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MonTana Manual 2012-13

MonTana Manual 2012-13

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MonTana Driver's Manual 2012-13
MonTana Driver's Manual 2012-13

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Get the names and addresses of all people involved in the accident and any witnesses. Also, make sure to
get the names and addresses of any injured persons.
Exchange information with other drivers involved in the crash. Name, address, driver license number,
vehicle information (license plate, make, model and year of vehicle), and insurance company and policy
number if available.
Record any damage to the vehicles involved in the crash.
Provide information to the police or other emergency officials if requested.
Should the accident involve a parked car, try to find the owner. If you cannot, leave a note in a place
where it can be seen with information on how the owner can reach you and the date and time of the
You must report an accident immediately to law enforcement if anyone is injured or killed, or property
damage is $500 or more. You must report to the Highway Patrol if there is an injury, a death, or property
damage of $1000 or more to one person’s property. Accident forms are at law enforcement agencies or
available from most insurance agents. You must file the report within 10 days of the accident. If you are
injured and unable to complete the report, someone may file it for you.

2012-2013 Driver License Manual

Section 8 – Emergencies

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