It
is illegal to drive on a sidewalk, except to cross it.
Drivers turning left must yield to oncoming cars going straight ahead.
Drivers entering a traffic circle or rotary must yield to drivers already in the circle.
At an intersection where there is no stop sign or traffic signal, drivers should yield to vehicles coming from
the right. However, a driver should always be prepared to yield to avoid an accident. Do this by taking
your foot off the accelerator, cover the brake, and look left, right and left again.
At a four-way stop, the driver reaching the intersection first gets to go first (after coming to a complete
Drivers entering a road from a driveway, alley or roadside must stop and yield to vehicles already on the
main roadway.
Drivers may not enter an intersection unless they can get through it without having to stop. You should
wait until traffic ahead clears so that you are not blocking the intersection.
A yield sign means that you must slow to a reasonable speed and yield right-of-way to all vehicles.
At intersections controlled by a light, unless there is a sign that says you cannot turn right, you may turn
right AFTER YOU HAVE STOPPED (if vehicle is in the proper lane) and you have determined it is safe to
do so. Montana law also permits turning left from a one-way street to a one-way street under the condition
stated above for turning right on red. When you reach a red light and wish to make a right turn and your
car is in the left lane, drive to the next intersection, get into the proper lane, and then make the turn.

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